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Limited to 500 copies. 

“Interesting space-hunch from the Chilean Underground. Formed by members of La Banda's and others, the sound is open form free rock ditherage with certain similarities to the most fully-spronged outriders of the German 1970s scene. But this is a far cry from recent Sky Records recidivism. There's a neat basis to the proceedings and a weird thick pulse that is undeniable. Beyond that, you can almost catch the scent of alien poop on the breeze.” 

Since 2008, A FULL COSMIC SOUND has been exploring different musical territories linked to expansive sounds. From the electronic / Industrial explorations of its early years to the current musical and aesthetic crossing that groups influences from rock, free jazz, electronics and post-Velvet deconstruction. The group was born out of inspiration derived from a shared psychoactive-inspired experience from three of the core members of the group in Brazil that involved a UFO-sighting. Though since it’s induction the project has had a line-up that is more of a revolving-door of participants than a full ensemble, this influential moments has stuck with them and inevitably continued to influence their sound. The stable formation (which includes members from bands like WATCHOUT!, LA BANDA's, THE PSYCHEDELIC SCHAFFERSON JETPLANE, LAGUNAS MENTALES and GLORIAS NAVALAS) got to consolidate a musical identity based on the control of harmonies, frequencies, time, spaceand repetitions generated through the use of keyboards, synthesizers, guitars and percussions.

For fans of Throbbing Gristle, Popol Vuh, Sonic Boom, Parson Sound and Acid Mothers Temple.

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