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BATTLES - Juice B Crypts 2LP (colour vinyl)


BATTLES - Juice B Crypts 2LP (colour vinyl)

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Includes d/l code. 
Limited edition transparent colour vinyl. 
Gatefold sleeve. 
Highly recommended. 

Battles' whole discography is a continuous stream of evolving soundscapes that tread across different planes and influences, in which "math rock" is the most prominent genre labeled onto them as a cryptic band that crosses the borders of many genres, an amalgam of different trends and scenes of rock music, even pushing their feet into hip hop with John Stanier's wildly manic and heavy drum fills that are also highly calculated, like an A.I. trying to decipher a MIDI file, without any human error in sight.

Juice B Crypts is their most playful and diverse album to date, even more than their sophomoric debut. It's like stepping into a GameCube game featuring Cartoon Network characters with a cameo from the Katamari franchise on top of it. The features on this thing are to note greatly, as they do deliver some much-welcomed variety of sounds and timbres onto an already fairly stangant band that had its two band members, Tyondai Braxton and Dave Konopka, leave in 2010 and 2018, respectively, only having Ian Williams and John Stanier, the main creative figures of Battles, left in charge of future projects.

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