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BEASTWARS - The Death of All Things LP


BEASTWARS - The Death of All Things LP

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Includes Download Code AND a poster!!!! 

The Death of All Things signals the final chapter in the band’s conceptual post-apocalyptic trilogy and it’s a monstrous outing, boasting riffs thicker than a lumberjacks beard and earth shaking rhythms reminiscent of the band’s mountainous homeland. Beastwars get straight down to business, opening the album on a strong note through the hooky blood and thunder crunch and off-kilter lurch of “Call to the Mountain.” The song kicks into gear in rumbling, fist-pumping style, as fat crunching riffs, quaking waves of bass and caveman clubbing drums unfold around Hyde’s gruff, passionate howls and perfectly unrefined cleans. Hyde’s vocals are a raw weapon of destruction, both tremendously powerful and surprisingly versatile, often elevating solid tunes to the next level and leaving trails of raggedly infectious vocal hooks in his wake. Not to be outdone, guitarist Clayton Anderson couples his scuzzy, lurching sludge-doom riffs with slick embellishments and tasty guitar licks, venturing outside the paradigms of his sludgy roots.

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