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"Melbourne four-piece, Brad Pot have just released their first album through Slovenly Records and man, it’s a good one. The self-titled release is an eleven-track tour de force with a cool, fast, trashy flavour. The Brad Pot boys are musically tight as hell; deliberate in detail yet still the perfect amount of grimy. Plus, with a couple of members poached from local favorites Dumb Punts and Mesa Cosa, there was no way this new outfit wasn’t going to bring the goods. Brad Pot serves up some speedy Aussie garage with a hint of Death (think faster tracks like ‘Freaking Out’) meets early Sex Pistols and The Briefs in your mate’s outback shed. Catchy hooks, tight transitions and general fervor are smashed together and masked in a melodic punk rock coating as they tear through each track with feverish excitement and a touch of antagonism and self-indulgent frenzy." - In Review

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