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Congratulations to a Melbourne group of Dickhead's - Singa, Joel and Liam - collectively responsible for The Old Bar, the finest dive bar and favourite haunt of ours for many years. Having been there, done that - 10 years is no mean feat and you blokes should feel immensely proud of the integral part you play in making Melbourne's live music scene as internationally-recognised as it is...

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(all LP unless otherwise noted)

3 TEENS KILL 4 - No Motive (Dark Entries)
Reissue of their debut 7-song mini-album "No Motive"which was self-released in 1983. Contains 3 bonus tracks. Underground NY act 3 Teens Kill 4 was groundbreaking, to say the least. This visionary collage of elements of new-wave, the electronic scene, hip-hop, funk and punk predates trip-hop, Beck's splatter and post-rock by over a decade. Not just about style, the record was fun and relevant.

AEOLUS – A Retrospective 2LP (Aloha Got Soul)
Limited to 500 copies only.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
This double LP brings to light the music of Robert ÆOLUS Myers, featuring recordings from 1982 to 2006 that were previously available only on cassette or CD. The music within A Retrospective tells the story of a man whose music elevates its listeners to a place of inspiration and enlightenment. Often ethereal, ÆOLUS’ music is driven by synthesizers, melodic flutes, sweeping patterns, and subtle rhythms to seed inspiration from deep within the listener. One might assume that ÆOLUS carved a new path for electronic music in Hawai‘i, but the islands never quite fully embraced the burgeoning New Age scene that ÆOLUS found himself a part of during the 1980s and the early 1990s. Few artists in Hawaii have produced a body of work, let alone embarked on a musical journey, such as the one that ÆOLUS has created.

AFGHAN WHIGS – In Spades (Sub Pop)
Includes download code.
Loser edition colour vinyl. Gatefold sleeve.
Greg Dulli’s veteran alt-rock outfit The Afghan Whigs have a brand new album to share with the world. In Spades offers up a fresh angle on the much-loved soulful hard’n’punky Whigs sound, with even a bit of brass sneaking into the mix.

ALISON’S HALO – Eyedazzler 2LP (Manufactured Recordings)
An expanded 2xLP reissue of Alison’s Halo’s Eyedazzler – a retrospective of the band’s recordings originally compiled in 1998. Available for the first time on vinyl, this criminally overlooked Tempe, AZ outfit is one of the premiere American shoegaze bands.

ALL OF THEM WITCHES – The Coven (Burning Witches)
Includes download code.
Limited to 250 hand-numbered copies on 180-gram black vinyl.
'The Coven' brings you ambient and dark creeping synth delight, with the usual nods to Carpenter and synth scores of the '80s, but it also has a really playful side (listen to 'Music Box') that sets it apart.

ANTISEEN - Honour Among Thieves (TKO)
Limited edition colour vinyl. Includes 24"x20" poster.
A stunning reissue of the 1985 debut album from notorious hate-rock tormentors ANTISEEN. Remastered to bring their songs of hate, drunkeness, debauchery, violence, incest and murder to their full glory.

ARAGORN – Night Is Burning (Sommor)
There are few bands who can claim to have built their reputation on one single, but such is the situation for Aragorn, formed in Chesire in 1978. They were one of the first acts to sign to Neat Records as the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal erupted, but fate conspired to ensure that they only ever released one single, the killer ’Black Ice’ / ’Noonday’, which has definitely become something of a cult 45 among aficionados of the genre. Here it is along with 12 tracks taken from their not released at the time album from 1982/3. A must for anyone into obscure, 70s styled hard–rock and early metal.

ARCADEA – s/t (Relapse)
Includes download code.
Insert with lyrics.
Otherworldly psych-electric, synth-driven, metallic madness led by Brann Dailor of Mastodon!

ASHLEY, GREG – Pictures of Saint Paul Street (Trouble In Mind)
Includes download code. Inner sleeve with lyrics.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
One of the finest releases of 2017 by a LONG stretch.
Oakland songwriter Greg Ashley's ruminations on alcohol, society, the women in his life (a previous album was called 'Death of a Ladies Man' ferchrissakes!), criminals and drugs have us swooning along and the lines (both kinds) sinking deep into our subconscious.
Greg Cartwright gets all the accolades but to be honest, we prefer Ashley's darker subject matter...

Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Together with the Western Playboys, you can hear the dusty technicolor Rio Grande flowing in the veins of these new recordings. Many of these songs are Greg's indomitable take on waltz, country swing and golden honky-tonk greats like Stonewall Jackson and Charlie Walker, but lest we forget the cover of Estrus records' finest garage rock nihilists The Makers. This 12” EP plays out from start to finish like a band in a washed out juke joint at a desert outpost from a Barry Gifford novel - strung out, sharp-witted and never dull.

ASIMOV – Truth (New)
New album by this incredible heavy–psych duo from Portugal, famous for their storming live shows at famous festivals like Reverence Valada and Barreiro Rocks and for supporting big neo–psych names like The Cosmic Dead, Pink Mountaintops and Endless Boogie. You won’t believe how just two guys can create such a brutal sound. Echoes of Blue Cheer, Hawkwind, Tractor, Black Sabbath, Iron Butterfly and Pink Fairies spiced with doses of Kraut, Doom, Drone and Space–Rock.

AURA – s/t (Aloha Got Soul)
“Raw funk… honey-coated soul… grooves and big smiles… lavish Hayes-level horns… dynamic and luxurious full spectrum harmonies. Stunning.”

BABY SHAKES – Turn It Up (Lil Chewy)
Includes download code.
The 2017 album by the rock'n'roll-punk band from New York City featuring Mary on lead vocals and guitar, Judy on lead guitar and vocals, Claudia on bass and vocals, and Ryan on drums. With catchy melodic vocals over dirty guitars and a killer rhythm section, their influences range from The Ramones and Slade to Chuck Berry and '60s Motown girl groups.

[AUST / NZ]  BAD//DREEMS – Gutful (Ivy League)
Includes download code.
There’s nothing subtle about this Adelaide rock band’s second album, with a meaty sound and choruses made to shout back from the mosh pit.

BAD BOYFRIENDS – Cut In Line 7” (Goodbye Boozy)
Limited to 255 copies only.
From Little Rock, Arkansas with 2 Punk cuts on a single sided 7". Tracks: " Cut in Line" and "Dirt Cheap" Fast - Rock'n'Roll - Punk !!!

Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Includes insert with band history and fliers.
Limited to 500 copies only.
First time available since first pressing, lacquers cut by GEZA X from original 1983 Irresponsible records test press, originally mastered by TED FALCONI of FLIPPER. These guys hung around and shared members with Flipper. They started in SF and ended the band in NYC shortly after this release. Eight tracks including the classic "G.D.M.F.S.O.B." featured on the 1982 MRR Not So Quiet On The Western Front compilation.

BALDRUIN - Biotische Verwitterung (Black Horizons)
Includes download code.
Limited hand-numbered edition of 200 copies.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
A disquieting record to accompany the nightmare of now. BALDRUIN documents this darkness, finding some hope in the helplessness. Buried within these grooves, lies a dizzying array of crepuscular sonics. Barely alive, it drips with dread. Rachitic loops return to us, like traumas. A sticky submission. My goodness, these earworms are infectious. "As dystopian as records come, Biotische Verwitterung is right up there—an angst-ridden German stab that's bleached in narcotic punk. This record seems lost in a lo-fi nightmare, swirling in black whole and destined for nothing but pain. Some call it 'Hauntology'; Baldruin call it 'Bavarian Gothic'." - Norman Records

BANFI, J.B. – Galaxy My Dear (Wah Wah)
Limited to 500 copies only.
Original artwork and liner notes by Baffo Banfi.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Reissue of his first solo LP from 1978. A strong kraut / cosmiche appeal that links the album's sound to that of the early Tangerine Dream or Ash Ra Tempel

BARDO POND – Under The Pines (Fire)
Includes download code.
So complex and substance-affected was their evolution, Bardo Pond have been creating their dreamy riffs for 26 years alongside a myriad of side projects. Returning with a career defining album, ‘Under The Pines’ sees them delve into the subconscious with their transcending cosmic post-rock.

[AUST / NZ]  BATPISS – Rest In Piss (Poison City)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Melbourne sludge-lords deliver yet again, no more evident than on "Weatherboard Man". Discordant and dissonant, 'Rest in Piss' is Batpiss's third LP. Recorded and produced by Gareth Liddiard of The Drones & mastered by Bob Weston (a match made in gritty rock heaven), 'Rest in Piss' traverses with gigantic, purposeful leaps, this record delves deep into the darkest, dankest parts of the Australian psyche.
"...blunt and brutal, unfiltered social commentary that cut through with gut-punching clarity." - Rolling Stone

B BOYS – Dada (Captured Tracks)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
B Boys’ sound takes elements of taut post punk and goofy punk and blends them together for a sound that falls somewhere in-between Wire and The Spits. Dada is a fun summer album, focusing on being a catchy and energetic collection of quasi post-punk songs.

BEACH HOUSE – B-Sides And Rarities (Sub Pop)
Includes download code.
The collected footnotes from the Baltimore band's decade-long career plays almost as smoothly as a proper album, showing the meticulous construction behind some of Beach House’s spells.

BEELEY, WILL - Gallivantin' (Tompkins Square)
BEELEY, WILL - Passing Dream (Tompkins Square)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Tompkins Square reissues two albums by Texas singer/songwriter WILL BEELEY—the self-released mega-rare (only 200 copies) private press LP Gallivantin' from 1971, and Passing Dream, originally released by Malaco Records in 1979. Recorded in Jackson, Mississippi, Passing Dream reveals the shifting musical direction of opposite sides of the '70s—a tougher, huskier, more alt-country sound emerging, presaging modern day troubadours like Chris Stapleton and Jamey Johnson. Released by Malaco Records in 1979, the album features the very first studio credit by guitarist LARRY CAMPBELL (Bob Dylan, Levon Helm), along with drummer JAMES STROUD (Marshall Tucker Band, Eddie Rabbitt), keyboardist CARSON WHITSETT (Paul Simon, Tony Joe White) and other crack studio players.

[AUST / NZ]  BENT - Mattress Springs 7” (Emotional Response)
Angular, post punk trio hailing from Brisbane, Australia. Swift on the heels of their startling debut CD Snakes and Shapes (Emotional Response), the band have a cracking dynamic follow up. Four tracks of inspired and skewed pop—raw and beautiful. Comparisons are inevitable, though potentially lazy, masking the bands originality. (However, The Raincoats, Kleenex and early Slits may give you a suggestion of the bands sonic intent).

BIG FRENCH - Stone Fish (Wharf Cat)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Assembled primarily from tracks recorded to tape at Phillip’s Manual FX Studio in Brooklyn circa 2015 / 2016, the sonic framework of Stone Fish swerves through the gamut of emotions while being united by kinetic arrangements of layered madness revolving around Moore’s instinctive, delicate vocal melodies and his asymmetrical guitar leads. Virtuosic grooving and free-improv rooted leads power the songs forward. Rocking hits like “I Wanna New Rome”, “Words Appear”, and “Rush Morgue” speed by, (nearly every cut is less than 3 minutes long) striking the listener with concise declarations, intended to both be familiar and at the same time to shock and to never resolve vis-a-vis the expected trope. Tracks the likes of “The Troll”, “Fly Like A Bird”, or “My Angel” gracefully deliver subdued melodic content over stream of consciousness harmonic turns. Throughout the record musical ideas jump in and out of focus redirecting the ever-changing cacophony of plucked guitars and jarring rhythms: Zach Phillips Wurlitzer might creep in with an enharmonic lick, reel-to-reel manipulation may distort the drums, sending a noisy crash through the channels. With multiple listens, Stone Fish revels itself as more detailed and exciting each time, existing as smart reorientation of the boundaries of pop music’s comfort zone.

[AUST / NZ]  BIKINI COPS – Number Two 7”EP (Goodbye Boozy)
Limited to 300 copies only.
From Perth, Australia, the second Bikini Cops amazing EP. The Australian guys play a punk rock original by Eddie Cochran, bypasses the UK circa 77, jumps to 1981 Damaged-era Black Flag remaining
finally caught in the dark network of KBD!
BIKINI KILL - New Radio 7” (Bikini Kill)
Includes download code.
Red vinyl.
A reissue of BIKINI KILL's New Radio 7" EP. The single features the most well known version of their song "Rebel Girl" as well as the title track and "Demirep." The songs were recorded in April 1993 at Avast Studios in Seattle, WA.

BIOSPHERE - The Petrified Forest (Biophon)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
BIOSPHERE is the main recording name of GEIR JENSSEN - a Norwegian musician who has released a notable catalogue of ambient electronic music. He is well known for his works on ambient techno and arctic themed pieces, his use of music loops, and peculiar samples from sci-fi sources. His 1997 album Substrata was voted by the users of the Hyperreal website in 2001 as the best all-time classic ambient album. The Petrified Forest is inspired by the movie of the same name, released in 1936 and directed by Archie Mayo.

[AUST / NZ]  BLACKEYED SUSANS – Close Your Eyes And See (Teardrop)
The Blackeyed Susans release their seventh album, ‘Close Your Eyes and See’ masterfully arranged and performed by a band with over 25 years experience together. Led by chief songwriter Phil Kakulas and producer Dan Luscombe, ‘Close Your Eyes and See’ combines the honeyed vocals of singer Rob Snarski with long, reverby trails of pedal steel, tremolo guitar, violin and keyboards. The result is a meticulously crafted album of dreamlike torch songs, bruised ballads and atmospheric rockers that sounds both classic and contemporary.

BLACK LIPS – Satan’s Graffiti Or God’s Art? (Vice)
Includes download code.
Gatefold sleeve, double LP.
8th studio album sees the Black Lips emerge with a grimy masterpiece that brings their sound back to their pissing-in-their-own-mouths chaotic heyday. If Underneath the Rainbow scared you away, Satan's Graffiti should bring you right back.

BLACKOUT - The Horse (Riding Easy)
NYC trio Blackouts take on doom and stoner rock is filled with a gritty, mechanistic heft unlike bands of their ilk from anywhere else.
Subsumed within the greasy grooves of The Horse there are echoes of NYC heavy legends like Helmet, Cro-Mags, Judge, Prong and others not as intentional homage, but rather a vibe that permeates and inadvertently gives its bands a unique power that few can match.

BLOWN OUT – Superior Venus (Riot Season)
Powerdrive Power Trio (from Newcastle, UK), heavy rolling basslines, waster infused guitar freakouts held together with steady freeform rhythms. Made up from members of BONG, Drunk In Hell, Haikai No Ku, 11Paranoias, Khunnt and pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs.

BOCQUET, DIDIER – Voyage Cerebral (Wah Wah)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Second effort by French synthetist Didier Bocquet. In-your-face sequenced electronic music that sounds both spacy and violent at the same time whilst keeping a certain lo-fi, self produced vibe. Recommended to fans of all things “kosmische” and synth music in general. Like his first album, it was recorded on his own private studio and self-released.

[AUST / NZ]  BOMBAY ROYALE – Run Kitty Run (Hopestreet)
Includes download code.
Cult band return with their third studio masterpiece 'Run Kitty Run'. A Retro Bollywood fuelled rampage through Psyche-Surf, 80's Electro-Pop and Desert Rock, 'Run Kitty Run' is, like its predecessors, conceived as the soundtrack to a lost film.

BORIS – Dear 2LP (Sargent House)
Includes download code.
Double LP housed in heavy duty gatefold sleeve.
'Dear' ultimately feels like a love-letter to the fans who who have stuck by Boris since their inception. Whilst their experimental works outside of the Metal realm have been very commendable, 'Dear' is absolutely that back to basics, all out Metal album that fans have been waiting for, and they have done it in true style. Boris very much still know their way around a wall of amps and an array of fuzz pedals, and they continue to prove why they are one of the best in the business. 'Dear' is very much the successor to albums such as 'Pink' and 'Altar'. Not only that, it is genuinely one of the heaviest albums of 2017.

BOYWONDERS - LUV (Resurrection)
Boywonders feature Andrew Loomis (pre-DEAD MOON). This is quite good unreleased live recordings taken from the soundboard at Satyricon, Portland in 1984 and 1988. Punchy rock 'n roll recorded by Greg Sage.

BRAINBOMBS - Singles Collection 2 2LP (Armageddon)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
A double-LP domestic pressing of the CD released a few years ago in Europe. Includes the single that came out on tUMULt, the "Stinking Memory" 7" on Anthem, as well as the Wabana Gun Court single, the Ken Rock single and the Big Brothel single. A collection of totally killer tracks, "Stigma Of The Ripper,” "The Grinder," "I Need Speed" and more. All in classic BRAINBOMBS style, One killer riff punctuated by deadpan vocal delivery of their fucked up lyrics, and repeat... Also included are some rare live tracks, including "Urge To Kill" among them, recorded live in Norway way back in 1993, They sound raw, and distorted in proper style.

BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE – Hug Of Thunder 2LP (Arts & Crafts)
Includes download code.
Gatefold sleeve, printed inners and and a 28 page booklet with stitched spine affixed to jacket.
Seven years removed from their last release, BSS return with an album that's both big and beautiful, but also thoughtful and intimate. Filled with brilliantly orchestrated songwriting and socially charged topical lyrics, the group wastes no time protesting against the current social and political environment, and God knows there's plenty to talk about.

BRYANT, DON - Don't Give Up On Love (Fat Possum)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Memphis soul original and Hi Records hit man, DON BRYANT, has announced his return to music with Don’t Give Up On Love, recorded in honor of his wife of 43 years, the soul legend Ann Peebles. The collection is Don’s first release in decades.

BUFFALO TOM – Let Me Come Over 2LP (Beggars Banquet)
Third album by American alternative rock band Buffalo Tom. Released March 1992.

Bonus LP included "Live From London Ulu 1992"

BUILDERS AND THE BUTCHERS - Dead Reckoning (Jealous Butcher)
Colour vinyl.
Limited to 500 copies only.
Reissue of acclaimed third album by Portland boot-stomping folk rockers, out-of-print for many years.
“Dead Reckoning begs for foot stomping while Sollee bemoans our miserable world; if we’re all going to hell, we might as well enjoy the ride down.” — Benjamin Opipari, Washington Post

[AUST / NZ]  BURIED FEATHER – Mind of the Swarm (Cobra Snake Necktie)
Includes download code.
Poster insert.
Melbourne kaleidoscopic psych rockers follow-up their 2013 debut with a sound built on fuzzy drone and swirling keyboards, Buried Feather’s live shows have built a loyal following, drawing regular comparisons to the likes of Dead Meadow and Spacemen 3.

CAN – The Singles 3LP (Spoon)
The Singles, a new triple LP anthology that traces Can's esteemed history through all of their singles released between 1967 and 1990.
Beloved songs such as "Vitamin C", "Mushroom" and "She Brings The Rain" are featured alongside more obscure tracks such as "Silent Night" and "Turtles Have Short Legs. The latter was released in 1971 (from the Tago Mago sessions) and never appeared on a studio album.
Once again, Can reaffirm their status as one of the greatest Kosmische bands.

CASTLE, LYNN – Rose Colored Corner (Light In The Attic)
Liner notes by Hunter Lea with Lynn Castle interview.
Includes Lynn’s sole LHI 45 produced by Lee Hazlewood.
Unseen photos, press shots and handwritten lyric sheets.
LP housed in a deluxe gatefold Stoughton tip-on jacket.
Though most of the world may not know the songs of Lynn Castle, she is an artist whose work stretches across seven decades. She has created a diverse and vast (albeit mostly unreleased) discography of pop, folk, country, gothic, rock, punk, blues, and children’s songs. Light In The Attic Records is very excited to continue its Lee Hazlewood Archive Series with Rose Colored Corner, a collection of intimate recordings Lynn Castle made with Jack Nitzsche in 1966 and her complete recorded output with Lee Hazlewood on LHI Records.

[AUST / NZ]  CAVEMEN – Dog On A Chain 7” EP (Slovenly)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Auckland, NZ outta control garage savages THE CAVEMEN new 7-inch EP! The title track is brutal shit—the sickest they’ve knocked out since their debut “Juvenile Delinquent” single from 2014. When PAUL CAVEMAN snarls “PLAY SOME GOD DAMN ROCK’N’ROLL” on the opener “Death Row” you do what he says! More semen-soaked shockwaves on the flipside with “Dog on a Chain” and “Killing Myself to Live” are as primal and damaged as your better judgement.

CARTWRIGHT, GREG - Tin Ten 7” (Dusty Medical)
For the 50th Dusty Medical Records release, we are proud to present "Tin Ten"—a postcard from that sunny afternoon—showcasing just two of the many sides of the Greg Cartwright Songwriting Canon. On the A-side, we have a stripped down and menacing take on "Come A Little Closer" (from the Oblivians 2013 LP Desperation), paired on the flip with the high lonesome "Love Won't Leave You A Song" (from Reigning Sound's 2009 LP Love And Curses).

CHAIN & THE GANG - Best Of Crime Rock (In The Red)
Includes download code.
Limited edition clear vinyl.
Chain & the Gang are different than the rest. You won’t see their name on the garbage heap of hyped bands pushed by paid-off web-zine tastemakers. They’re not “jingle-core,” tattooed onto your subconscious via Madison Avenue mind-control ad campaigns. They’re not middle brow NPR indie listening for Prius owning cubicle rockers or a tiresome teenage retread of ‘90s surrender sludge.
No. Chain & the Gang are singular, terrifying, unparalleled. Not only the most ferocious live combo ever witnessed but also the world’s ONLY anti-liberty rock ’n’ roll group. Their motto? “Down with Liberty … Up with Chains!” 
Chain & the Gang don’t care about grades, likes, traffic or hits. They don’t petition publicists for goofy hype or pander to the corrupt institutions who molest rock ’n’ roll and use it as their plaything. Chain & Co. don’t play that game. They want total destruction of the insipid rock ’n’ roll status quo and the foul system it purports to offer relief from –- but in fact keeps afloat. 
Chain & the Gang have released five uncompromising records, each one a brilliant tossed off sketchbook of insolence and provocation.

CHANY, PHILIPPE - Rive Gauche (Dark Entries)
Philippe was inspired by experimental film composers Michel Magne, Ennio Morricone, Lalo Schifrin. Songs are a fusion of Chanson synth pop, experimental Italo funk, majestic balearic disco and arabesque instrumentals. He enjoyed making blends, combining rhythms with scratches, utilizing a Roland TR-808, Jupiter 8 and various Akai samplers. All the songs are recited in French and English and revolve around themes of love and mysticism plus a passage read from Antonin Artaud’s 1925 poem “L’ombilic des Limbes”.

CHILTON, ALEX - Take Me Home And Make Me Like It
Comprises unrehearsed, first-take recordings from 1975. Notes by Alex Chilton and producer Jon Tiven; 180 gram vinyl.
"This is music performed with some of the most callous abandon ever to have been allowed in a recording studio. Many of these tracks have a raw cinéma vérité atmosphere applied to recorded rock and roll. My own performances seem to be either obnoxious or attempting an insufferable cuteness, but often they achieve a compelling electricity in their spontaneous excitement. We recorded over a few days in the fall of 1975. I was very into a loose, unrehearsed first take sort of approach to recording music. I learned from producer Jim Dickinson the method of throwing a very impromptu rendering of a song onto tape. . . . This method gives a fresh, sometimes anarchistic quality to the performances. The first day of the sessions was approached in this way. The second day went according to the producer's more conservative method of planning and rehearsal. All in all there is some hot, untamed rock and roll on this disc." - Alex Chilton, 1992.

CLIENTELE – God Save The Clientele (Merge)
Includes download code.
If you like heavy reverb, twinkling guitars, airy British vocals, all wrapped up somewhere between 60’s pop and shoegaze: The Clientele is probably your band.

CLUSTER – Konzerte 1972/1977 (Bureau B)
LP includes CD with same content.
Printed inner sleeve featuring liner notes by Asmus Tietchens.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
The two authorized recordings presented here vividly conjure up the atmosphere, perhaps even the magic, of a Cluster performance back in the day. One took place in 1977 during a science fiction festival in Metz (France). The other dates back to an earlier show in Hamburg's Fabrik venue.

COATHANGERS – Parasite 12” (Suicide Squeeze)
Includes download code, single sided 12" with etching on b-side.
More output from prolific Atlanta garage punkers.

COCHRAN, EDDIE – My Way (Vinyl Lovers)
Mono reissue of this classic.

COLTRANE, ALICE – The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda 2LP (Luaka Bop)
Includes download code.
Gatefold sleeve with extensive liner notes. Includes insert with lyrics and translation, two additional large format pamphlet-style booklets of liner notes and photos.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
In a world gone mad, this, "the beautiful legacy of Mrs Coltrane," sounds like heaven itself...
Beautifully remastered and packaged, with informative booklets, photos and lyrics.
And the music... Literally, it's from another place. Unless you've got tin-ears and a stone-heart, you'll be brought to the point of tears, or at the very least, your hairs will be standing up.

COLTRANE, JOHN / ALICE COLTRANE - Cosmic Music (Superior Viaduct)
Cosmic Music, originally self-released by Alice Coltrane in 1968, features two tracks (“Manifestation” and “Rev. King”) by John Coltrane’s legendary final quintet that were recorded in San Francisco on February 2nd, 1966 and two more (“Lord Help Me To Be” and “The Sun”) from Alice Coltrane’s very first session as a bandleader, recorded six months after her husband’s passing.
“Manifestation” opens with the group already in mid-flight: Trane’s fierce tenor leads the way with Pharoah Sanders’ blistering sax and Alice’s powerful chords hearing his call. On “Rev. King,” Trane introduces a lyrical theme and then the composition erupts into fiery incantations, while Jimmy Garrison’s bass throbs alongside the propulsive, gravity-defying drumming of Rashied Ali.
Foreshadowing her majestic debut, A Monastic Trio, “Lord Help Me To Be” brings Alice’s celestial piano playing and inspired improvisations to the foreground with Sanders, Garrison and drummer Ben Riley rumbling in tow. “The Sun,” a meditative ballad with subtle urgency, perfectly closes the album’s contemplative circle.

COME ON – 1976-1980 (Manufactured Recordings)
Includes 20 page booklet full of archival images and liner notes by noted biographer Chris O'Leary.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Should arrive by end of August - please use the "EMAIL WHEN AVAILABLE" button.
Essential NYC 1976-80 nervous and jittery art rock / geek rock but cool as hell.
RIYL: Talking Heads, Pere Ubu, Devo

COMPLEX – The Way We Feel (Guerssen)
Second Complex album released in 1971 in a edition of 99 copies, one of the rarest private pressings from the UK along with their debut album. Another set of Swingin’ London styled psychedelic pop and underground psychedelia featuring some of the best tracks the band ever recorded like the Zombies sounding "Hey girl, you’ve got style" and the killer psych number "We don’t exist". Carefully remastered sound, 180 gr vinyl, insert with rare pictures and extensive liner notes by David Wells.

CONE, MARK - Now Showing (Neck Chop)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
This might get my vote as the best non-demo-put-to-vinyl Neck Chop release yet. Jackie Boy from Urochromes goes full-on synth freakout.
"Do me a favor. Think of your favorite synth punk band, or, assuming you hate everything the subgenre stands for, think of the one you hate the least. Pretty much anything that’s got a keyboard and a lot of yelling involved, since it’s practically all the same shit anyways. Now, imagine yourself holding a physical release from said band; either a record, cassette, CD, LaserDisc, or what have you. Just imagine it in your hands. Alright, now imagine yourself breaking it right over your fucking knee – MARK CONE is your favorite now. It’s up to you whether or not that last part should be left to your imagination, but for those with an inherent affinity for keyboard-infused punk, minimal exposure to Cone’s dissonant, hyperactive keystrokes, masterfully programmed drum beats, and throaty, maniacal roars are needed to realize the undercurrent of brilliance that runs beneath this darkened display of unfledged synth glory. Mark Cone – a snide, hysterical character conceived by one of the two founders of Massachusetts’s Urochromes, Jackie M. – not only epitomizes the essence of keyboard-oriented punk, but does so in a line-up devoid of instruments typically associated with the subgenre; mainly centering on a substandard Casio keyboard, an 8-bit drum machine, and a harsh set of pipes, Mark Cone has created a melodic, energetic, riveting score of punk with discernible post-like tinges in this 10-track LP. As a successor to his original 7” EP (Nicey Music), this record is a true mindmelter."

CONRAD, TONY - Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain 2LP (Superior Viaduct)
Die-cut cover.
Previously unreleased. Breathtaking performance from 1972, featuring the filmmaker / composer with Rhys Chatham and Laurie Spiegel.

CONTROL FREAKS – Mindless Entertainment (Slovenly)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Greg Lowery of The Rip Offs, Supercharger and some other jerky combos finally granted our wish and slapped Slovenly silly with this LP from his latest no-count crew CONTROL FREAKS. Be careful what you wish for, indeed! This is snot-caked Bay Area slime by abusive maniacs with the teen-beat on lockdown, and they will C.O.N.T.R.O.L. your last remaining brain cells! “Mindless Entertainment” got all the obnoxious pop you can handle: “Hollywood” is classic Lowery retardation, and guitarist Natalie Sweet is making us itch sharing vocal doodies all over the album in her best Edith Bunker impression.

[AUST / NZ]  COOKIN' ON 3 BURNERS – Lab Experiments Vol.1 (Soul Messin)
Includes download code.
Australian funk, soul, boogaloo & jazz organ trio.

COSMIC DEAD – Eccie Bam Yas, E? (Monorail)
"Buckfast and psych rock. A delicious concoction if ever I did taste one. If the Cosmic Dead have been putting back buckie then I can completely understand how they’ve managed to be both as prolific and ridiculous as they have over the past few, though I also want to accuse them of lying since two weeks ago I reviewed one by them called ‘Psych is Dead’. For what? This? They celebrate their genre’s Easter-esque revival with more improvisation that hints at the noisier, dronier avenues currently exciting them." - NORMAN RECORDS

CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE - Signals From Pier Thirteen 12” (Dark Entries)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Post punk band that formed in 1979 in Philadelphia. The songs 'Cardboard Lamb' and 'Flying Turns' quickly became club favorites during the early ‘80s. This EP's raw, percussive sound influenced both techno and industrial music in later years.

CRESCENT – Resin Pockets (Geographic)
Includes download code.
What is lo-fi? Is it a genre? Is it a recording style? Is it a necessity? Perhaps it's all three. Or maybe it’s something else entirely. Bristolian trio Crescent have been making music that can only be labeled as lo-fi for the best part of two decades. Their 6th effort, Resin Pockets, sees the group go back to the well once again to deliver nine tracks of that sweet, sweet late summer pop that sounds exactly like the smell of freshly laid tarmac.

CROOKED BANGS – II (Nervous Intent)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
II, the second full length from Austin, Texas trio Crooked Bangs, shuns the warmth of the sun in favour of a cold, disparate world in itself that begs to be misjudged and mislabeled. The album is an altogether unsettling—and at times puzzling—witches brew of searing primal sounds, discordant genre shifts, and also focused, practically poppy arrangements and vocal lines.
Singer/Bassist Leda Ginestra’s voice is a stygian, clairvoyant force waging war on multiple fronts across the album’s 9 tracks, deftly juggling English and French, while the drums —generally dominating the coarse, boorish sounding mix— lead the band deeper into the hellscape forming around them as the album progresses.
Crooked Bangs are hacking through interesting, visceral territory, and the record is a dark departure from their tighter, decidedly more-punk-than-post debut.

DANCER - I'm Not Giving Up / Teenage Punk 7” (Dig!)
Here with an anthemic scorcher of an A-Side: “I’m Not Giving Up,” channels equal parts Cheap Trick & Thin Lizzy, delivering the ROCK GOD goods so convincingly its time to THROW your Kiss records out! Flip it over for “Teenage Punk,” a swirling synth punk slice of misfit solace with words to live by (“all our friends, we don’t have friends”). Six singles in, and Dancer proves there are sick new moves comin’ from the crew responsible for APACHE, GLITZ and SLICK!

Sydney indie pop group’s fifth, and most accomplished record. Established fans of Dappled Cities will find much to celebrate across the eleven tracks of this new release. Tapping into the timeless qualities of ’70s mavericks like David Bowie and Roxy Music and recorded in the serene surrounds of Byron Bay, the loved and celebrated statesmen of Australian Indie pop have created a soundtrack to life that reflects a mature Dappled Cities.

DEDEKIND CUT - American Zen 2LP (Special Edition)
Following a strictly limited tape edition of American Zen, LEE BANNON, aka DEDEKIND CUT, links with Hospital Productions for an expanded new vinyl edition, clasping a sublime bonus single collaboration with ALEX ZHANG HUNGTAI, who's better known for his maudlin pop moniker, DIRTY BEACHES. If you like your ambient music intangible and synaesthetically olfactory, huffable... American Zen finds its center in quivering, pensive drones and fractured small sounds, but is rent with an oceanic sense of scale, deploying splashes of distant percussion, extreme panned vocal snippets, and slowly escalating harmonic space perfused by crackling radio-waves and that intangible timbre of an old TV turned on somewhere, but you can't quite pick out its location.

