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Includes download code. Gatefold sleeve.

With her third LP, Angel Olson broke free from the rough and lo-fi aesthetic of her previous work for a pristine and initially accessible album. Without the reverb-loaded production techniques, the intricacies of her music shine and the songs themselves are immediately catchy in comparison to her last, albeit very good, full length.

Aside from the first single "Shut Up, Kiss Me", which is both the catchiest and crunchiest song she's released, the songs reek of melancholy as very few songs feel genuinely happy or sad, but the record is actually quite diverse stylistically. The first side of the LP is based in rock and roll with crunchy distorted guitars and easy to follow structure, but the tracks move from the 60s pop influenced "Never Be My" to the languid country rock of "Heart Shaped Face". Elsewhere, "Not Gonna Kill You" is revved-up modern rock track that feels equal parts sparse and energized; it's a great track, but also a great example of Olsen's emotional vibe throughout the record, as nearly every vocal on side one has a "defeated, yet starting to not give a shit" attitude that's difficult to shake. It's the overarching theme for the records first six songs, but she seems to open up on side two, both musically and emotionally, and the whats inside isn't necessarily uplifting, but it's definitely beautiful. The second half of the record takes its time with relaxed and slow burning songs that work on a completely different level.

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