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ABDULLAH SAMI - Peace of Time LP


ABDULLAH SAMI - Peace of Time LP

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Remastered from original tapes.
Highly recommended. 

A spiritual jazz, ultra-rare Holy Grail from Abdullah Mudon Sami and New York's & Chicago's late '70s underground jazz scene, that has acquired mythical status. Originally self-released in 1978 by the artist in just 300 copies, it's now been remastered and reissued for the first time on vinyl. A highly anticipated reissue among collectors, Peace of Time and the story of Mudon Abdullah Sami is the true stuff of legend. 

This Chicago musician, part of the NY Loft Jazz scene in the late '70s, has been a mystery within the avant-garde jazz world until now. He's been working as a painter/decorator for the last 30 years, unaware of his only album's legendary status. This is a touching story of the rediscovery of a musician and his album after four decades. 

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