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** FLASH SALE ** CUNTZ - Force The Zone LP


** FLASH SALE ** CUNTZ - Force The Zone LP

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Highly recommended. 

Third album for Melbourne’s CUNTZ. With Alex Macfarlane (Boomgates, Constant Mongrel, The Stevens) behind the desk again, CUNTZ offer an even more bitter pill to swallow this time around in ‘Force The Zone’. The bile.
Is “Chinese Dream Boat” a love song or one of loneliness and hate?
Always polarising critics, mainly due to the band’s chosen moniker, those that didn’t get the sardonic humour present missed out on fully enjoying Aloha and Solid Mates, although one commenter nailed it when stating “…the informed listener can choose to either get it or be put off by the irreverence. Cuntz are dedicated to the hoon, and dedicated to supporting each other in their own respective hoons, and they don’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks about that.”

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