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BARDO POND - No Hashish, No Change Money, No Sake Sake 2LP

Three Lobed

BARDO POND - No Hashish, No Change Money, No Sake Sake 2LP

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Witness the birth of one of modern psych's central pillars with this early statement, never before on vinyl.

"This is the sound of freedom, the sound of Bardo Pond. This album contains the DNA of all their future music, from the low dirge to the sexy laid-back choking of beautiful vocals lost and found amongst wavering vibrations of rising and falling drone. Sometimes Isobel’s vocals are a guide, a way through, as in the song “Rupture”, a thing that peaks out occasionally above the dense cloud of uncertainty and psychedelic wah noise. They are there to remind you that don’t know where we’re going but that feels good. No Hashish… emanates the chaotic splendor of when a band first starts out and aren’t sure what they’re doing, that magical and best kind of energy which simply cannot be repeated. They went on with their following records to refine a special and unique form of mind expansion/explosion based on equal parts of beautiful chaos and repressed noise and you can see all of that start right here. This album is for me like all of Bardo Pond’s catalog, a cleanse of the mind and soul, a soundtrack for today’s “great resignation” and the ultimate way to turn on and on and on…" - Kim Gordon

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