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BANANAGUN - Do Yeah 7"

Anti Fade

BANANAGUN - Do Yeah 7"

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Melbourne outfits debut single, now with bonus third track, “Crane In The Tiger’s Mouth”

In a big iron pot about yay big, throw in some spiced djembe, a dash of timbale, x 1 drum beat, plenty of chanting (for the flavour). Throw it in the river bass for 5-10 minutes until golden, sprinkle with some love flakes and your looking good!

Now flip it over and you have “Topcat”.
Same beat, slightly more bop. Walk beside an alpha male for 25 years, milk (for cat) x 3 horn section, blanch some garlic and ego puree’ serve it hot!

"A-side is great, almost tribal, pop music with some fuzz... B-side is equally as good but in a more folkier pop vein... big thumbs up!" - random Bandcamp comment. 

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