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BEANS - All Together Now LP (colour vinyl)


BEANS - All Together Now LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited purple / magenta colour vinyl. 

All Together Now is a 9-track offering that captures the kinetic energy of a band who have made their name through the intensity of their live performances, including festival appearances at the coveted psych odyssey; Gizzfest, New Year’s Evie and Loch Hart festivals, as well as King Gizzard tour support. 

Beans are inspired by the unfurling song-writing of bands like Electric Light Orchestra, Slade and Skyhooks – specimens of the monstrous rock sound of the late 60s and early 70s – groups that had the ability to indulge themselves sonically without taking themselves too seriously. 

And what do the band hope to impart on their audiences? A nostalgic nod to times past, when we were “still in love with the world, with the radio on”.

"Making a Melbourne autumn sound like San Francisco in the mid '70s, there's an abundance of warm, rippling psych-pop here" Dave Ruby Howe, triple j

"Almost like a modernised The Beach Boys cut; a ditzy combination of hazy melodies and echoing vocals" Pilerats

"Interesting rhythms and grooves, howling vocals that are testament to our appetite for hooky tracks that offer a diversion from mainstream indie-rock" Life Without Andy

"I love its classic feel you might get from older bands like ELO and your 'i'll be whatever I please attitude'. Give me that rock, that experimental-indie-psych-pop. I'll take it ALL. Epic soundtrack" Claire Mooney, triple j

Beans, when asked how it feels to finally be sharing their much awaited sophomore record with the world, responded with "it feels like Sunday morning". It feels reductive to call them a psych-rock band - Beans are a quintet that seamlessly blur the lines between majestic, OTT rocknroll and rhythmic, bass driven groove, whilst also managing to be more than the sum of their parts.

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