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AVALANCHES - We Will Always Love You 2LP


AVALANCHES - We Will Always Love You 2LP

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Double 180 gram.

Just a brief four years after the release of Wildflower, and here we are, with what could just be The Avalanches' most melancholic work yet. If Since I Left You was a breezy spring day, and Wildflower was a blissful celebration of the summer time, We Will Always Love You would definitely be the cold, wistfulness feeling that winter brings along. With the entire concept behind the record being "death, the afterlife, the stars... and everything that's out there," we should be feeling sad. But it's not sad. It's more of a celebration of life than anything else. Throughout the record, The Avalanches have said that they have use numerous samples from those who had passed away, which does nothing but only enhance the experience. The Avalanches have always been about celebrating life, but this time they manage to do it while giving the listener a further urge to burst into tears.

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