DEMEN – Nektyr (Kranky)
Hermetic gothic swan songs conjured from funereal piano, twilit ambience, minimalist percussion, and spellbinding vocals. The mood is lulling and lush but lost in sorrow, stark grey structures looming in the night. Majestic open spaces between notes heighten the melancholic grandeur of Orm’s arrangements, blurring the line between lament and lullaby. The songs don’t end so much as ebb away, succumbing to their own downcast beauty. Strong Cocteau Twins vibe.

DOLAN, TERRY – s/t 2LP (High Moon)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Unreleased,1972 Warner Brothers album. Part mellifluous singer-songwriter album; part scorching template/unrivaled progenitor for a sound that has come to be known as "jam band." The musicians on this phenomenal album seem to have been cherry-picked from a rock and roll fan's dreams: Nicky Hopkins (legendary for his piano work with The Rolling Stones) plays some of the most fiery work of his career. Guitarists John Cipollina (Quicksilver Messenger Service) and Greg Douglas (Country Weather, Steve Miller Band) contribute all shades of electric guitar, from sweet, sustained melodies, to epic, dueling solos. Bassist Lonnie Turner (Steve Miller Band) plays funky and tastefully on the album's first side. The drums are played alternately by Spencer Dryden (Jefferson Airplane) and Prairie Prince (future Tubes). Side two features Pete Sears (Rod Stewart) on bass and a post-Santana, pre-Journey Neal Schon on electric guitar. Terry Dolan's songs are instantly memorable, from out-and-out rocking to beautiful ballads. His voice manages to be strong and supple at the same time. Backing him on half of the tracks are The Pointer Sisters (a year before their own debut album), adding layers of gorgeous, Gospel-inspired harmonies.

[AUST / NZ]  DRAGGS – 3D Funeral 7”EP (Goodbye Boozy)
Limited to 255 copies only.
Raw R'n'R Garage Punk Lo-Fi, from Gold Coast, Oz with Kel Mason from GEE TEE - it's something like Useless Eaters on a trip with Hawkwind !!

DUNBARROW – s/t (Riding Easy)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Summoned to play it the old way in a new age, Trondheim, Norway quintet Dunbarrow draws inspiration from freezing winter nights, unpolished demo tapes from the 70s and the Swedish throwback rock from the beginning of the 21st century. The result is Norwegian proto-doom with a back-to-basics sound, from Pentagram and Witchfinder General to Quicksilver Messenger Service.  Dunbarrows clean, unadorned sound shares the unpretentious brilliance of classic heavy progenitors playing basements and barns, before the big budgets and bloated habits diluted hard rock into an echo chamber awash in reverb and layered in distant, screeching hobbits.

DUSTY MUSH – Cheap Entertainment (Howlin Banana)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
The second full-length by this French band. The music on offer is straight up garage-punk, sounding somewhere between Billy Childish and early Ty Segall, with an emphasis on FUZZ. It took Dusty Mush three years of experimenting on the borders of lo-fi in order to get the right sound.

EKIN FIL - Ghosts Inside (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
Acclaimed drone-pop chanteuse working with the sparest of materials in her ethereal, shoegaze deconstructions. Her sound developed out of a healthy obsession with Cranes, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive and many other bands that she discovered in the tattered back issues of NME and the home-dubbed tapes that were passed around when she was growing up in Turkey. Upon a fortuitous invitation to perform alongside Grouper in Istanbul in the late oughts, Ekin Fil began producing a series of hidden gems in the drone-rock underworld through releases on Root Strata, Students Of Decay, Bathetic and No Kings. Ghosts Inside continues to find Ekin coaxing somber melodies out of echo, shadow and whisper, even as she expands her arrangements to include piano and keyboards to accompany the guitar, voice and array of pedals that had been front and central on her previous recordings.

ELDER - Reflections Of A Floating World 2LP (Armageddon Shop)
Clear / green vinyl, limited to 500 copies only.
It’s time to get euphoric. With ELDER's fourth full-length album, an epic piece of rock music will be released unto the world.

[AUST / NZ]  ELECTRIC GUITARS – Three Body Problem / Death From Beside 7” (Volume Creep)
Limited to 150 copies only.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Cool sonic acid-trip sounds from Melbourne psych act with forthcoming second album. The flip of this single will not appear on the LP.

ELECTRIC PRUNES – I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night (Reprise)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
50th Anniversary pressing. Debut mono pressing on purple wax from preeminent garagers.
Great, fairly dark, psychedelic garage. "Sold to the Highest Bidder" is an acid freakout lost classic.

ELECTRIC SEWER AGE - Moon's Milk In Final Phase (Soleilmoon)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Little was known about this upcoming project other than it likely featured some involvement of former COIL legends PETER "SLEAZY" CHRISTOPHERSON and DANNY HYDE, and perhaps, it was rumored, with the posthumous contributions of JHONN BALANCE. Because Electric Sewer Age was intended to be an anonymous aural experiment meant to free the listeners mind of any preconceptions about who or what created it, little more was ever planned to be publicly revealed about the project, even after the first release. However, following the unexpected and untimely passing in 2010 of Christopherson, the first Electric Sewer Age EP became an epitaph to the loss of this peerless musician, for these were the last tracks he and his decades long collaborator and friend Danny Hyde ever completed together. The music, originally intended to conclude Coil’s Moon’s Milk series, was released on CD by Divine Frequency in 2012, and then on vinyl the next year by Danny Hyde. Both editions sold out quckly and have been unavailable until now. Moon’s Milk In Final Phase consists of four ambient-electronic instrumentals.

ELSON, KAREN – Double Roses (Hot)
Includes download code.
2017 album from the model turned folk singer. This is her sophomore album and the first since 2010's The Ghost Who Walks. While her debut was rooted in bluesy indie folk and country, Double Roses sees her expand that sound into something greater. Instead of haunting murder ballads she sings swirling folk ballads of love and loss. The album has an impressive list of collaborators including Pat Carney (The Black Keys), Josh Tillman (Father John Misty), and Laura Marling.

ENGLISH, HAZEL - Just Give In / Never Going Home 2LP (Polyvinyl)
Includes download code.
25-year-old Oakland-based artist who makes beautifully blurry indie-pop music powered by transcendent melodies and caked in layers of Californian sunshine and redolent reverb. She’s drawn comparisons to everyone from Alvvays and Pains Of Being Pure At Heart to touring partners Ride, while her soaring, hypnotic, vocal arrangements have been likened to everyone from Grimes to DIIV. Her label debut, Just Give In / Never Going Home, collates a brilliant snap-shot of her DIY creations to date. Those that have followed her meteoric ascendance through the hazy blogosphere so far will recognize the title track ‘Never Going Home’ and ‘It’s Not Real,’ both of which were championed by Gorilla Versus Bear, Stereogum, The Line of Best Fit, and more. Double vinyl pressed on 180-gram light blue / light yellow vinyl.

ERTLIF – Ertlif… Plus 2LP (Sommor)
Debut album from 1972 by Ertlif, one of the leading Swiss progressive / psychedelic bands from the 70s. Now expanded to a double set, including a whole extra album of previously unreleased homemade recordings from 1971 plus a rare compilation only track from 1973.
UK sounding doomy & atmospheric psychedelic hard–rock and proto–prog sounds with lot of Hammond organ, hard guitar, occasional Mellotron and English vocals.

ERTLIF – Relics From The Past (Sommor)
Previously unreleased ’74–75 homemade recordings by Swiss prog /psych legends Ertlif.
Insert with liner notes by band member Teddy Riedo plus rare photos and memorabilia.
Raw, in–your–face hard–progressive sound with ultra–loud fuzz–wah guitar plus Hammond, Mellotron, synths, powerful (English) vocals... A great find for anyone into underground psychedelia.

FALL, THE – New Facts Emerge 2x10” (Cherry Red)
Double 10"
Complaining about the repetitive nature of The Fall is like bitching that water is wet. All mid-tempo garage / rockabilly / psych one-riff stompers with Mark E. half-(probably a gross underestimation) drunkenly ranting some shit or another over the top.

FALL, THE - Perverted By Language (Superior Viaduct)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
The Fall returned to Rough Trade in 1983 to release a pair of singles (“The Man Whose Head Expanded” and “Kicker Conspiracy”) and Perverted By Language, their sixth proper studio album. Perverted By Language hints at the band’s shift towards a distinctly pop approach, one that they would perfect via their Beggars Banquet output that immediately followed. Yet again, the force and panic of their initial Rough Trade recordings remains the foundation for much of the album. A transitional recording in the absolute best sense, Perverted By Language is The Fall both as they were and as they would become.

FAUST – Fresh Air (Bureau B)
New album. Includes bonus CD.
As Krautrockers, Faust had a worldwide career. On their first three albums in the early 1970s, they inhabited the vast field from improvisation to bricolage to rock'n'roll with the ease of rogues and the determination of declared sonic renegades. One can still feel the breathing of this music in current Faust pieces, in the stone-age thudding of "Fish", which Faust anticipated in 1972 on "Mamie Is Blue".

FLAMIN GROOVIES – Live In San Francisco (Rock Beat)
You could hardly invent a more perfect template for a pre-punk cult rock band than the Flamin’ Groovies. Though their 1965 formation and 1968 recorded debut place them squarely in the hippie era, they purveyed a prescient and influential back-to-basics ethos, with a roots-and-blues approach that was of its time at first, but increasingly out of touch with the ongoing shift to psychedelia happening in the San Francisco scene from which the band sprung. Their second incarnation, post-1971, saw the band landing squarely in the power-pop realm

FLOWERS OF EVIL - City Of Fear (Deranged)
Includes download code.
Reminiscent of early Career Suicide, this album blends the high velocity in-your-face sound of first era hardcore like The Germs with a good dose of melody to keep things catchy and infectious.
Hardcore punk project featuring Brandon Welchez of Crocodiles and David McDaniel of Young Boys

FOLEY, BLAZE - Lost Muscle Shoals Recordings (End Of An Ear)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
End Of An Ear Records (Austin, TX) continue to set the bar high with their second label release, following the amazing Stick Men With Ray Guns 'Grave City'. With 'Lost Muscle Shoals Recordings' they've moved into finger-pickin' country territory - a far departure from the brutality of Bobby Soxx of the Stick Men but no less essential.

FOLLAKZOID – II (Sacred Bones)
Limited edition of 400 space coloured vinyl.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Psychedelia is supposed to be boundless-- gobble enough indoles, and all the old categories start to dissolve, freeing you up for transcendence. Psychedelic warriors Föllakzoid hail from Santiago, Chile, but-- with their rigid rhythms, their chemtrail synths, their afterburner guitars-- their sound is pure Düsseldorf, circa 1971. But this krautrock-worshiping quartet's fascination with all things kosmische isn't merely musical: their primary concern seems to be untethering themselves from the earth. Their debut leaned toward desert rock, but the interplanetarily minded II is a bold shift in perspective from their earthbound origins, an all-out swing into a very different sound that follows its own alien logic.

FRA LIPPO LIPPI – In Silence (Onderstroom)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Originally released in 1981. Fra Lippo Lippi was a gothic post-punk band founded in Nesodden, Norway in 1978. Their sound was heavily influenced by bands such as Joy Division and The Cure.

[AUST / NZ]  FRANKENBOK – Vicious, Lawless (Fair Dinkum)
Thrash fans will be hard pressed to find anything to dislike in tracks like "Stalker Stalker" and "Drive It Into the Ground", as the pace lets up just enough to make sure you don’t drown in speed before dunking you back under for another beating.

FRESH FLESH – Say It, Say Yes 7” (Goodbye Boozy)
Limited to 255 copies only.
Quartet from Memphis, featuring guitarist Alicja Trout (Lost Sounds, River City Tanlines, Sweet Knives) with a sound that falls somewhere between proto-punk bands of the '60s and '70s and the garage rock revivalists of the early 2000's. Punk / Garage / Pop!!

GALAVIS, QUIN - The Battery Line (Super Secret)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Austin, TX songwriter QUIN GALVIS returns with the follow up to 2016's album-of-the-year topping epic double album My Life In Steel and Concrete, with the more refined yet lyrically weighty, The Battery Line. Unpredictable and experimental from record to record and from live performance to live performance, Quin Galavis continues to challenge himself and his audience to reconsider and subvert what it means to be an artist and musician. The album's powerful, expressive and hook-laden songs show that Galavis isn't beholden to the dark avant rock of his previous album. Catchy riffs and quasi power pop moments give the album a lifting spirit.

GIUDA – Speaks Evil (Conquest of Noise)
Limited copies on gold vinyl.
This is the third full-length release for the Italian glam rock band.

GLITTER - Joy of a Toy 7” (Lumpy)
Dark and evil punk/hc covered in spider webs. This Calgary act (featuring ARIELLE of JANITOR SCUM) scrapes and twitches and sneers the good way, maybe like how Saccharine Trust does. There are bursts of manic hardcore energy in some songs too a la Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers. An unsettling listen.

GLORIOUS DIN – Leading Stolen Horses (BFE)
Limited to 300 copies only.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Reissue of this post punk classic. San Francisco 1985
"Fronted by an intense singer with an oblique songbook and a mysterious past, Glorious Din were unlike any other group to emerge from San Francisco’s ‘80s underground. David Katz tells the story of Eric Cope, the chosen persona of a Joy Division-obsessed Sri Lankan boy who travelled halfway around the world to follow his punk dream."

GOLEM – Orion Awakes (Mental Experience)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
A glorious blend of Space–Rock, Kraut and Psychedelia courtesy of the mysterious Golem. Plenty of Hammond organ, analogue synths, ripping guitar, effects, trippy jams...

Includes bonus 7". 
Americana might need a new name, so many sterling exemplars have been rolling in off the South Pacific: Nadia Reid and Julia Jacklin, for two. The latest is Aldous Harding, whose second album of hypnotic folk flowers into something far more opaque and artistically evolved. Producer John Parish’s long association with PJ Harvey is a reference point, but Harding is her own woman, an arresting vocalist whose mannered deliveries – from chanteuse to jazzy – and intense themes defy obvious influence.

HISS GOLDEN MESSENGER - Heart Like a Levee (Merge)
hen MC Taylor first attracted attention as Hiss Golden Messenger, he drew tentative comparisons with those titans of contemporary Americana, Bill Callahan and Will Oldham. He may not quite have hit those peaks yet, but his sixth full-length record is another collection of warm and rootsy songs and a persuasive bid for a place at alt-country’s top table. Taylor does not stray far from the sound of his vintage antecedents: Happy Day (Sister My Sister) has the languid swing of the Band, Like a Mirror Loves a Hammer feels like a classic cut of southern funk. But this is much more than an exercise in loving hommage, not least because his lyrics brim with personality and feeling.

HOUSEWIVES - s/t 12” (Ever/Never)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Elements of The Fall or even Spray Paint in its Beefheart-esque delivery.

HURULA - Vapen Till Dom Hopplosa (Deranged)
Four years after the end of his punk band Masshysteri, Robert Hurula returned with a solo project under the name Hurula. His first album, Vi Är Människorna Som Våra Föräldrar Varnade Oss För, picked up where that classic band left off, blending elements of early Scandinavian punk à la Ebba Gron and post-punk with some obvious pop undertones. The album earned wide acclaim and made numerous Best Of Year lists in 2014. On this second album, Hurula returns with more of the same infectious formula anyone familiar with his musical output over the last ten years will immediately recognise.

HYUN, SHIN JOONG – Beautiful Rivers And Mountains 2LP (Light In The Attic)
First anthology of Shin Joong Hyun’s music outside of Korea.
Comprehensive liner notes by Kevin “Sipreano” Howes with an in-depth interview and track-by-track notes by Mr. Shin.
2xLP housed in a deluxe jacket with liner notes and rare photos.
A musical trip existing somewhere between Motown, Hendrix, and the Velvet Underground.

I.L.Y’s, THE - Bodyguard (Castle Face)
Includes download code.
Limited edition "Krang Smudge" colour vinyl.
Exclusive to, and highly recommended by Strangeworld.
While their lineup was originally unknown, it was later revealed to be Zach Hill on drums, vocals and production and Andy Morin (both Death Grips) on bass guitar, with contributions from Tera Melos guitarist Nick Reinhart. An improvement on what The I.L.Y's were going for on "I've always been good at true love," which is some weird garage-pop with elements of experimental electronic instrumentation.

[AUST / NZ]  IMPETUOUS RITUAL - Blight Upon Martyred Sentience (Profound Lore)
Includes download code. Inner sleeve with lyrics.
Australia’s Impetuous Ritual follow up their last album Unholy Congregation Of Hypocritical Ambivalence with their new musical abomination of ambient death metal surrealism Blight Upon Martyred Sentience, which takes their unhinged vortex-like chaos...

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New arrivals to Friday 26th May

New arrivals to Friday 26th May

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(all LP unless otherwise noted)

AGNES CIRCLE – Some Vague Desire (Avant!)
This London based post-punk duo draws on elements of English post-punk and French cold wave. The duo's first full-length 'Some Vague Desire' features eight songs that combine angular guitars with lush and driven bass lines, hypnotic rhythms and melodic croons.

