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ARTIFICIAL BRAIN - Labyrinth Constellation LP

Profound Lore

ARTIFICIAL BRAIN - Labyrinth Constellation LP

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New York band Artificial Brain was formed in 2011 by guitarist Dan Gargiulo of Revocation and vocalist Will Smith of Biolich (a now-defunct ensemble that included several members who went on to form Castevet). Following up a well received demo and two-song EP, Artificial Brain unleashes their debut full-length Labyrinth Constellation via Profound Lore—a devastating work destined to forge a much-deserved reputation for the band in the American death metal scene. Like such predecessors as Nocturnus, Artificial Brain incorporates sci-fi elements into their twisted, guttural sound. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Colin Marston (of Krallice, Gorguts, Dysrhythmia, etc.) in his Thousand Caves studios, Labyrinth Constellation offers a unique take on the genre, with stunning cover artwork painted by Paolo “Madman” Girardi to complement the dark and dissonant death metal. A cosmic dose of complex brutality, it fits neatly alongside the other denizens of Profound Lore’s twisted death metal contingent: Portal, Mitochondrion, Grave Miasma, Abyssal, and newcomers Auroch and Chthe’ilist.

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