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BEGUILED - Blue Dirge LP


BEGUILED - Blue Dirge LP

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When it came to kick-ass real rock 'n' roll, Crypt Records consistently unleashed fantastic platters on the public throughout the 90's, and this release from a group of sleazy madmen was one of the best and remains an overlooked classic of the decade.

Sounding like an unholy cross between The Sonics, The Stooges, and Lucifer himself, each track is a catchy if dirty garage rocker with truly unhinged and evil sounding lyrics and atmosphere. There have been harder and faster bands before and after, sure, but few sound as convincing in their depravity.

Fans of the label and the rawer side of garage rock really can't go wrong with this one. Be sure to check out The Necessary Evils, which members of The Beguiled formed after the tragic death of the group's guitarist, and Haunted George, the one man band of the group's vocalist - both carried "Blue Dirge"'s already extreme raw loudness to the next level.

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