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BIG EYES - Stake My Claim LP

Don Giovanni

BIG EYES - Stake My Claim LP

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Nicely priced. One copy only.

Third LP, like a lesser produced slightly punky Joan Jett - it's very good! 

"If Joan Jett fronted The Ramones, she’d likely sound exactly like Big Eyes. And while that collaboration – one of the best super groups that never was – will sadly never happen now, the latest full length from New York’s Big Eyes is a pretty sweet consolation prize. Stake My Claim, Big Eyes’ third LP, is easily one of the best punk rock/power pop records put out this year. With Kait Eldridge’s perfect sing-along vocals and spikey guitars on songs like the infectious “Leave This Town” and the slightly mellower “Behind Your Eyes,” the band offers up an impossible to resist sound that sticks with you hours and days later. Big Eyes started out as essentially a songwriting outlet for an early twenty-something Eldridge looking to excise some angsty post-teenage ghosts, but over the years it has evolved into a proper punk band that knows how to write catchy hooks and insightful lyrics that manage to avoid all clichés; essentially they have become a band to be reckoned with." - New Noise Magazine

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