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ALL OVER THE PLACE: The Rise of The BANGLES From the LA Underground by Eric Shade BOOK

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ALL OVER THE PLACE: The Rise of The BANGLES From the LA Underground by Eric Shade BOOK

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430 pages, softcover. 1st edition of 600 copies.

This massive biography on THE BANGLES is nothing short of a whopper. This monumental project, started by author and "unofficial band historian" Eric Shade back in the 1990s has had quite a journey from start to finish. This insane overview of the early days of the members’ obscure early groups, as well as an amazing snapshot of the sorely-undocumented Paisley Underground scene of early 80s LA, all the way up through the core band members’ current projects, is a feat Hozac never though they’d see fulfilled.

For a band as huge and omnipresent as The Bangles still are in '23, the revelation of their earlier efforts, such as the mind-blowing story of Micki Steele in the first lineup of the fledgling Runaways, while the Peterson sisters were rocking out in bands such as The Muze, Hollywood Girls, and The Fans right around the same period is the legendary stuff mostly outside of public knowledge.

The intertwining stories of Susanna Hoffs meeting David Roback (later of The Rain Parade) and getting inspired by The Last, with Vicki and Debbi’s growing interest in garage bands like The Unclaimed around town, All Over The Place shows how many moving parts were swirling around, generating a indescribable electricity around Los Angeles as the hardcore scene raged on the other side of the coin.

Shade’s meticulous research and wild enthusiasm is instantly contagious, uncovering heaps of info lost to time from early bandmates and forgotten fanzines and overseas interviews, with no stone left unturned. From the inevitable struggles to the righteous triumphs, The Bangles back story has never been explored this in-depth before, while perfectly encapsulating the fertile Paisley Underground they sprouted from (and will always be a part of). Featuring an extensive discography and tons of previously unseen color and black+white photos and ephemera.

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