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BARS OF GOLD - Shelters LP

Equal Vision

BARS OF GOLD - Shelters LP

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The opening, "Worthless Chorus," was the best possible song to use as the opener - punchy and in-your-face, which is customary of post-hardcore, but it has a distinctly pop edge, and that is certainly unique in the post-hardcore scene. There are times on this record, like "Montana," that channel indie/folk rock sentiment, but the vocals and specifically the drums retain that harder and more abrasive core that is Bars of Gold's sound. After "Worthless Chorus," this album is just track after track of thoroughly enjoyable post-hardcore with some light math rock accoutrements. It does not break much new ground, but being derivative is not a bad thing as long as one does a great job doing it, and the ground they tread here is done with a confidence and finesse that is respectable and admirable. 

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