[AUST / NZ]  AND BAND / PERFECT STRANGERS – split 7” (Noli Me Tangere)
Limited to 284 copies only.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Originally released in a micro-pressing in 1982, the AND BAND / PERFECT STRANGERS split 7" reissue is a totally engrossing experimental punk and improvised noise oddity with as many nods to early Pink Floyd or Soft Machine as there is to Henry Cow, The Fall or Alternative TV. Fascinating story too, outlined in the extensive liner notes.

ANJOU - Epithymia 2LP (Kranky)
Ambient power duo Anjou’s sophomore statement continues in the vein of their 2014 debut, unfurling a full hour of mesmeric synthetic drift and veiled melodic undertow. Comprised of Mark Nelson (of pioneering post-rock experimentalists Labradford and Pan·American) and Robert Donne (of Labradford, Aix Em Klemm, Cristal), the group works largely in long-form suites of sound, alternately spacious and dense. Epithymia’s six pieces embrace flux and ambiguity: drones swell and shudder, hushed currents of noise glitch and dissolve, atmospheres congeal and liquify. As with the participants’ prior projects, Anjou evokes a shadowed, mysterious mood, variously melancholy and transcendent. The album is an accumulation of craftsmanship and experience, blurred forms traced in light and fog.

ANNIE ANXIETY – Soul Possession (Dais)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Check out the personnel on this one: for her 1984 debut album, Annie Anxiety managed to assemble members of Crass, African Head Charge, Flux Of Pink Indians and more, all under the production oversight of the legendary Adrian Sherwood. Soul Possession is the result, a weird and amazing industrial dub odyssey that still sounds like little else. This DAIS reissue is the first vinyl release for this album in three decades.

ARMS OF SOMEONE NEW, THE - Susan Sleepwalking (Dark Entries)
The Arms Of Someone New were an Illinois band who comfortably combined all their favourite genres into one sound: synth-pop, folk, industrial, ambient… Susan Sleepwalking, the duo’s first full-length album, was originally self-released in 1985, and has now been properly remastered and re-pressed to vinyl by Dark Entries, complete with a replica jacket and an insert of lyrics and press clippings.

ARTIFICIAL BRAIN – Infrared Horizon (Profound Lore)
Includes download code. Inner sleeve with lyrics.
With their second full-length album Infrared Horizon, NY-based death metal band Artificial Brain take their brand of brutal, guttural yet technical and ambient sci-fi death metal to a new galaxial plateau, much more advanced than their lauded debut album Labyrinth Constellation.

[AUST / NZ]  AVERY, CAMERON – Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams (Spinning Top)
On his solo debut, Tame Impala bassist Cameron Avery veers away from psych-rock cosmic revelations in search of a pure musical greatness of times past. Upon the record’s announcement, he made clear his inspirations: Elvis, Sinatra, Etta James, “the big band stuff with less metaphorical lyrics,” as he put it. From the gentle guitar plucks of “A Time and Place,” Avery’s greatest pursuit is beauty over all else, which he achieves often throughout Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams.

BAD BREEDING – Divide (Iron Lung)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Crusty, angry, and feverish punk from….Stevenage of all places. Pushing the punk, Bad Breeding have self-released most of their output and have now turned to Iron Lung to release their second album in under a year. After all there is a lot to be angry about.

[AUST / NZ]  BAPTIST – Gospel Songs of Batpiss 7” (Black Hat Rackets)
Includes download code. Limited to 200 copies only.
Black Hat Rackets thought it'd be pretty fun to put together a shit hot gospel band & choir to cover some BATPISS songs and call it BAPTIST. They asked 20-odd of Fitzroy/Collingwood's finest players and singers to get together one Monday arvo in the Tote band room to give my gospel arrangements a go. We recorded it live. The band was real tight, the choir was real Sister Act - it all worked heaps better than I could possibly have hoped.

[AUST / NZ]  BARTER, ALI – A Suitable Girl (Ronnie)
"Melbourne femme fatale Ali Barter heads back to the early '90s for an empowering rock record that references everything from alternative rockers Elastica to the sugary sweetness of Spiderbait's Janet English." -

[sold]  BATHGATE, CHRIS – Dizzy Seas (Quite Scientific)
Latest from the indie folk singer-songwriter and musician from Ann Arbor. Bathgate's ornate songs unfold gracefully and deliberately, revealing rich layers over time, and his new work is no different. Inspired by a hike on the North Country Trail in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, "Northern Country Trail" rolls by in a wash of dreamy imagery.

BEHAVIOR - Bitter Bitter (Iron Lung)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
We were drawn into Behavior's brooding and dark post-punk on their debut, 375 Images Of Angels, at times reminding of Total Control and this follow-up is no less stark.
"A spirit of possibility animates both records, but where Behavior’s debut re-configures punk and hardcore tropes so that they sound alien, this one jettisons them almost entirely; if it’s post-punk, it’s post-punk not as a twist on punk, but as a challenge to its musical conservatism." - The Best Punk on Bandcamp, April 2017

BETA BOYS - Oh Wow! Hard Rock Music!! 7" EP (Digital Regress)
[sold]  BETA BOYS - After Dark 7” (Neck Chop)
After a standout 7” on Eat The Life/Lumpy Records and some demos the world has been thirsting for more. Beta Boys have a sound that is a call back to when punk was fresh without sounding like a boring rehash band. The inconsistent sloppy delivery over a classic mid-tempo '80s punk sound make for an excellent combination.

BLACK ANGELS – Death Song 2LP (Partisan)
Includes download code.
Double vinyl with gatefold sleeve, bonus poster and sticker.
"Given their name and their ongoing fixation with how the Velvet Underground’s Sister Ray encapsulated the dark side of the 1960s, perhaps the biggest surprise surrounding Death Song is that it has taken Texan psych-rockers the Black Angels five albums to finally hit upon that title. Pleasingly, following a hit-and-miss attempt to incorporate more whimsical strains of psychedelia into their sound on 2013’s Indigo Meadow, their fifth album marks a return to the threatening drones that made their first two so powerful. Comanche Moon is built on a particularly ferocious riff, while the influence of the 13th Floor Elevators permeates throughout. The general air of menace lifts just once, on the stately space-rock of Life Song, a strangely uplifting closer at odds with all that’s gone before." - The Guardian

[AUST / NZ]  BLACK HEART DEATH CULT – She’s A Believer 7” (Death Cult)
Limited to 150 copies only.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Melbourne psych-rockers debut single offers a glimpse into their forthcoming album.

[sold]  BLEEDING GUMS – II 7” (Neck Chop)
“A hardcore intensity heavily permeates into this nine-track 7”, the majority of these tracks take a seething pace that can only be described as, well, 'insane'. The hearty lead singer's amazing performance is only delineated by some incredibly precise guitar and bass work, along with some of the best drumming that's ever graced my ears. There's no needless distortions or feedback involved to supplement any of this tangible ferocity either, it is just straight-forward rock n' roll to melt your face with. Bleeding Gums makes me wanna freak out more than most of the hardcore groups I've come across in the recent past, and for a rock-centric band, that only conveys how much these guys rip”—Jimmy

[AUST / NZ]  BLOODLOSS – s/t (Sinister Torch)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Limited to 300 numbered copies. Red vinyl.
Traversing the diverse and weird underbelly of post punk Australia, Adelaide’s BLOODLOSS carved out its own strange and lasting musical path. Originally formed in Sydney in 1982 by RENESTAIR E.J., SHARRON WEATHERILL and JIM SELENE, by 1986 Bloodloss had already gone through numerous line-ups, a name change (ZULU RATTLE) and eventual break-up. Reuniting in Adelaide with new and former members, including local drummer MARTIN BLAND, Adelaide’s Greasy Pop Records released their first two full-length outings: 1986’s Bloodloss and Human Skin Suit (1988). These releases were the only recordings to feature a female lead vocalist in Sharron Weatherill. Bloodloss self-titled is a lo-fi cacophony of angular post punk, peppered with freeform mayhem and grungy backbeats, and fits nicely among the output of other Australian bands of the time. Listening to this incarnation of Bloodloss, it seems not surprising that legendary Seattle growler MARK ARM would later join the mix and help propel the band through much of the '90s. First time on vinyl. Liner notes by STUART GRAY (aka STU SPASM of Lubricated Goat).

BONNIE “PRINCE” BILLY - Best Troubador 2LP (Drag City)
Includes download code.
Pays homage to a long-time and forever hero, the late Merle Haggard. A singer who, some 25 years previously, first performed in public by playing a Merle Haggard song, Bonny has often cited Merle’s work in performance, on records and in conversation with anyone who was around, even talking to Merle himself for Filter magazine in 2009. Merle’s body of work was considered by Bonny for a record such as this for some time, but his passing in April of 2016 almost put a stop to it. The goal was to participate in the handing forward of the songs of a living legend, as Merle had done so many times in his own career. Best Troubador flips through his song book, landing on pages unmoored from their time and located anew. Moving from 1978 to 1969 to 2003 to 1981 allows the album to circle Haggard’s music in a simulation of thought and memory, slipping around from spot to spot as if they were discrete impressions, unknown but knowable yet. Dedicated to new life and old, Best Troubador is wistful and bittersweet and no lament at all, but a tribute instead, for the triumph of a life spent in unending pursuit of the goal: new and expressive music, as our inspirations and heroes once sang it.

BONNIE “PRINCE” BILLY & NATHAN SALSBURG – Beargrass Song 7” EP (Paradise of Bachelors)
RSD 2017.

BORZOI – Surrender The Farm 7” (12xu)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Hailing from Austin, TX, Borzoi are a bunch of rite yung fucks who sing about goon sacks and shrimps on barbies. ther new bonzer of asingle 'sout on 12xu, hit the turps n give it a burl!

BOSS HOG - Brood X (In The Red)
Includes download code.
Boss Hog returns from the wild with their most subversive record — this is the seductive soundtrack for the second coming of militant rock’n’roll, and the groove has never been stronger.

BRAINBOMBS – Inferno (Skrammel)
Very limited copies.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
8th studio album from one of the most brutal bands on the planet, featuring 8 new tracks recorded end of 2016. Massive Stooges skronk.

[sold]  BUCKNER, RICHARD – Impasse (Merge)
Buckner's growl can be described as halfway between Tom Waits and Bruce Springsteen; funnily enough, that's exactly how this record strikes me, too, a cross between Darkness On The Edge Of Town and Rain Dogs. If Buckner's previous albums often drift into melancholia, this is a harder, flintier work that is both unsettling and uplifting.

[sold]  BURK, DANNY & THE INVADERS - A'int Going Nowhere 7” (Certified PR)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
"For a rock and roll song, I hold DANNY BURK AND THE INVADERS' ‘A'int Going Nowhere’ in pretty high esteem. It’s a Memphis record from ’66 or so but the vocal is super snotty and punk and the riff is so hypnotic that it almost resembles something from the first Suicide LP. It’s a sound and an idea that really inspires me to make something equally powerful." - Greg Cartwright (Oblivians/Reigning Sound)
"A'int Going Nowhere" was produced by Sun Records guitarist Roland Janes at his own Sonic Studio, and released on his ARA label in 1965. It’s a brief and frantic 12-bar blues, Jimmie Crawford’s lead guitar bravely channeling Link Wray, drummer Eddie Sheridan’s drums forging the rocky shore into which the whole thing, made of adolescent nerve, threatens to crash-land. Remastered by Tim Warren.

[AUST / NZ]  CABLE TIES – s/t (Poison City)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
“Eight tracks of acerbic post-punk that will leave you mouthing the words “next big thing” while trying to control your involuntarily dancing feet.” ­- Formed in Melbourne in mid 2015, CABLE TIES – Jenny McKechnie (vocals/guitar), Nick Brown (bass), Shauna Boyle (drums) – have developed a dedicated, cult-like following with just two self-released 7" singles in their arsenal. A testament to their scorching live show, Who The Hell says the three-piece "could confidently pick you up within the first few bars of a song and hurl you across the room,” with Raven Sings the Blues noting that they're "tearing into an X-Ray Spex brand of post-punk that’s packed with gnashed teeth and crushed gravel."

CAIRO GANG – Untouchable (God?)
The Cairo Gang sends you back in time to a day where simple drumming and soft guitars were the norm, alongside catchy vocals and a guitar solo towards the end. A nice combination of early 1960’s indie-rock and classic youth-pop.

CARCASS – Heartwork (Earache)
One of the most important bands in the grindcore scene, Carcass made the great jump into melody in 1993. Abandoned extreme sounds and gore imaginary, the English band composed a masterpiece of death metal, with deep melodic sensibility. Heartwork is violent and fast, explicit and evil, but it has got even heavy mid tempo riffs and dreadful screams (only by Jeff Walker), more obscure and less rotten than in the past. Heartwork is surgical and sharp death metal and - together with Individual Thought Patterns -  it is the peak of a technical way to play heavy music.

CFM - Dichotomy Desaturated (In The Red)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Latest solo album by Charles Moothart, part of the supergroup Fuzz and frequent collaborator with Mikal Cronin and Ty Segall.

CHANCE, JAMES & THE CONTORTIONS - The Flesh Is Weak (Super Secret)
Includes download code.
The Flesh is Weak reconciles the scatterfunk no wave of No New York, Buy and Off White with the aggro jazz-funk of the myriad of live records released in the 80's coming to a sum total of pretty freakin' fun.  The music might not be quite as frantic as it used to be, but it definitely sounds like Contortions to me.  There isn't a whole lot of capitulation to anything this side of 1982; James Brown forms gets stretched out of shape, guitars chatter and blurt, the brass keep it real, the rhythm section lays it straight, James wails sax with that same, goofy, trademark phrasing of his.

[sold]  [AUST / NZ]  CHESWORTH, DAVID – 50 Synthesizer Greats (Chapter)
Minimal synth classic!

CINDY LEE – Malenkost (W.25th)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Cindy Lee is the brainchild of singer/guitarist Patrick Flegel. While some may know Flegel from his time spent in Canadian experimental indie band Women, Cindy Lee has spent the past four years crafting songs that push and pull in opposing directions – from tales of tragedy laced with haywire distortion to moments of breathtaking beauty.
On Malenkost, Flegel combines everything that makes Cindy Lee so essential: heart-wrenching romantic pleas, rough shards of noise and twilit ballads. Featuring the lo-fi pop single “A Message From The Aching Sky,” Malenkost sounds like Deerhunter playing The Supremes or vice versa.

[AUST / NZ]  CLOWNS – Lucid Again (Poison City)
Includes download code.
Limited edition "acid swirl" vinyl. Insert with lyrics.
Bursting with psychedelic swirling guitars, electrifying riffs and explosive vocals, ‘Lucid Again’ is the third LP from Melbourne's CLOWNS. The nine new tracks seamlessly combines a powerful punch of pop, punk, garage and hardcore. From the exhilarating guitar-work on album opener and title-track ‘Lucid Again’, to the catchy melody lines on the first single ‘Dropped My Brain’ and commanding chorus on 9-minute epic ‘Not Coping’, these songs are exploding with the band’s signature distortion-drenched sound and rambunctious energy, however the record is distinctly different from their previous releases and is especially evident from the scuzzy-psychedelia infused throughout.

[AUST / NZ]  CODA CHROMA – s/t (Buttercup)
Hand-numbered white vinyl - limited to 200 copies only.
Insert with lyrics. Debut album & vinyl offering from Castlemaine duo of Kate Lucas & Damien Charles and band. Ten tracks of soul soaking space folk & illuminating pop wash with sparkling instrumentation, ideas and production.

COLD BEAT – Chaos By Invitation (Crime On The Moon)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Cold Beat - aka Hannah Lew - returns with her 3rd album, beginning in Lew's home, alone, with additional tracking done later by Phil Manley (Trans Am) at El Studio and Mikey Young. Inspired musically by bands such as NEU! and Tubeway Army, Lew was also influenced by her own burgeoning interest in astronomy.
"After her previous band Grass Widow's breakup, Hannah Lew formed Cold Beat in 2014. With two albums and several singles already, Chaos by Invitation is their third full-length and it's an absolute stunner. Their earlier material only hinted at thisfine noise-pop records with only flourishes of the synth and cold wave sound that dominates this record. Like a warmer Gary Numan for the modern era, Lew and her bandmates have constructed a near masterpiece along the lines of Frankie Rose's excellent and somewhat similarly-minded Interstellar and Herein Wild albums from 2012 and 2013. Lovely pop melodies are combined with these influences, particularly on the absolutely addictive "62 Moons," which sounds like a future classic on each play. Penultimate track "Strawberry Moon" hints at Modern English's beloved "I Melt with You." Don't miss the harder-edged cuts like the Wire-ish "Thin Ice" - Under The Radar

CURANDEROS – s/t (Fire)
RSD 2017. Includes download code.
Gold vinyl. Limited to 1000 copies only.
With Bardo Pond's RSD trilogy coming to an end, last year's acclaimed Acid Guru Pond brought Bardo, Acid Mother's Temple and Guru Guru together. Now for 2017's RSD they return with yet another special release, this time side project 'Curanderos'.
Formed by the improvised journeys of the formidable Bardo Pond and experimental ensemble Kohoutek, these compositions take you on a cosmic voyage through kosmiche, drone, noise, prog and free jazz. Purveyors of psychedelic rock, Bardo Pond have the outward specifications of a rock band but the rivers that converge into the band's oneiric flow have their headwaters in the outlands of ecstatic jazz, free noise and the avant-garde.

