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BLACK ANGELS - Directions To See A Ghost 3LP

Light In The Attic

BLACK ANGELS - Directions To See A Ghost 3LP

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Triple vinyl with tri-fold gatefold sleeve.

Psychedelic Music will forever be linked to the Summer of Love, Hippies, Sgt. Pepper, and all things bright and shiny ... when the world was poised for a new generation to set the pace, leading this country out of the darkness and into the light. While those ideals were certainly fine, and well worth anyone’s consideration, we all know that the sun was blotted out, darker forces, and darker drugs took over, pushing the Flower Power generation into the corners, leaving only fringe elements to survive.

Rather than taking their queues from this era, The Black Angels riding out of Texas, home of The 13th Floor Elevators, wrap themselves in a time-warp of velvety lush psychedelia, creating riffs, and building drones rich with a heaping helping of garage psych, while inviting the listener to take an inward journey of acid pop, more reminiscent of The Velvet Underground and The Doors, pressing visions of coloured fuzz, and altered tempos, all the while coaxing atmospheric moods across your irises.

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