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Strangeworld 2016 summary

Strangeworld's first year of existence saw us enjoy bringing many releases not otherwise available in Melbourne and we'll continue to do so as long as people want something more interesting than yet another Led Zeppelin reissue. Nothing pleases me more than hearing how much enjoyment you're deriving from the obscure Italian psych band (see Inutili below) you took a punt on, having heard a track or two instore. There were many examples throughout the year - and sure, if 80's hair metal is your thing then I'll continue to provide what you're after. I'm just saying how much pleasure I get from introducing someone to wild new sounds.

We also hosted some fun events, including our opening BBQ and later in the year we celebrated the launch of the Twin Peaks soundtrack with free cherry pie and coffee. Many beers and pizza were consumed on a Friday night as we did our best to empty the Standard Hotel or Kim-Chi Grocery takeaway fridges.

Tomorrow (Sat 7th Jan) we are hosting our FIRST BIRTHDAY BBQ from midday.
Link to Facebook event on our Home page by clicking on the Strangeworld green tentacles.

Thank you for your incredible support throughout 2016 - Strangeworld could not have achieved what it has without your patronage, feedback, social media sharing, pub conversations or plugs.

Assistance from friends and loved ones with Strangeworld was hugely appreciated - much love and thanks to Jodi, Stu, Hoops, Jimmy, Alex, Toovs, Terry and Stoney's unpacking skillz.

Here's our picks of the year, plus a few regulars who submitted their favourites...

Spacin' - Total Freedom (Richie)
Counter Intuits - Monosylllabilly (Pyramid Scheme)
Lavender Flu - Heavy Air (Meds)
Foster Body - Moving Display (Diabolical)
Lithics - Borrowed Floors (Water Wing)
Teledetente 666 - Karen (Et Mon Cul...)
Suburban Homes - Are Bored (Total Punk)
Inutili - Elves, Red Sprites, Blue Jets (Aagoo)
Foster Care - Sterilization (Total Punk)
Heavy Metal - LP (Static Age)
Writhing Squares - In The Void Above (Siltbreeze)
James Arthur's Manhunt - Digital Clubbing (12xu)
Hidden Ritual - Always (Monofonus Press)
Cheena - Spend The Night (Sacred Bones)
Thee Oh Sees - A Weird Exits (Castle Face)
Omni - Deluxe (Trouble In Mind)
Boss Eye - Plays Cottage Vortex (Twistworthy)
Uranium Club - All Of Them Naturals (Static Shock)
Heavy Lids - We Believe In The Night (Pelican Pow Wow)
Behavior - 375 Images Of Angels (Iron Lung)
Oscillation - Monographic (Hands In The Dark)

Civil Union - Seasick, Lovedrunk (Melted Ice Cream)
Dacios - Beyond The Bottom Hour (Homeless)
No Sister - s/t (independent)
Wilful Boys - Rough As Guts (Ever/Never)
Shepparton Airplane - s/t (independent)
Opposite Sex - Hamlet (Melted Ice Cream)
Crypt Vapor - Tombe Della Citta (Death Shadow)
Men With Chips - Attention Spent (Homeless)
Centre Negative - Emotion Is Cringey (Ever/Never)
White Dog - Sydney Limits (Agitated)
Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing / Log Horn Breed - split (Muzai)
Dance Asthmatics - Lifetime Of Secretion (Ever/Never)

A Frames - s/t + 2 (S-S)
S To S - s/t (Sommor)
Twinkeyz - Alpha Jerk (S-S)
All The Madmen - Early Tape Recordings (Vinyl On Demand)
Sandra Bell - Dreams Of Falling (Straight To Video)
Soggy - s/t (Outer Battery)
Kleenex / Liliput - First Songs (Mississippi)
Uranium Club - Human Exploration (Static Shock)
Visitors - Poet's End (Telephone Explosion)
Ivy Green - s/t (Pseudonym)
Zoom - Sweet Desperation (Ugly Pop)
O Veux - s/t (Softspot)


STU - Strangeworld's man on the tongs / comedy-customer relief
1. Spirit Club - Slouch
2. Pony Time - Rumours 2
3. DD Owen - s/t
4. Uranium Club - All Of Them Naturals
5. Cheena- Spend The Night
6. James Arthur's Manhunt - Digital Clubbing
7. Gospel Truth - Jealous Fires
8. Ausmuteants- Band Of The Future
9. Mystery Lights - s/t
10. Thee Oh Sees - A Weird Exits


PHIL MACDOUGALL - PBS FM announcer and man about town

southern culture on the skids ---- the electric pinecones
zig zags --- running out of red
counter intuits ----- monosyllabilly
foster care ---- sterilization
ausmuteants ----- band of the future
peep tempel ---- joy
men with chips ---- attention spent
shepparton airplane ---- s/t
spray paint ---- feel the clamps
chock chains ----- s/t
sleaford mods ----- t.c.r. and live at so36 album
dd owen ----- s/t
mystery lights ---- s/t
garry gray and the sixth circle ----- diamond in the forehead
social surgeons ------ s/t
violence creeps ------- the gift of music
useless eaters -----  relaxing death
surgical meth machine ------ s m m
mosquito ego ------ glomb

scientists ------ a place called bad box set
ramones  ------- s/t 40th anniversary deluxe edition box set
pure hell --- noise addiction
killed by death rock volume 2  ----- various artists
les punks: the french connection -------- various artists
stick men with ray guns ----- grave city
twinkeyz -------- alpha jerk
michigan brand nuggets --- various artists
we're loud: 90's cassette punk unknowns --- various artists
melvins ------- houdini / stoner witch / stag
flesheaters ----- forever came today
wipers ---------- wipers rarities
soggy -------- s/t
bored ---- piggyback
chrome cranks ------- diabolical boogie: singles, demos and rarities
spurts!  punk and post-punk from '70s and beyond ------- various artists
s to s  ----- s/t


TERRY - pram / beer wrangler
Counter Intuits – Monosyllabilly (Pyramid Scheme)
Cold Pumas - The Hanging Valley (Faux Discs / Gringo)
Shepparton Airplane - s/t (independent)
75 Dollar Bill - Wood / Metal / Plastic / Pattern / Rhythm / Rock (Thin Wrist)
Total Sound Group Direct Action Committee – Your Move (Insect / Twistworthy)
Spacin' - Total Freedom (Richie)
Thee Oh Sees - A Weird Exits (Castleface)
Closet Straights - s/t (Cobra Snake Necktie)
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - High Visceral [part 1] (Rhubarb)
OST - Twin Peaks (Death Waltz)

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