CYANIDE PILLS – Sliced And Diced (Damaged Goods)
Limited edition pink vinyl.
The pop-punk record of the year, as if Buzzcocks and Boys were rejuvenated and reincarnated in one and the same band in order to unabashedly celebrate the spirit of 1977...

DANGUS TARKUS – Binky Boy 7" (Lumpy)
One man group by JOE (NANCY, MUFF DIVERS). A side delivers a bouncy and quirky new wave number a la Devo, while the just as catchy B side tracks are hyperactive pogo punk ditties that bring to mind The Dickies or 100 Flowers. A quality EP.

DARK – Anonymous Days (Ici)
Limited to 500 copies only.
For the first time on vinyl, the killer second offering by UK Psych monsters DARK! Anonymous Days is the second studio album from Dark recorded 23 years after the first, the famous and highly collectable (and stone cold psychedelic classic) Round the Edges. The band's line-up remains the same—STEVE GILES, RON JOHNSON, MARTIN WEAVER and CLIVE THORNEYCROFT. Anonymous Days contains songs written between 1974 and 1995 and is the album that Dark always wanted to make, combining the Dark progressive rock style with more modern recording techniques.

DAUDYFLIN – Ofbeldi (Iron Lung)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Absolutely furious Icelandic hardcore punk. And for you non-natives the title Ofbeldi translates to Violence which is a very appropriate description of the sounds you'll find here. Twisting dagger fuzz guitar, murder-chorused bass, brass knuckle beats and vocals that melt a body down like an acid bath. A real mean ear fucker.

DEAD MOON - Defiance (Mississippi)
DEAD MOON – In The Graveyard (Mississippi)
DEAD MOON – Unknown Passage (Mississippi)
The first three Dead Moon albums - finally available again!
These new reissues are NOT easy to come by folks and took some effort to source so who knows when we may (if ever) see them again.

DEATHPROD - Imaginary Songs from Tristan da Cunha (Smalltown Supersound)
DEATHPROD - Morals and Dogma 2LP (Smalltown Supersound)
DEATHPROD - Treetop Drive 2LP (Smalltown Supersound)
Based in Oslo, Norway, composer HELGE STEN has been crafting this music since the early '90s, a deeply atmospheric, grainy minimalism that slows time down and explores the very particles of sound itself. The DEATHPROD concept arose in 1991 when Sten realized his complex array of homemade electronics, samplers, sound processing and analogue effects—cumulatively known as the “Audio Virus”—could add a musical dimension above and beyond the merely technical. Almost obsolete samplers and playback devices distort and transform sounds into unrecognizable mutations of their former selves. The virus breeds layers of complex and overlapping sonic debris, creating a kind of cellular composition.

DEMARCO, MAC – This Old Dog (Captured Tracks)
Includes download code.
New third full-length release for the Canadian singer-songwriter. DeMarco has shifted his musical style in a way that does not feel forced or as though he lost anything in the process. Intimate and endearingly honest, This Old Dog is Mac DeMarco's most essential chapter of slacker gospel yet -- and with a cleaner studio sound it's also the most polished version of his signature sound we have heard to date.

[sold]  DIE TODLICHE DORIS - " " (Etats Unis)
Limited to 500 copies only.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
First-time vinyl reissue includes a reproduction of the original 24-page booklet.
Die Tödliche Doris was born out of West Berlin’s lively post-punk community in the early ‘80s. Pseudo-no-wave. The screeches blend with the churning engines of guitar and electronic boxes gone awry. The voice sounding desperate, searching. The female screech borders on the annoying but keeps me desiring it to happen again, again. The slide on the stringed instruments giving a lack of boundaries, a crude flowing mass of wildfire, post WWI estranged hellfire. Actually, the boundaries are there. I guess you could call it angular. Sculpted, jagged. You can hear what seems to be a parody of traditional European street music forms. Traditional instruments melting into scream and noise sessions. I hear Blixa Bargeld. I hear Mars. I hear DNA. I hear Lydia Lunch. I hear early SPK. I hear some Primitive Calculators. But it escapes all that. It's a very non-linear, demanding album.

[sold]  DILLOWAY, AARON - The Gag File (Dais)
The Gag File picks up right where Modern Jester left off; its identity is directly tied to an absurdly uncomfortable head shot that stays permanently fixed in the listener’s mind whenever the album is summoned. The opening track, “Ghost”, sets the heartbeat for the record. A rogue pulse that becomes lost in a disjointed, trapdoor loop but becomes even more unorthodox as Dilloway introduces himself through parable of jumbled, confused vocals and phrasing. Past this point, nothing in this record is typical or expected.

DO MAKE SAY THINK – Stubborn Persistent Illusions 2LP (Constellation)
The group's first album in eight years as they now enter their third decade playing together, continue to impress with every album they put out. This sounds like a DMST album, but it's not merely a copycat of themselves. Melodic passages drift in, repeat, and fade out only to build into larger crescendos. Catchy even with nothing to sing along to. The energy that goes into the build-ups conjures up feelings like a happy ending to a movie. This isn't gloomy post-rock.

[sold]  DRAB MAJESTY – The Demonstration (Dais)
Includes download code.
Drab Majesty is LA-based artist Deb Demure, alter ego of Andrew Clinco of Marriages. Starting off in 2012 with a cassette release called Unarian Dances, Deb progressed to 2015’s excellent post-punk release Careless. Demure dabbles in the sort of icy, elegant post punk offered up in the 80s from bands such as The Cure. There are drum machines and synths, as expected, but then we have Demure’s notable guitar playing and strong sense of melody, which elevates his work to something rather special.
“Wielding a left-handed guitar, Deb employs a unique style of arpeggiated finger picking, producing vast and organic musical textures reminiscent of Vinny Reilly (Durutti Column) with the anthemic power of Sisters of Mercy and Cocteau Twins.”

Thirty years since its initial release, Propellers In Love remains a peerless work of second-generation American minimalism. This first-time domestic release is recommended for fans of Glenn Branca, Ellen Fullman and Charlemagne Palestine.

DRIVER, TOBY – Madonnawhore (Flenser)
Maudlin Of The Well and Kayo Dot band leader Toby Driver unleashes his second solo record. Such a prolific and experimental composer could previously be accused of cramming too many ideas into one record, but Madonnawhore (based on a Freudian psycho-sexual complex, not the strangest diss of the century) is one of his most immediate and stripped down works yet. By no means easy to navigate, Madonnawhore drifts sparsely through gloomy and spacious dirges lead by clanging clean guitars, thumping kick drums and of course Toby's stunning hushed vocals and out there lyrics. Though some of the unpredictability and intensity of his band work is lost, it's still a very enticing journey to wander through.

[AUST / NZ]  DRUG SWEAT – Six Song EP 7” (Aarght)
"Drug Sweat's Six Song EP, it's the off-kilter drums, miraculously synchronised with the drum machine, that hooks you into the groovy guitar riffs and Jake's lyrical comedic timing - as he hollers, 'that's why you're not in my band'. A highlight is last track "Pingu," a thumpy, distorted jam that concludes the EP on a strong note." - Hannah Ballantyne

[sold]  [AUST / NZ]  DUNE RATS – The Kids Will Know It's Bullshit (Ratbag)
Brisbane bong-ripping, hedonistic punks sophomore effort.

EATERS – s/t (Dull Tools)
Includes download code.
Eaters (the new album, the band) carefully crafted over the course of two years at Doctor Wu’s in Brooklyn, NY marries rich pulsing electronics, driving beats, and guitar pyrotechnics. It is literal and figurative “art-rock”. Second LP from vanguard NYC electronic duo. Eaters channel psych, kraut, industrial, and EDM into a new dance masterpiece.

ECSTATIC VISION – Raw Rock Fury (Relapse)
Includes download code.
Philadelphia's heavy psych quartet return with their 2nd LP. Raw Rock Fury exhibits the band locking in on primordial, troglodyte Detroit rock grooves, krautian motorik sounds that recall the obscure one-time collaboration between NEU and the MC5, grimy harmonica flourishes that evoke Beefheart at his most savage, and the Hawkwind-ian, primal world heavy psych their debut expertly showcased. All of this is captured on four songs and 35+ minutes of the dirtiest sounding recordings since Kick Out The Jams.

EN ATTENDANT ANA - Songs from the Cave 12” (Nominal)
Limited to 300 copies only.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Parisian quintet evoking the likes of Electrelane, Pram, and Stereolab infused with the indie pop spirit of '80s Scotland and captured in the glorious 4-track murk of early era Flying Nun.

ENDLESS BOOGIE – Vibe Killer (No Quarter)

Includes download code.
Hypnotic, grinding blues boogie. If you like a good bluesy riff that grinds out for 8 minutes you'll love this album. The repetition of a simple riff and the steady rhythm section has an almost hypnotic effect. Nothing is fast or frenetic, just very laid back and cool. The title track is great and Hard Drag, Hard Doin' has a great Stonesy swagger. The last two tracks Jefferson County and Whilom really slow the tempo down to a crawl, winding the album right down.

ERASURE – World Be Gone (Mute)
Includes download code. Indie store only orange vinyl.
New studio album from classic UK pop act.

ERIK NERVOUS – Teen Distortion Art Junk 7” (Neck Chop)
ERIK NERVOUS – Ice Cream 7” (Total Punk)

EX FULGUR – Noires Sont Les Galaxies (Detonic)
Insert with lyrics.
From Rennes (France) it's minimalist and dense, dark and elegant, sexy and cerebral and at times a little wobbly. File under Sleaford Mods meet the Ex in an '80s coldwave house party.

EXTREMITY - Extremely Fucking Dead (20 Buck Spin)
Gestating in the twisted bowels of the Bay Area for six years, only now has Extremity dislodged itself from the musty climes of obscurity to contaminate the American death metal cesspool. Like a jaundiced plume drifting up from a fetid swamp, on Extremely Fucking Dead the four-piece infects their audience with odiously oozing intentions. From the grisly gore metal of “Crepuscular Crescendo” to the Bolt Thrower ravaged plunder permeating “Bestial Destiny”, Extremity presents a simultaneously studied and loosely devastating specter of death metal cited from the genre’s many epicenters in America, Scandinavia, the UK and beyond. The veteran lineup of Shelby Lermo (Vastum), Aesop Dekker (Worm Ouroboros, Ludicra, Agalloch), Marissa Martinez-Hoadley (Cretin, Repulsion) and Erika Osterhout (Necrosic, Scolex, Trepanation) stirs the salaciously sanguine death and grind sewage on this debut to a crepitating clamor of cacophonous cruelty.

EYELIDS – Or (Jealous Butcher)
"Inspired ringing guitar pop in the ballpark of XTC, Straitjacket Fits, Teenage Fanclub, and Shoes. With the pair's beautific voices, consummate melodies, and high-hooky tunes, it's first-play 'sold'." - The Big Takeover

FATHER JOHN MISTY – Pure Comedy (Sub Pop)
Includes download code.
Father John Misty’s third album, is a complex, often-sardonic, and, equally often, touching meditation on the confounding folly of modern humanity. Father John Misty is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Josh Tillman.

[sold]  FINN, CRAIG – We All Want The Same Things (Partisan)
Finn’s ability with a great narrative has always remained strong, even beyond the Hold Steady’s opening trio of near-flawless albums. It’s just what he does, and just to prove me utterly wrong, the lower octane delivery away from The Hold Steady’s rock and roll heroics allows him to deliver something a little different, but immediately identifiable as Craig Finn. Much like an artist known for working primarily in one medium, switch to demonstrate their range, Finn uses the less frenetic sound of We All Want the Same Things to show that he doesn’t always need over-cranked guitars, big choruses and swirling organ to deliver a great song.

Aka Rural Psychedelia, Flying Saucer Attack’s first album was released in 1993 at the height of the shoegaze boom, the album is a blend of memorable fuzzed out songs and farout instrumental doodles, sidestepping the rock bombast of many contemporaries in favor of a home-made aesthetic. FSA’s blend of razor-edged static, softly sung melody, and echoing atmospherics builds a dour beauty that sustains itself over the course of the entire program. “My Dreaming Hill,” “Wish,” and “The Season Is Ours” are couched in fuzz and whispery reverb, but are beautiful and accessible tunes, able to stand on their own in any context. “Popol Vuh 1” and “Popol Vuh 2” are straight up tributes to the now much better known German masters, steeped in the hushed atmosphere of the best Vuh records (if not exactly the sound).

FRED & TOODY – Live At Third Man 7” (Third Man)
Dead Moon / Pierced Arrows legends.

FROM NURSERY TO MISERY - Pixies In The Woods (Dark Entries)
‘Pixies In The Woods’ is a 13-track career spanning compilation including three previously unreleased tracks. Tracks range from no-fi synth pop overlaid with ethereal, child-like vocals, to audio collages of animal noises and harrowing, double-speed monologues. Lee’s expansive synth productions, informed by the Blade Runner soundtrack, early electro records, and 4AD acts like Dead Can Dance, provided a rich, spacious platform for Gina and Tina’s sung-spoken introspective lyrics.

FULL OF HELL - Trumpeting Ecstasy (Profound Lore)
Includes download code.
Insert with lyrics. Maryland / Pennsylvania experimental death-noise band Full Of Hell have embarked on quite the journey leading up to the their latest full-length album Trumpeting Ecstasy, their most punishing, virulent, and dynamic work to date.

FUOCO FATUO - Backwater 2LP (Profound Lore)
Includes download code.
Fuoco Fatuo was born in 2011, in the middle of the ghastly lakes of Varese, Italy. Starting out as an occult and oppressive death / doom band with an eerie and gloomy debut album The Viper Slithers In The Ashes Of What Remains, which followed several EPs, they explore the darkest and most desolate spaces through a sickened development of sound, like a flood of impenetrable black magma. Their new album Backwater is a massive and suffocating funeral doom opus, focused on the distressing awareness of the nothingness, transcendence in the oblivion, and feeding on the black void. The relationship between the state of mind and nature, desolation, and the vast sense of distance are also main themes. An introspective, mournful journey, deeply rooted into the unknown.

FUTURE ISLANDS – The Far Field (4AD)
Limited edition white vinyl.
Future Islands proved their synthpop aptitude with 2014’s Singles, and “Seasons (Waiting On You)”. On The Far Field, the band doesn’t go anywhere new, but they haven’t started treading water just yet. John Congleton is one of the best producers in the music business at the moment (he’s a frequent collaborator with Explosions in the Sky, St. Vincent, and more recently Swans), and he’s one of the main reasons this album works as well as it does. Each individual synth sounds warm in its own way, and every bass line is front and center in the mix without overpowering the rest of the instruments.

GARY WRONG GROUP – s/t 2LP (12xu)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
16 song, career-spanning compilation dragging together the most malevolent bits this Mobile, AL assemblage has released on Gary Wrong’s own Jeth Row label as well as assorted sides for Total Punk, Bat Shit, Scavenger Of Death, Pelican Pow Wow and 3 NEVER BEFORE AVAILABLE COMPOSITIONS. Apocalypse-level murky madness from one of the U.S underground’s most crucial characters.
RIYL: sending .zip files to help Levitation Fest’s creditors thru a spate of bad, bad news.

GIBSON, JON - Two Solo Pieces (Superior Viaduct)
Originally released in 1977 on Philip Glass' Chatham Square imprint, this first-time vinyl reissue is recommended for fans of Anthony Moore, Roberto Cacciapaglia and Terry Riley.
Included in Alan Licht's Minimal Top Ten list.

GIDDENS, RHIANNON – Freedom Highway (Nonesuch)
Rhiannon Giddens' incredible, soulful voice is one of the definite strengths on Freedom Highway, empowering even songs that might turn lame in the hands of others. She covers many styles on this album, consisting largely of self-written material. Personally I like the bluegrass of "Julie" and country of "At the Purchaser's Option", "The Angels Laid Him Away" and "Baby Boy" the best. "Following the North Star" is the token instrumental bluegrass track.

