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SPIRIT CARAVAN - Jug Fulla Sun 2LP (colour vinyl)

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SPIRIT CARAVAN - Jug Fulla Sun 2LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited edition yellow or green colour vinyl. Black wa also available.

Another bonafide classic from the all time heavy lifer Scott ‘Wino’ Weinrich. If The Obsessed, St. Vitus, Shrinebuilder, Probot and The Hidden Hand aren’t enough to bring his CV to legendary status, stop reading now. Spirit Caravan’s debut, originally released in 1999, was another massive step in his career, taking his doom-laden guitar work to new heights, with slow ferocity and acidic perfection. Wino, Dave Sherman and Gary Isom weave tight numbers creating a blueprint that is here to stay. Now remastered and released for the first time as a 4 side double LP the album includes beautiful cover art by Daniel Higgs.

"Jug Fulla Sun, Spirit Caravan's debut, follows a sonic continuum that began in the late '70s when Scott "Wino" Weinrich emerged from the outskirts of Washington, D.C., with the Obsessed, his stripped-down hybrid of biker rock and metal. That outfit made tremendous strides in bridging the gap between the long-haired metal contingent and the still developing, though already rabid, D.C. hardcore scene. Jug Fulla Sun shows Wino augmenting his trademark brand of doom-laden guitar work and slow-fuse vocal ferocity with greater lyrical depth and overall textural breadth. The songs are rich, refined, articulate, and created by a lifer, a true veteran of the hard music scene. Wino has obviously gone to great lengths here to subordinate his outlaw vision to a more expansive, comprehensive view of mankind, and of greater truths. The somewhat nebulous scope of his lyrics is enhanced by Lungfish vocalist/tattoo artist Dan Higgs' cryptic cover painting. An excellent album." All Music

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