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BIG STAR - Radio City LP

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BIG STAR - Radio City LP

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180 gram vinyl.
Highly recommended. 

After the failure of #1 Record, Chris Bell left the band, and he took his obsessive compulsiveness away with him. Also leaving were the harder rocking sounds of the band, tight harmonies, and the level of beauty that "Thirteen" achieved.  What stayed was just as good. Big Star was left in good hands under the direction of Alex Chilton. He keeps the deeply emotional lyrics, talented vocals, and adds amazing guitar sound paired with songs that Chris Bell couldn't have pulled off well.

That's why Radio City is an impressive mess. There's no perfection in any song. Yet, the album is consistently listenable, even if it is more abrasive.  In fact, the abrasion is what makes the album stand out to me.  The music in in your face, up front, and honest.  That, and the guitar sound that Alex found is outstanding.

It is certainly not #1 Record, but it's just as good.

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