GINSBERG, ALLEN – Reads Kaddish: A 20th Century American Ecstatic Narrative Poem (Real Gone)
Limited edition red vinyl.
Released in 1966, Kaddish turned out to be the only record in Atlantic’s spoken-word Verbum series; but if label head Jerry Wexler changed his mind about the imprint, he remained a big fan of the work, later telling Los Angeles historian Harvey Kubernik that Kaddish had stirred “the Yiddish currents in my own blood” and inspired “joy and anguish…the exaltation that great poetry will bring on.” Indeed, Kaddish is an intensely personal and moving work, capturing the complex relationship between Ginsberg, his mother, and his faith, and concluding with a heartrending description of her death.

GORILLAZ – Humanz 2LP (Parlophone)
Includes download code. Gatefold deluxe edition.
Humanz is the fifth album from the virtual British band Gorillaz, the brainchild of Blur frontman Damon Albarn. Gorillaz have had an incredibly lucrative career, with great albums like their self-titled, Demon Days, and Plastic Beach. Instrumentally, this album tends to stick to a much peppier electropop sound than the trip hop we're used to hearing from them.

GOLDEN PELICANS – Live At Third Man 7” (Third Man)
GOLDEN PELICANS – Disciples Of Blood (Goner)
Includes download code.
Absolutely top tier rock infused punk out of Orlando. This LP is a true stomper, front to back!

GRANDADDY – Last Place (30th Century)
Includes download code.
Gatefold sleeve. Grandaddy are back. Last Place is their fifth LP and first since 2006. And yes, it was worth the wait. Jason Lytle and co’s new record is full of old school indie rock, old school electronica, old school synthesizers, yet it doesn’t feel old school.

GUERILLA TOSS – Jeffrey Johnson (Feeding Tube)
Includes download code.
Clear beer or Transparent Blue vinyl.
"Debut LP session by a young Boston-based quintet who hit with all the Dionysian power of a young Harry Pussy, squared and electronified. Kassie Carlson's vocals have all the upper register urgency once manifested by the great Adris Hoyos, and her bandmates manage to create large stugs of post-punk-angularity, overlaid with truly dithersome electronics. The result is one of the first transcendent post-no-wave records of our era." - Byron Coley

GUIDED BY VOICES - August By Cake 2LP (GBV Inc)
The double album is an important format in Pollard’s own musical iconography, and he doesn’t take the form lightly — one reason he’s planned and abandoned several would-be GBV double albums in the past is his high regard for foundational works like Quadrophenia, the White Album, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, Daydream Nation, Zen Arcade, Double Nickels On the Dime — “defining records for these bands,” says Pollard. It’s important to him that August By Cake not just be a double album but that it be a great one.

GUN CLUB – In My Room (Bang!)
Limited to 500 copies only.
First ever release of the unreleased recordings of what would have been the very last album of The Gun Club. Featuring the very last studio recordings Jeffrey Lee Pierce did with the band, between 1991 and 1993. The sound is exceptional yet basic, but to hear JLP sing on these gems is a haunting yet beautiful thing. Includes covers from The Who, Wilson Pickett, and more.

HARVESTMAN - Music For Megaliths (Neurot)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
I believe Steve Von Till has been condemned to walk the rest of his life being described as “that guy from Neurosis” while making good on several tonnes of other musical ideas that represent his current artistic temperament far more. Oh well: here’s the guy from Neurosis, fresh from some lovely, twanging folk record in 2015, only now he’s droning and abstracting and extracting. From form to formless, he proves that we can never quite know what’s in store for his devotees, but I’m sure they’ll find something to love in this funeral march ambient record.
A record of droney oscillation, Von Till seems to favour shimmering textures and doom metal adlibs to a straight up processed approach. He uses guitar riffs to supplement active, bubbling movements, recalling the psychedelic slowburn of Expo 70.

HEADS, THE – Relaxing With The (Rooster)
Limited edition blue vinyl.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Amidst a world suffocating in Britpop smarm, the Heads cut a timely swathe with their unkempt rock psychedelique. This album (their debut from 1996) contained 10 tracks of guitar driven, amp destroying rock, with cues taken straight from the US underground, Stooges, MC5, Mudhoney, Pussy Galore, early Monster Magnet too but with a distinctly British stamp, some of the drone and fuzz from Loop / Spacemen 3, some of the attitude of the Fall, Pink Fairies and Walking Seeds and overlaid with the spaced rock of early Hawkwind. It was obvious that the four members of the Heads were music obsessives.

HELLACOPTERS – Payin The Dues (Universal)
Swedish import. RSD 2017.
Limited to 2000 copies only.
Regular release with poster included, no slipmat.

HERSH, KRISTIN – Wyatt At The Coyote 2LP (Happy Happy Birthday To Me)
10th solo album from Hersh (THROWING MUSES, 50 FOOT WAVE) since her solo debut Hips & Makers in 1994. Wyatt at the Coyote Palace is a 24-track double album that was written over the last 5 years during a turbulent period of her life while also being inspired by her son Wyatt and his fascination with an abandoned apartment building that was inhabited by coyotes.
"Kristin Hersh comes back with her most energetic set solo outing since her debut. This is as ferocious, as generous, as sustained as her work with Throwing Muses. The acoustic guitar, feral. Her voice, unsettlingly beautiful. Her lyrics, odd, quotable, vivid, accusatory, revelatory."

Includes download code.
One of his better albums. Includes the usual muted psychedelia and pop songs about food, sex and crawly things. I bounced out of my chair, grabbed my Granny and did the Watusi.

HOOPS – Routines (Fat Possum)
Includes download code.
“Hoops know the power of dream-pop...Hoops can deliver a polished product and they become more and more irresistible.” - Pitchfork
"expressive, shoegazey guitar work, ’80s-leaning production, and a steady beat that keeps the track’s dreamy qualities" - Entertainment Weekly

HOUSES OF HEAVEN – Remnant (Felte)
Latest project of Keven Tecon, Adam Beck and Nick Ott. Mixing drum machines, analog synths, ambient guitars and live percussion the band blends their musical love of shoegaze, dub, krautrock and electronic music into their debut EP.

[AUST / NZ]  IANSEK, TOM – Small Time Hero, Top Of The Tree (Pieater)
RSD 2017.
Tom Iansek is best known as one half of Big Scary and his solo project #1 Dads but before he was fronting either of those or producing for artists like Emma Louise, Airling, LANKS, or Slum Sociable he was an aspiring songwriter from the Melbourne suburbs, making tunes in his bedroom on a 4 track mixer. Now, nearly a decade on, Iansek is re-releasing his very first solo album as Small Time Hero, 2009's Top Of The Tree, offering insight into his growth over the last eight years into one of Australia's most respected and celebrated independent musicians.

JANITOR SCUM - Scenes From The Grocery Store (Lumpy)
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Upbeat noisy new wave from this genius one woman group outta Calgary. Scratchy guitars and abrasive pouting vocals tracked over a thudding drum machine makes for a punk/wave mess to remember. Nine tracks with an incredible and infectious closing number “Vacuum Rebuilder.”

JANSCH, BERT – Birthday Blues (Superior Viaduct)
As its playfully ambivalent title suggests, Birthday Blues reveals an artist fully comfortable in his own skin. Blues and folk influences are woven together into songs at once directly personal, yet generously light and free. The most “pop” of Jansch’s ‘60s solo recordings and perhaps one of his most underrated, Birthday Blues is a deep and rewarding family affair at the height of his musical powers.

JANSCH, BERT – Rosemary Lane (Superior Viaduct)
It's simple, just a man and his guitar, but it speaks to something timeless and wonderful. An old, magical, beauty that resonates in the modern era precisely because of its old fashioned aesthetics.

JEWELED SNAKES - s/t (Resipiscent)
Includes download code with bonus full album.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
“Satisfying sleaze beats and squelchy science fiction synth, between gloomy and horny, abstract and catchy. Both members sing, sometimes in tandem, usually through heavy effects. […] sounds like Throbbing Gristle rewriting Black Sabbath’s ‘Planet Caravan’” - Lord Gravestench

[sold]  JONES, JOE - In Performance (Etats Unis)
Limited to 500 copies. Clear vinyl.
After studying with composers John Cage and Earle Brown, Joe Jones became a prominent figure in Fluxus, contributing to the movement’s first “yearbox” alongside La Monte Young, György Ligeti and Nam June Paik. Beginning in late 1961, Jones began constructing his own music machines – drawing inspiration from the calliopes, automata and orchestrions of the 19th and early 20th century to create self-playing ensembles of stringed instruments, percussion and woodwinds – “played” through an elaborate (yet decidedly lo-tech) system of rubber bands, balls and tin foil. Christened the Tone Deaf Music Company, this battery of automated musical instruments generates the sounds on In Performance (originally released in 1977 on the Harlequin Art imprint). With exacting conceptual precision and varied subtleties of natural motion – not unlike Harry Bertoia’s sounding sculptures – Jones’ machines produce richly-textured strata of sound and serve as engines of paradox. While bringing the figure of the artist-composer to the foreground, the machines ultimately dispense with the need for the performer entirely – a cunning subversion of the fetish for virtuosity and individual genius.

KALEIDOSCOPE – s/t (Now-Again)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
One of the great psychedelic rock albums is finally back in print on vinyl in a band-licensed reissue. Its roots are in Puerto Rican teenage garage rockers; it was recorded in the Dominican Republic at the high-point of the flower power era; it was only ever pressed in a minuscule run in Mexico. Now one of the most sought after rock artifacts on the planet, Kaleidoscope is remastered and reissued with an extensive, photo-filled booklet with the story of the band and their album by historian Enrique Rivas Viniegra.

KANAAN, FATEN – The Botanist And The Archaeologist (Polytechnic Youth)
Limited to 300 copies.
Includes hand-made cyanotype print.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Beautiful debut full length from Brooklyn-based FATEN KANAAN, who uses vintage synthesizers to slowly build songs inspired by cinematic forms: from sweeping landscapes and quiet love stories, to the patterned tension of 1970s horror film soundtracks. Focusing on bringing a human touch to electronic music that highlights the relationship between man, nature, and machine: the drifting of time, the dystopic grittiness,and the bittersweet (but hopeful) sense of nostalgia.

KANDODO / McBAIN – Lost Chants / Last Chance 2LP (Rooster)
Includes download code.
White vinyl exclusive to Strangeworld.
Highly recommended too!
Gatefold sleeve. A meeting of like minds surfing the sonic highways to tonal oblivion. These four castaways on Sonic Island have delivered an album that evokes the long lost and revered genre “Drug-Rock” a true mind melt of acid abandonment! Tab-era Monster Magnet, Sessions Era-The Heads—purely visceral and pummelling workouts of a krautrock and pschedelische (surely the most overused term of now—but finally in its right place) from these masters of the art.

LE FORTE FOUR - Bikini Tennis Shoes (Etats Unis)
Limited to 500 copies only. Clear vinyl.
The origins of Le Forte Four are those of the Los Angeles Free Music Society itself. Chip Chapman joined forces with Rick Potts (and shortly thereafter Tom and Joe Potts), taking up the LAFMS name in 1974. Ultimately baptizing themselves Le Forte Four, they began threading imagined lines between John Cage and The Residents, Cecil Taylor and Henry Cow – generating sounds completely unlike any of these and anything since. The inaugural release on the eponymous LAFMS imprint with only 200 copies pressed originally, Bikini Tennis Shoes is a staggering piece of anti-music that remains as refreshingly ground-clearing today as it was when it first appeared in 1975. Its 40 minutes (parceled out across nearly as many tracks) chart forays into free improvisation, Buchla misuse, filtered noise, begrudging and damaged melodic sorties (from the Star-Spangled Banner to Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring”) and healthy doses of basement pablum.

[sold]  LED ER EST – Dust On Common (Mannequin)
Record Store Day 2017.
500 copies only. Limited Orange vinyl.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Mannequin Records present a reissue of one of the best minimal synth/cold wave albums of the past 15 years. Dust On Common from Led Er Est (Sam De La Rosa, Shawn O'Sullivan, and Owen Hutchinson) was originally released in 2009 by the seminal Brooklyn based record label Weird Records. The band's first full-length release showed the three piece clearly breaking out of the minimal synth underground they had been a vital integral part of since its inception in Brooklyn to create an undeniably contemporary set of highly crafted and restrained, icily psychedelic pop songs. Synthesizing countless disparate musical influences from first wave British industrial music to house, disco, and the largely unknown cold wave (aka "La Vague Froide") tradition in Northern Europe, the tracks on Dust On Common fly by, straight out of the frozen hot, lonely cold plains of vocalist Samuel Kklovenhoof's native central Texas. After digesting a few songs of this rich dust, the listener can do no other than lie down in the wild weird Laredo bunker to revel in the refreshingly brisk blast of hedonistic analog pleasure dancing through the airwaves in the sky above...

[sold]  LEISURE WORLD - Paper-thin Community 7” (Deranged)
“Leisure World play a really interesting style that kind of straddles the line between hardcore and noise rock. Listening to their music I’m reminded of how much of the whole noise rock / AmRep aesthetic is rooted in the later Black Flag stuff. While it’s apparent that Leisure World have listened to more than their fair share of records like Loose Nut and In My Head, they go for something much thicker and denser than those later Black Flag records and they arrive at something that reminds me a lot of modern noise rock-influenced bands like Pissed Jeans. So, if the idea a very ’Flag-influenced Pissed Jeans piques your imagination I’d highly recommend this one…” —Sorry State

[AUST / NZ]  LONELYHEARTS – s/t LP (Buttercup)
Includes download code. Hand-numbered limited edition of 300 copies total (100 purple, 100 pink, 100 black). Bonus audio postcard with extra track.
Also, all sorts of inserts: gig posters, set lists, photos and band history PLUS a 35 year old custom EMI 7" AND sticker, guitar pick and lollipop. INSANE.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld.
Sydney early '80s power pop who should have been household names such were the strength of their (non) radio hits.

LOOP – Wolf Flow 2LP (Reactor)
RSD 2017.
Blue vinyl randomly mixed among black edition.
All three LOOP John Peel sessions collated on one vinyl album from 1987–1990, these are some of the best recordings by LOOP.  In a new / updated sleeve, with new printed inner sleeves.  Wolf Flow captures LOOP in their ascendancy in the the late 90s, featuring tracks from all three of their albums, a cover of Rocket USA and the track Sunburst (b-side of Arc Lite)… there's also a 10 minute version of Straight To Your Heart!

LORD ECHO - Melodies 2LP (Soundway)
This debut album by New Zealand producer Lord Echo is a variety of boogie, funk, psychedelic dub , futuristic soul, nu-jazz, and African rhythms. This release became a cult classic through word of mouth (guess it never reached me in 2012), made known by Gilles Peterson on his BBC Radio 1 show, Richard Dorfmeister (of Dorfmeister & Kruger, as you can imagine this was big in Germany) and Oliver Lang of Soulsides. Vinyl copies are hard to find now, I consider myself lucky, made a trade, lucky and happy, this one is in my world. There are a variety...

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New arrivals to Friday 24th and 31st March, 2017

New arrivals to Friday 24th and 31st March, 2017

Seeing folk as excited as I am about the new feedtime album has been really pleasing the past week, as has the fact many of you have started picking up the new Johnny Casino album. It's certainly up there with his finest work. Available EXCLUSIVELY from Strangeworld. Unfortunately we were not able to snare any of the green feedtime edition, which plenty of you have been asking about!

Also of note is the first time vinyl issue of Snowman's 'The Horse, The Rat And The Swan' - freaking love that album and highly recommended to those who have picked up a Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing (new album in stock soon!) LP from Strangeworld. Also on the ever-reliable Trait Records is the Elisabeth Dixon LP and we got the totally bizarre Drohtnung back in stock.

Another restock of note is the Instant Automatons 'Sincerely Making A Noise' LP - one of my most listened to records of the past 6 months. Ramshackle UKDIY oddities from the cassette era of 1977-82 on the wonderful BFE label (you've heard us bang on about Minimal Man (only 2 left!), Vietnam (sold out, label sold out too. If you snoozed...), Bronze (fantastic SF synth-psych outfit) and Tools You Can Trust (1 left). Totally sold out at the label, these copies of Instant Automatons are from an overseas supplier so who knows how many remain?

Plenty of other good stuff arrived in this double week listing - thanks for the feedback about how you use this list, it takes quite some time to compile, enter items into the website, provide soundbites or YouTube links etc. Some have said they love the fact the AUST / NZ stuff is listed separately cos they're only interested in buying local artist releases - interesting! Noble sentiment too. It's impossible to hear everything new that arrives but we do our best! To the list...

Message us if there's something you would like to order that has not been entered online and we'll get it done and notify you immediately.

