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BERET - Jesus White LP (colour vinyl)

Born Yesterday

BERET - Jesus White LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited edition of 100 cream colour vinyl. Black vinyl also available. 
Highly recommended. 

The next smash record from the label that brought you Landowner, Drool, Stuck, Cafe Racer and Glued.

Jesus White is a tough and intense post-punk record made almost entirely without drums, which gives it a dreamlike and surreal quality. The minimalist approach creates a powerful starkness and immediacy, as in the last minute and a half of “Time Like Fluid,” where one chord is repeated with increasing layers of guitar overdubs and rising intensity until it abruptly turns into a high squall of feedback. It’s unrelenting and beautiful.

Crist is an audio engineer, and the record sounds appropriately fantastic, the guitars sometimes crystalline and distant, sometimes violent and slashing with icy halos of feedback, vocals up front and clear. It’s a consistent, sonic world, but one where no two songs feel identical.

“White Hole” is a cutting punk number that meditates on the artist’s self-contained experience with delusional anguish and imminent recovery: “I’m sturdy like halos/made of concrete,” Crist begins, proclaiming the need for “a jumping off point/To bring me on my knees/In this white hole.” The image is personal but transcendent, as Crist voluntarily crosses the threshold of mental enlightenment through sweeping self-reflection.

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