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BEEX - The Early Years LP

Beach Impediment

BEEX - The Early Years LP

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First pressing black vinyl.

Highly recommended.

In August of 1978, the young and burgeoning scene of Richmond, VA was rocked to it's very core by the untimely and tragic death of RALPH HARPER—the frontman for one of the area's earliest punk bands known as RICKY AND THE WHITE BOYS. Once the grief had subsided enough, Ricky along with a couple of the other members of the White Boys ultimately decided to form a new outfit to pick up where they'd left off.

After a slew of auditions with hopeful candidates, they found their new band leader in the form of a Jersey transplant named CHRISTINE GIBSON who's voice and personality were like none other they'd ever encountered. Earning their band name (which was in honor of the prominent beaks of the majority of the band) via the popular vote of the crowd at their first live gig in December of that same year, what followed was a blur of gigs throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and the creation of catchy and timeless punk songs that went hand in hand with Gibson's inability to even remotely suffer anyone's bullshit—be it from a smart ass in the crowd or within the ranks of her own band. While the latter would lead to some lineup changes in these formative years, little did all involved know that it was the beginning of a rock and roll odyssey that carries on to this very day.

This record compiles the band's first couple studio sessions that yielded a pair of classic early American punk singles: 1979's "(My Heart Goes) Beat Beat b/w He Obliterates Me" on Wasp Records and 1982's "Butch b/w Empty House" on the great Zero Degree Records along with unreleased tracks from each session that have been lovingly remixed and remastered by CHRIS CORRY. Each record comes in a stunning gatefold jacket featuring never before seen photographs, flyers and other imagery from four decades ago along with liner notes by founding guitarist RICHARD "RICKY" BUCHANAN, all of which give those who are curious a glimpse into the formative years of the mighty BEEX.

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