(all LP unless otherwise noted)

ASEETHE – Hopes Of Failure (Thrill Jockey)
Though Aseethe identify as a doom act, the prominent noise samples on 2011 debut Reverent Burden showed that the Iowa City trio was trying to do more than just sludgeon its audience into submission. Aseethe have since recorded an improv album, a suite of re-worked riffs by avant-doom duo Barn Owl, an EP featuring synth accompaniment, and a rendition of Black Sabbath's “Rat Salad” stretched and slowed beyond recognition. Across that entire body of work, Aseethe maintained an atmosphere and textures verging on ambient drone.  On Hopes of Failure, Aseethe shed their sound’s flaky outer layers in favor of ultra-dense riffs that creep by like boiling molasses.

[sold]  BUZZCOCKS – Time’s Up (Domino)
Includes download code.

Time’s Up - initially a bootleg in 1978, and officially released in 1991 - is an invaluable document. It's the demo Buzzcocks recorded on October 18, 1976 - all snarls, yelps, and distortion, while also sounding entirely joyful. They revel in rock bands’ newly-won right to present themselves as mean and aggressive and to say "fuck" out loud. Devoto sings as if Johnny Rotten is the only other vocalist he’s ever heard, and always seems about to break into giggles. “You tear me up, you bloody swine!” he yells with adenoidal delight. “Orgasm Addict,” which they’d re-record as a single a year later, isn’t quite fully formed yet, but Devoto’s rhymes about stained jeans, as well as his whining gasps, were genuinely transgressive for their moment. The band is still finding its feet on Time’s Up, especially as teenage drummer John Maher slowed down the tempo every time he attempted to play a fill. Still, they worked out how to vigorously shove their songs forward. The two covers that were part of their live set at the time revealed a bit about where Buzzcocks were coming from: A sped-up version of the Troggs’ “I Can’t Control Myself” anticipates the love of popcraft that would shortly surface in their own songs and a heavily rewritten take on Captain Beefheart’s “I Love You, You Big Dummy” (which Devoto would take with him to his subsequent band Magazine) hints at the odder, artier side of their later records.

Includes download code.
Debut release from Melbourne's purveyor of droned noise techno.
RIYL: Factory Floor, Carter Tutti Void and Vatican Shadow.

[AUST / NZ]  FEEDTIME – Gas (In The Red)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended!!
It's with immense pleasure we are able to offer the new feedtime album - and what a scorcher it is! All the elements of feedtime's trademark sound are present - the rumbling bass, equal parts psych pound, punk holler / growl, gutter blues, and post-punk noisescape.
Truly great. Welcome back, the only band that ever mattered.

[AUST / NZ]  FLESH WORLD – Idiot Convention CASS (Cool Death)
Frantic hardcore from Melbourne punks who have gone on to play in The Zingers and Lakes. Often compared to Die Kruezen and Void, these are the bands final recordings put to tape.

GRAILS – Black Tar Prophecies Vol’s 1, 2 & 3 (Temporary Residence)

Instrumental psychedelic explorations of the highest order. More then a touch of middle eastern influences yet thoroughly Western at the same time. Open-ended but this is no creaky on-the-fly, off-the-cuff improv jam, these songs have direction and purpose. One of the great "out there" records of the 00s. A modern day Third Ear Band. Like Tortoise, Macha, Scorn, and Trial Of The Bow having an opium-enhanced jamfest on top of Kathmandu as the sun goes down.

[sold]  GRAILS – Take Refuge In Clean Living (Temporary Residence)
Includes download code.

If you really dig freaking out, psyching, all this kind of shit, then climb all aboard this spaghetti jam session.  What helps the appeal is that the structure of the songs is never forgotten in the name of a good trip.  It doesn't sound much different than all the other stuff that does this kind of stoner-boner recording, so if it's your thing take it and if it's not, just glance at the stars and move along.

MARLING, LAURA – Semper Femina (More Alarming)
Includes download code.
A majestically mellowed manoeuvre from the newly self-styled crystal queen of country. She handles her latest batch of material with rueful, rustic aplomb and her voice clings cleanly at times like a sourpuss Karen Carpenter. What you have here is a sterling record steeped with Deep South swellness and serenity.

[AUST / NZ]  MARLON BANDO – Everything Again 7” (Buttercup)
Highly recommended.

100 hand-numbered copies - 50 white, 50 black. Limited stock on white vinyl, only a few copies. Two-sided lyric insert. Debut from NSW three piece MARLON BANDO. Loaded with 5 cuts of manic fuzzed up garage punk mayhem very much in a REATARDS take-no-prisoners manner!

OBITUARY – s/t (Relapse)
Includes download code. Beautiful, embossed cover.

New release from the long-running Florida death metal outfit.

OTO HIAX – s/t 2LP (Editions Mego)
Includes download code.

Debut full length release from Oto Hiax. Comprised of Mark Clifford (Seefeel) and Scott Gordon (Loops Haunt) 'title' follows on from last years acclaimed EP One.
Embracing a series of sonic opposites 'title' employs electronic and concrete sound to construct a labyrinth of moods sliding from basic repetition to complex audio suites. The mood is such that the listener is advised to embrace the unexpected as unusual elements gently drift across the audio plane. Exquisitely executed, this is no foray into generic sound design but a rich and complex ruse whereby seemingly jarring sonic elements play out a subtle and harmonious bridge between a variety of musical styles and genres. Insh carries the kind of hallowed kraut comfort that only seasoned professionals can harness whereas Eses Mitre disorientates in the most enticing fashion. Oto Hiax have produced an album of exquisite detail and beauty.

PHARMAKON – Contact (Sacred Bones)
Includes download code.
Joining electronic paraphernalia to his tortured vocals, Pharmakon delivers a heavy and unbelievably deafening work of minimalism. The repetition that marks the instrumental part of Contact references Suicide, while the organic atmosphere of the whole of the work has the same footprint of Grimes' first albums.
"Each track of the new Pharmakon LP can be heard as a violent scuffle between mind and body. Even when her visceral noise achieves moments of transcendence, it still strikes you in the gut." - Pitchfork

POWER TRIP – Nightmare Logic (Southern Lord)
The second crushing, soul mangling, neck bustin' album from Texas hardcore thrashers: Power Trip. Quite possibly the best thrash album you will have heard in the last decade. IMMENSE, MAMMOTH, MASSIVE. Recorded by Arthur Rizik (Inquisition) , mastered by Joel Grind (Poison Idea, Toxic Holocaust) and features cover art by Paolo Girard. POWER TRIP is a real band like no other. Their raw energy, musical proficiency, perfect song structure, rich tones, fierce riffs, persecution, and collective attitude have seeded them as one of the most prolific underground staples in the US metal, punk, and hardcore scenes.

RAYS – s/t (Trouble In Mind)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended.
Bay Area quartet RAYS eponymous debut album has a plethora of influences - from the British C86 movement, all jangly guitars and DIY spirit - to 90s slacker indie. It’s pretty rough and ready, mixed in a way you don’t hear too often these days and seemingly on the brink of collapse, like all good indie should be. Lost In A Cage is a snidey thing, where male and female vocals blend, creating a sassy androgyny.
Meanwhile, Dead Man’s Curve has Pavement’s wry shrug, the laid-back insouciance of making it sound like it’s not trying too hard - before collapsing in a nightmarish cacophony. Theatre Of Lunacy‘s chiming urgency sounds like sirens, really threatening in the context of  some of this album’s more charming moodswings. Model Or You could be an updating of Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers’ Roadrunner with its frantic fretwork.

[AUST / NZ]  ROOT RAT – Estranged / Faulty Glamour 7” (independent)
Includes download code.
Limited to 150 copies only.
Highly recommended.
Superb debut by Melbourne outfit offering up an extremely dark take on post-punk and '90s sludge rock, with angular guitar skronk that recalls The Stabs or PiL, Sarah McKenna providing the howling, pleading vocals. They were incredible when we caught them live recently at The Old Bar and these two tracks perfectly capture the energy and passion on display that night.

[AUST / NZ]  SNOWMAN - The Horse, The Rat And The Swan (Trait)
Includes download code.
Limited to 300 copies only. Gold vinyl.
Highly recommended.
Chaotic, gorgeous postrock-meets-punk album from Perth four-piece. Digital foreboding plus apocalypse-vibes. A perfect concentration of studio craftsmanship and pure raw energy.

SPOON – Hot Thoughts (Matador)
Limited red vinyl.

New ninth full-length release for Austin band. Spoon stay in their own well-earned lane but tweak the formula just enough on their ninth album, keeping their reliably great songwriting and adding new, electronic textures -- potentially working towards the day of a guitarless album. For a band that seems built on a reliable formula, they remain full of possibilities.

[AUST / NZ]  STRAIGHTJACKET NATION – s/t 12” (Cool Death)
Melbourne hardcore - straight ahead, raw and aggressive - for people pissed at the world.

STRUMMER, JOE & THE MESCALEROS – Live At Acton 2LP (Hellcat)
Benefit gig recorded 1/15/2002 - one of the final live performances by STRUMMER, who died just 4 weeks later. Features 3 tracks with MICK JONES, an on stage reuinion of the former CLASH songwriting partners.
1. Shaktar Donetsk
2. Bhindee Bhagee
3. Rudy Can't Fail
1. Tony Adams
2. White Man In Hammersmith Palais
3. Mega Bottle Ride
4. Get Down Moses
1. Police and Thieves
2. Cool 'n' Out
3. Police On My Back
4. Johnny Appleseed
1. Coma Girl
2. I Fought The Bank Robber (encore w/ Mick Jones)
3. White Riot (encore w/ Mick Jones)
4. London's Burning (encore w/ Mick Jones)

[AUST / NZ]  SUBTERFUGE – Blind To Reason (Heartland)
Includes download code.
Subterfuge were formed in Melbourne, Australia in the early 1990’s by Clifford Ennis, along with Rick Mullen and Brendan Toull. After meeting in the late 80’s, Clifford and Brendan began collaborating musically almost immediately and the process of starting a band was underway. Their early influences included the likes of Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus and an array of other bands predominantly from the post punk era.

TODD, PAT & THE RANK OUTSIDERS – The Outskirts Of Your Heart 2LP (Hound Gawd!)
Ex-mainman of the Lazy Cowgirls Pat Todd released this opus to little or no fanfare. Two discs and 28 songs, ranging from sparse folk to the raging garage punk that the Cowgirls excelled at. Todd has a way of melding every style of Americana into a glorious, decadent whole and his guitar leads come straight out of the tradition of Johnny Thunders, which is to say they shouldercheck the rest of the band out the way and fight for space. This is a sprawling, messy, warts'n'all work about crushed dreams and the loss of youth, and it joins Bob Forrest's Bicycle Thief as one of the most profoundly personal releases of its decade.

The first volume in an ongoing series devoted to uncovering lost black rock’n’roll treasures of the late 50’s and early 60’s. Inspired by the cross-over success of artists such as Little Richard and Chuck Berry, many black artists revved up their R&B sound and produced some of the most gloriously manic, unrefined musical gems of the late 50s.
Black Rock & Roll is a series that collects these classic recordings together for the first time. Screaming Raw Genius!

v/a – RIBA DABA DOO: TOUGH CHICKS Vol.1 (Sin-Seer)
From the post-war period of the late 40s through to the soul years of the early 60s, hundreds of raw R&B records, featuring gutsy, wild female vocalists, were issued. Tough Chicks is an ongoing series devoted to uncovering and celebrating these forgotten artists.


Slow grinding soul gems from the famous Melbourne club night, Slow Grind Fever.
This set features a treasure trove of mid-century minor-key masterpieces from all over the USA (and one from France!) of the kind that has been popular on Belgian's popcorn music scene for decades - some steamy, some sweet, some even scary, but all ready for the down-tempo dancefloor.


[AUST / NZ]  AUSMUTEANTS – Order of Operation (Aarght)
[AUST / NZ]  BABEEZ – Nobody Wants Me (Buttercup)
BJORK, BRANT AND THE LOW – Black Power Flower (Universal)
BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE – Geisterfaust 2LP (Groove Attack)
B.R.M.C. – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 2LP (Music On Vinyl)
CAR SEAT HEADREST – Teens of Denial (Matador)
CLASH – Sandinista 3LP (Music On Vinyl)
CLUSTER – Cluster 71 (Bureau B)
[AUST / NZ]  COSMIC PSYCHOS – Go The Hack (Aarght)
COUGH – Ritual Abuse 2LP (Relapse)
COUGH – Still They Pray 2LP (Relapse)
[AUST / NZ]  DROHTNUNG - In Dolorous Sights (Trait)
[AUST / NZ]  EXEK – Biased Advice (Another Dark Age)
FLAMING LIPS – Oczy Mlody (Warner)
GANG OF FOUR – Entertainment (Rhino)
HUSKER DU – Zen Arcade 2LP (SST)

INSTANT AUTOMATONS – Sincerely Making A Noise (B.F.E.)

Limited to 300 copies only. Sold out at the source.
Highly recommended.
The Instant Automatons were leading figures in the largely cassette-based U.K. Bad Music scene (a British DIY movement whose adherents made their music available on cassette, for free) of the late '70s. Between 1977 and 1982 , using a bedroom full of homemade gear plus some conventional instrumentation, core members Protag (later of Alternative TV, Blyth Power and Zounds) and Mark Lancaster (“somewhere between Cooper Clarke and Mark E. Smith”) forged a warped hybrid of traditional songcraft and lo-fi primitive post punk. Although cassettes were the band's native medium, they also appeared on several vinyl releases, including their own EP and various compilations featuring similar weirdos.
“The Instant Automatons mixed the experimental and the conventional, with relatively traditional song structures often lurking beneath the surface weirdness--unlike some of their post-punk contemporaries who deconstructed the concept of "the song" itself. Again, Lancaster attributes some of this to practical considerations: "We were only just learning to play our instruments and our equipment was deficient, so even our best efforts to play 'properly' sometimes turned out quite bizarre." The band was never short of skewed rock and pop oddities, most memorably "John's Vacuum Cleaner"--a weird tale of love, betrayal, appliances, obsessive housework, and suicide.” Perfect Sound Magazine

JULIE RUIN – Hit Reset (Hardly Art)
[AUST / NZ]  KILL DEVIL HILLS – In On Under Water (Bang!)
[sold]  LEMONHEADS – It’s A Shame About Ray (Music On Vinyl)
[AUST / NZ]  LOST ANIMAL – Ex-Tropical (Hardly Art)
[AUST / NZ]  LOST ANIMAL – You Yang (Dot Dash)
[AUST / NZ]  LOYDE, LOBBY & THE COLORED BALLS – Heavy Metal Kid (Desperate)
MOON DUO – Occult Architecture Vol. 1 (Sacred Bones)
MINUS THE BEAR – Voids (Suicide Squeeze)
[AUST / NZ]  NECKS – Unfold 2LP (Editions Mego)


Red / blue split colour vinyl.
Original music by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein for the hit Netflix Original Series.
Like Stranger Things? Check out Survive as it's Kyle and Michael's band proper and their albums rule! Strangeworld often has 2-3 Survive albums in stock!

PAPERHEAD – Chew (Trouble In Mind)
PISSED JEANS – Why Love Now (Sub Pop)
[AUST / NZ]  POWDER MONKEYS – Time Wounds All Heals (Desperate)
SAM & DAVE – I Thank You (Music On Vinyl)
STOOGES – Funhouse (Elektra)
SURVIVE – RR7349 (Relapse)
TELEVISION – Marquee Moon (Elektra)
TODD, PAT & THE RANK OUTSIDERS – Blood & Treasure (Hound Gawd!)
UNION CARBIDE PRODUCTIONS – Financially Dissatisfied Philosophically Trying (Groove Attack)
UNION CARBIDE PRODUCTIONS – From Influence To Ignorance (Groove Attack)
UNION CARBIDE PRODUCTIONS – In The Air Tonight (Groove Attack)
WARPAINT – Fool 2LP (Rough Trade)


AUSMUTEANTS – Order of Operation (Aarght)
BABEEZ – Nobody Wants Me (Buttercup)
COSMIC PSYCHOS – Go The Hack (Aarght)
DROHTNUNG - In Dolorous Sights (Trait)
EXEK – Biased Advice (Another Dark Age)
FEEDTIME – Gas (In The Red)
FLESH WORLD – Idiot Convention CASS (Cool Death)
KILL DEVIL HILLS – In On Under Near Water (Bang!)
LOST ANIMAL – Ex Tropical (Hardly Art)
LOST ANIMAL – You Yang (Dot Dash)
LOYDE, LOBBY & THE COLOURED BALLS – Heavy Metal Kid (Desperate)
MARLON BANDO – Everything Again 7” (Buttercup)
NECKS – Unfold 2LP (Editions Mego)
POWDER MONKEYS – Time Wounds All Heals (Desperate)
ROOT RAT – Estranged / Faulty Glamour 7” (independent)
SNOWMAN - The Horse, The Rat And The Swan (Trait)
STRAIGHTJACKET NATION – s/t 12” (Cool Death)
SUBTERFUGE – Blind To Reason (Heartland)

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New arrivals to Friday 10th and 17th March, 2017

New arrivals to Friday 10th and 17th March, 2017

Two weeks worth of new arrivals - seriously some of the finest new releases we've had come in. Almost all have been entered at the website, including sound samples on most. We also received the first Strangeworld t-shirt - designed by the extremely talented Luke Fraser - available in all kinds of sizes. Give the Evil Eye to everybody, all the time. Click on the image below to order.

