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75 DOLLAR BILL - I Was Real 2LP


75 DOLLAR BILL - I Was Real 2LP

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Includes d/l code.
180 gram vinyl housed in gatefold sleeve. 
Highly recommended. 

Instrumentation expanded, palette widened & canvas doubled. 
The third album from these NYC mainstays adds concise rockers, fuller orchestrations & mysterious textures to the band's long, odd/deep grooves & microtonal tunings. 

"It’s hard not to slip into ridiculous hyperbole when it comes to 75 Dollar Bill. Best band in New York City? Best band in the USA? Best band in the universe? Whatever conclusion you come to personally, you’re gonna love the instrumental duo of guitarist Che Chen and percussionist Rick Brown. They’ve definitely nailed down a thrillingly original sound, centered around Chen’s specially designed quarter-tone guitar — something about his tone cuts right to the quick, with North African riffs blending into juke-joint boogies into more avant territory. Brown’s impressively minimalist setup (he mostly plays a wooden crate) is a perfect fit, adding a hypnotic thump to the mix. The whole thing is a little hard to describe, but trust me on this: 75 Dollar Bill is amazing."
-- Tyler Wilcox, Aquarium Drunkard

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