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Wing Sing


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Highly recommended.

Debut album by Australian musician and songwriter Blake Scott, better known as a member of The Peep Tempel, Blake is revered for his character driven lyrics and pointed songwriting. Written in the months leading up to the birth of his first child and during a period of extended sobriety, Niscitam is a recollection and reflection on dreams, memories and the pressures of everyday existence. Blake partnered with multi-instrumentalist and engineer John Lee to produce the album at Phaedra Studios in Melbourne with musicians Jacey Ashton and Nick Finch. It remains voluminous and bold in arrangement, whilst taking a more introspective path lyrically.On one hand, the album explores the fear, anxiety, and questions of adequacy ahead of pending parenthood. On the other, it celebrates health & mobility, love & possibility and is an attempt by the artist to reconcile with his past, as well as cultivating a positive and nourishing path forward. The result is an astonishing debut album.

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