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AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS - Big Attraction / Giddy Up LP

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AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS - Big Attraction / Giddy Up LP

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UK pressing. 

Originally released January 2018 on Melbourne's Homeless Records - now sold out - the band's profile by late 2017 had reached the kind of dizzying heights that saw industry sharks circling and fans forming orderly queues to receive a band-sponsored mullet. Remember when it used to be about getting laid?

"Amyl and the Sniffers are a garage punk band who sing about biffs, blowjobs and Chiko rolls. They’re proudly sporting shitty tatts and they named their band after a seedy drug that provides a brief, intense euphoria, followed by a brutal headache - which may or may not be a metaphor. With the mullets, the aggression and the unflinching embrace of Australiana, Amyl and the Sniffers have been likened to the sharpie subculture of the ‘70s - a pre-punk movement that was birthed in Melbourne and characterised by “sharp” outfits and that quintessential Aussie larrikin attitude. The soundtrack to this era was Australian boogie: bands like Skyhooks, The Coloured Balls and AC/DC. Amy says she and the boys are definitely influenced by that ‘70s Aussie rock, but lyrically, she’s also intrigued by the storytelling of country singers like Dolly Parton; she likes the cheek of a Southern woman in the 1960s singing about cheating on her husband." - THE FAT ANGEL

“Frontwoman, Amy Taylor’s nasal vocals are something of an unconventional beauty. Her antagonistic persona and barebone snarls prove that frontwomen of punk are a force to be reckoned with. The call and response vocals provide an element of storytelling – akin to Eddy Current Suppression Ring.” – TONEDEAF

“Straddling’ the line between raucous 70s glam punk and the primitive pub rock riffs of Rose Tattoo” -

“like a teenage Sex Pistols with the brattiest kid sister imaginable on vox” -

“I didn’t realize how badly I’ve needed a band fronted by a badass Aussie chick who probably beats up perverted men in her underclothes and then smokes a joint with a grizzly bear or some shit. I’m off topic now, but yeh, this rules.” -

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