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BUZZCOCKS - Singles Going Steady LP


BUZZCOCKS - Singles Going Steady LP

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Half speed mastered on heavyweight vinyl.
Includes 8 page booklet. 
Highly recommended.

This is one of the all-time great pop albums and one of the more perfect LP concepts ever devised, that concept being that a band makes and releases a bunch of great singles and then collects them all on a long-player with the A-sides all lined up on side one and the B-sides all on side two, no fancy sequencing needed. The Buzzcocks achieve a perfect, rarely matched mixture of pop and punk here (but this isn't "pop-punk"). These uptempo songs are constantly slashing at you and attacking, but with a funny and sweet vulnerability burning in each core. Put this on when you're miserable and you'll feel better. Put this on when you're happy and you will be happier. I don't have a "favourite album", but when this is on, I could be convinced that this is it.

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