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** FLASH SALE ** MEN WITH CHIPS - Attention Spent LP


** FLASH SALE ** MEN WITH CHIPS - Attention Spent LP

$14.95 $25.95
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Includes d/l code.
Insert with band-designed cryptic crossword!
Limited to 400 copies. 
Highly recommended.

Thick and chunky with a Black Eye / Aberrant sauce. 

"On their shoulders or accompanying fish? Both scenarios theoretically apply to this Aussie trio, sounding right at home on Homeless. Attention Spent doesn't require much (45rpm, over in a dash) and 'twould appear our MEN have spans in line with that thinking (despite a few well-placed moments of patience). Songs throb and stab, each seeming uneasy in a Riley-era FALL way, that classic panic conveyance mode we all love and fear. Fans of artful and tough grill-fat splat could (and have, no doubt) done far worse. A creepy, rough tickle." - Mitch Cardwell (MRR)

"Adelaide, AUS three-piece, no-wave art-punk scuzz-rock, hyphenated all to hell. sometimes it’s a free-jazz soiree, featuring atonal strings, wind and percussion (even a woodstove!), others it’s an angular aussie-rant. jangly, noisey, messy, a little something for everyone. reminds this loser of drunken-confidence, viewed from the sober-perspective." - KFJC 89.7

"A phrase such as “If Deep Purple (Mk II) were feedtime” does a disservice to both the original artists and the one being reviewed and obviously reflects the reviewer’s shortcomings." - Fuckin Record Reviews

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