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BORED! - Back For More LP (RSD 2021)


BORED! - Back For More LP (RSD 2021)

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Limited edition pink colour vinyl. 
Includes insert. 

Proceeds of sales goes directly to Dave Thomas' widow Leisa and their two kids, Charlie and April. 

If you're not already aware of the importance and greatness of BORED! let us assure you the Geelong outfit stands among the greats of Australian rock: The Saints, Radio Birdbrain, Birthday Party, Powder Monkeys and the usual mainstream names that get thrown about. 

A compiler’s notes / tracklisting:
There’s songs from all of the eras of Bored! From the early albums, when they were originally a four piece, some with the Hemensley / Nolan thunder and shred!!! More are from the three-piece era (Feed The Dog..woof woof!), there's one from the five piece live era after Dave broke both of his wrists.. (a pretty wild live rendition of Mr 10% on here.. hold on to your hairpiece there!), one of many cover versions they did that could easily have made it here.. the Sham cover makes it this time.. (with added extra Geelong gobshites on that one!!) and then some later period stuff, “Shame” the opener is from that time and was a staple form their EU/UK tour of 1994.. also a later 1993 recording of their early classic “Little Suzi” which also features on the Piggyback comp from 2016.. which Dave actually preferred to the original.

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