Trying to get more of the excellent VIETNAM LP. Would strongly encourage you to use the "EMAIL WHEN AVAILABLE" button if it's sold out when you read this.

Message us if there's something you would like to order that has not been entered online and we'll get it done and notify you immediately.

(all LP unless otherwise noted)

AGUILAR, ILDEFONSO – Erosion 2LP (Mental Experience)
Highly recommended.
Includes download code.
A masterpiece of proto–ambient, isolationism and minimal synth music. Spooky, meditative soundscapes inspired by the desolate volcanic environment of Lanzarote (Canary Islands), created using Minimoog, Polymoog, vocal loops and field recordings. Originally recorded in Germany in 1978 by Spanish painter / sound artist Ildefonso Aguilar, only a selection of the original recordings were released a few years later on a very rare limited edition cassette and LP. Now, for the first time ever, "Erosión" is reissued on 2LP featuring the complete recordings, as Ildefonso conceived it at the time.

ALCEU VALENCA – Molhado De Suor (Sol Re Sol)
Originally released in 1974, Molhado do Sour is a killer blend of various Northeastern Brazilian styles of folk music and psychedelic rock & pop. It has a cool gritty feel to it, similar to Valenca pals Lula Cortez and Geraldo Azevedo, who both play on here.  It got a nod by the great Aquarium Drunkard and a nice write up by Dusty Groove. First vinyl pressing in 40 years.

ANTIGUO REGIMEN - Naturaleza Fractal (B.F.E.)
Pop new wave post punk ala The Wake, Sad Lovers and Giants and Décima Víctima…
Twenty Post-Punk Bands You Should Know About
Surprisingly our first entry from Spain in quite some time, Antiguo Regimen sound as though they want to make up for that absence all at once and single-handedly, bringing a blend of the shimmeringly thoughtful and the thoughtfully pounding to their take on the classic post-punk template. With their second LP Naturaleza Fractal just arrived, a synth-faceted jewel of assured songwriting and an execution that sounds both casual and intense, it would seem they’ve hit exactly the sweet spot they were aiming at.

ARMS OF SOMEONE NEW – Susan Sleepwalking (Dark Entries)
Highly recommended.
The Arms Of Someone New were an Illinois band who comfortably combined all their favourite genres into one sound: synth-pop, folk, industrial, ambient… Susan Sleepwalking, the duo’s first full-length album, was originally self-released in 1985, and has now been properly remastered and re-pressed to vinyl by Dark Entries, complete with a replica jacket and an insert of lyrics and press clippings.

ASH BORER – The Irrepassable Gate 2LP (Profound Lore)
If bleak atmospheric black metal is your thing it’s time to check out Ash Borer. They definitely rank up there with Leviathan and Xasthur on the US black metal frontline, and after a few full lengths they have gone into the studio with Randall Dunn who produced Sunn o))) and Wolves In The Throne Room.
So now the horror is absolute and massive.

AVALANCHE – Perserverance Kills Our Game (Guerssen)
Absolute masterpiece when talking about progressive / psychedelic folk–rock from Europe. Dutch band Avalanche was formed in the early 70s and recorded their only album in 1979. "Perseverance kills our game" was released as a private edition of 500 copies, which were only distributed among friends and relatives. Despite being a home–made project (the album was recorded in just one day!) the result was stunning. Totally early 70s sounding electric folk–rock with flute, piano, bass, drums, and killer fuzz guitar. Mostly instrumental with a few vocals in English. It alternates delicate acoustic passages with devastating fuzz leads, sounding like Fairport Convention jamming with early Ash Ra Tempel.

[AUST / NZ]  BISCOTTI – Like Heaven In The Movies (Listen)
Includes download code.
Biscotti blends elements of synth pop, disco, hip-hop and funk to create an alternative pop spectacle. Through her cinematic lens Carla Ori conjures other worldly landscapes with her evocative layering of sounds, constantly astounding with her unadulterated glee and daring compositions.

BIZNAGA – Sentido Del Espectaculo (Slovenly)
Punk Spaniards offer up an album created through balls and ingenuity, an arrogant and tender artifact, full of urgent melodies, hymns about daily struggles and the same nervous verbosity as many UK-based bands from past decades such as The Clash, Buzzcocks, Mekons, Zounds, Stiff Little Fingers, Television Personalities etc.

BRACKETT, ALAN LEE – Peanut Butter Conspiracy Theories (Out-Sider)
Previously unreleased recordings by Peanut Butter Conspiracy’s mainman Alan Lee Brackett, mostly written and recorded in 1967, when PBC were at their fame peak. Here, Alan explores a number of different styles, encompassing fuzzed out garage numbers, sunshine pop, folk rock and full blown psychedelia. Including ahead of its time garage–psychedelic DIY homemade recordings on which Alan plays all instruments by himself plus pro–sounding studio cuts.

BRONZE – In Stone (B.F.E.)
Highly recommended.
Limited to 300 copies only.
Back when I had a personal Facebook account, I would post videos of cool bands, music and their clips. Most of my friends hated / ignored my recommendations. The Bronze clip from some years ago for "Mirror The Shades" is truly creepy and disturbing and generated more interest than any other video I ever shared. Go on, watch it here. We dare you.
This third album by San Francisco psychedelic synth wave trio BRONZE. The three began experimenting with synthesizers, samplers, vocals and heavy repetitive rhythm via live drums. The sound of “Bronze” is influenced by psychedelic synth musik, punk, wave, industrial and jazz, blended into a heavy cocktail of sonic witchery. 2015 saw the release of a live album on Castleface Records.

[AUST / NZ]  BRAD POT – s/t (Slovenly)
Melbourne four-piece, Brad Pot have just released their first album through Slovenly Records and man, it’s a good one. The self-titled release is an eleven-track tour de force with a cool, fast, trashy flavour. The Brad Pot boys are musically tight as hell; deliberate in detail yet still the perfect amount of grimy. Plus, with a couple of members poached from local favorites Dumb Punts and Mesa Cosa, there was no way this new outfit wasn’t going to bring the goods. Brad Pot serves up some speedy Aussie garage with a hint of Death (think faster tracks like ‘Freaking Out’) meets early Sex Pistols and The Briefs in your mate’s outback shed. Catchy hooks, tight transitions and general fervor are smashed together and masked in a melodic punk rock coating as they tear through each track with feverish excitement and a touch of antagonism and self-indulgent frenzy.

[AUST / NZ]  CASINO, JOHNNY – Time And Time Again LP / CD (Folc)
Exclusive to Strangeworld Records.
Highly recommended.

"Four years in the making, across three countries and two continents, sees the new record by the cult Aussie guitar-slinger and songwriter Johnny Casino. It starts with a scorcher ‘You Still Got Nothing To Say’ - a spiteful tale of friendship gone wrong backed by an unapologetic monster riff and an infectious beat.  The snarly vocal delivery is quintessentially Australian. Before you know what hits, it goes straight into the groovy garage rock of ‘Shutdown Breakdown’. The catchy chorus features female backing singers and there’s a psychedelic organ thrown in the mix too. This is a potential radio hit. Things slow down on the soulful and heartfelt ‘This Christmas Time (She’ll Fly Away)’. Its intercontinental heartbreak Casino style. ‘Open Your Arms’ is in the Bruce and the E-Street Band mode but without the airy overproduction that spoils a lot of their work. It’s rousing and exhilarating but without the corny bombast. The circular groover ‘No Direction Home’ is another standout. 'Hit the Ground Running' and ‘Time and Time Again’ show Johnny as a master of a sort of alt country or should we say Australiana sound in this case. It’s been quite a wait since Johnny’s last studio outing but it paid off. This is as an eclectic and passionate rock’n’roll record as you’re likely to hear this year." - Heatwave Magazine

CENTURY PALM – Meet You (Deranged)
Includes download code.
Debut album of a kind of garage-pop supergroup, made up of members of Dirty Beaches, Ketamines, Tough Age and Zebrassieres. Century Palm crib shamelessly from Wire, Devo, Neu!, and Eno-era Roxy Music, modern Australian bands like Total Control, and failed experiments from earlier, abandoned projects. There are many instances of droning synths ruining perfectly nice pop songs.

CONSTANTINE – Day Of Light (Ironhand)
Out of nowhere comes this acid-folk/psych/baroque/progressive masterpiece! Constantine's debut-LP 'Day Of Light' will propel you on a lysergic odyssey filled with flute, sitar, tabla, Mellotron, electric harpsichord, Vox and Hammond organs, male/female vocals, studio effects and more. Hailing from Chicago, psychedelic troubadour Constantine recorded this album with help from members of legendary '71 folk psychedelic cult band O.W.L. (Of Wondrous Legends). The album art is by O.W.L.'s Stephen Titra. The LP is housed in a charming vintage-style unipak gatefold sleeve and a poster.

COZMIC CORRIDORS – s/t (Mental Experience)
Highly recommended.
Includes download code.
Tripped out ambient soundscapes, dark atmosphere, drones, plenty of MiniMoog, gothic Hammond organ, Thodes, electric and 12-string guitars, ritual chants, effects, horror cinematic vibes... don't listen to this record in the dark!

CRIMSON SHADOWS – One Step Beyond Insanity (Groovie)
Highly recommended.
Gatefold sleeve. Remastered from then original tapes.
The Crimson Shadows were among the very few and the very first that took on garage punk not only in Sweden but Europe in general. They had three talented song writers (Peter Maniette, Jens Lindberg and Mans P. Mansson),  that more or less the whole rock n' roll scene of Sweden leans on, with later bands like The Wylde Mammoths, The Highspeed V,  The Livingstones and continue to this day with the Maharajas, the Maggots and the Strollers! This LP compiles all the tracks officially released by the Crimson Shadows in the 80's, with original records long gone and demanding top dollar in the collectors market.
CROMWELL – At The Gallop (Got Kinda Lost)
Includes download code.
“Emerging from the giant shadow cast by the greatness of Thin Lizzy, this obscure band with a venomous guitar attack, and dual vocalists that kick ass and take names, puts the ‘ire’ in Ireland and delivers with a sound that’s not for the squeamish” - Rich Haupt (Rockadelic Records / The Acid Archives)
RIYL: Teenage Head/Flamingo-era Flamin’ Groovies, Mott The Hoople, ‘70s Stones, pre-punk American street rock and the Bonehead Crunchers series.

CRUTHU – The Angle Of Eternity (Cruthu)
“The album is traditional doom metal with heavy ’70s movements and passages—well structured and deliberate,” says McCormick in assessing the aesthetic. “We were going for a more lo-fi, circa-’70s sound. Our current goal is to progress the project into some early-NWOBHM over time without compromising our traditional influence.” Songs like the lurching “Lady in the Lake” and “Bog of Kildare” will earn understanding nods from fans of doomed greats like Trouble, Pagan Altar and The Gates of Slumber, and the progressive edge brought to “Seance” and the closing title-track make a clear statement that Cruthu offer a richness of approach to coincide with their memorable riffing and thematic lyrics.

DELLO, PETE & FRIENDS – Into Your Ears (Got Kinda Lost)
Widely regarded by Honeybus fans, ‘60s-‘70s collectors and anyone who’s happened into its beatific orbit, Into Your Ears is a lost classic deserving of further exposure.
RIYL: Ray Brooks, Duncan Browne, John Cale’s Paris 1919, Ray Davies (The Kinks), Bill Fay, Nick Garrie, the early careers of Ralph McTell and Clifford T. Ward, etc.

DOGS – Slash Your Face 7” (Last Laugh)
Highly recommended.
Killer MC5 influenced top notch punk. Big switchblade riffs, like if The Stooges had babies and they aged quickly enough to make a single in '78. Tastes like leather and shitty beer.

DREAMDECAY – Yu (Iron Lung)
Seattle's finest band had us waiting a long time for this dirge pop masterpiece. We won't go into too much flower with the description, just know that this is honest music from the heart. A perfectly crafted trip. And seriously, "IAN" might be the best song of the decade.

ELECTRIC MESS, The – Falling Off The Face Of The Earth (Groovie)
Shindig! said: "There are a wide range of influences, including British Invasion, 60's garage, R&B, and psych,but it sure ain't a mess...a very tight unit with bunch of strong tunes possessing a fine, melodic edge."
"...ear-piercing Farfisa, raucous guitars, driving rhythms and sneering vocals... echoing the surge of original punk that rocked a thousand suburban basements.... Great original songs, blazing guitar riffs with neo-psych shades." (Hyperbolium)
"Thirteen songs that move through the garage punk label perfectly... a band that makes a wall of 60's sound with total conviction." (Kick Out the Jams)
"...uncompromising and unpretentious sounds of the great garage bands of the 60s... songs that catch fire right out of the gate and conjure images of The Yardbirds, the 13th Floor Elevators, The Stooges, and at times, even early Stones." (Burning Wood)

EMILIO E A TRIBO DO RUM – s/t (Groovie)
Limited to 250 copies only.
They played rock n' roll like nobody else had done before, with the influences of jazz, rockabilly, blues and punk, performing across the country. After three years together, by the end of 1988 it was all over for these pioneering Portugese rockers.

FERAL OHMS – s/t (Silver Current)
Includes download code.
Feral Ohms is a power trio from Oakland, California, led by Comets On Fire / Howlin Rain / Heron Oblivion guitar and voice fireball Ethan Miller along with animal drummer Chris Johnson (Drunk Horse / Andy Human) and the loudest bassist in fifteen counties, Josh Haynes (Nudity). The band turns the spatial pyrotechnics and expansive spirit of classic psychedelia inside out, dragging it through the punk rock era kicking and screaming and boils it down into a series of explosions that start at needle drop and end when the record does. They blast pure action and outlaw rock’n’roll joy through relentless, violent musical force, blowing the doors off psychedelic rock and letting loose the raw, wild, high speed feedback wail of something massive careening off the rails and into your ears.

GRUESOMES, The – Tyrants Of Teen Trash (Groovie)
Hand-numbered with poster.
The Gruesomes have been Canada’s premiere trash / garage rock quartet for well over two decades. More than 25 year later, Groovie Records takes Tyrants Of Teen Trash out of the box again. From surf-influenced instrumental “Bikers From Hell” to “I Never Loved Her” and “Unchain My Heart, ” this punky garage rock has simplicity, snottiness and a tongue-in- cheek aspect.

HEAT EXCHANGE – Reminiscence (Out-Sider)
Includes download code.
Fabulous UK sounding heavy progressive and psychedelic hard rock. Top level musicianship, well constructed songs, powerful vocals, sax, flute, wah-wah, Organ, solid rhythm section…
RIYL: King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Samurai (UK), Web (“I Spider”), Human Beast, Deep Purple…

HEAVY METAL – Smash Criticism Smash Optimism Smash Arachnophobia (Static Age)
Highly recommended.
Heavy Metal return from their punker bunker with LP number two and it’s equally as stunning. Again it’s all over the place musically with a common thread of needle in the red whatever style they are destroying. It starts with an ecstasy drenched lo-fi distorted disco number that oozes sex appeal for the Heavy Metal massive before moving onto ‘Blue Suede Shoe’ which sounds like a classic dirty 1979 DIY hit with a masterful hook that demands repeated plays. Elsewhere ‘Dingo Ate Your Baby’ mixes the lovely lo-finess of early Flying Nun releases with a vocal that is straight from the Nikki Sudden school of drawls whilst ‘Communication or Surprise’ should have been one of the first five seminal Alternative TV singles. Heavy Metal do what they want and they don’t care whether you are listening or not - they are having too much fun. The fact they won’t play any gigs gives this band more appeal. People will discover these albums in 20 years time and love them just as much as I do now.

HIGH PLAINS – Cinderland (Kranky)
Highly atmospheric, soothingly stringed and brooding newie from High Plains, who are Mark Bridges and Scott Morgan aka Loscil. Mark and Scott combine their talents in the most luxuriously sumptuous way on this vinyl offering from Kranky. Mark with his lyrically woeful cello, wringing out the life-affirming timbres like it ain’t no thang; Scott with his typically soft, downy and organic-sounding electronics. By track 3 -- the stunningly gorgeous ‘The Dusk Pines’ -- their brand of relaxo-drone is going down very nicely with my post-lunch coffee. But wait! There are moments of alarming drama: on ‘The White Truck’, Scott gets busy with the button marked ‘LOUD BLAST of NOISE!’ Shit, I really didn’t see that coming.

HIGHSPEED V, The – Demented R&B (Groovie)
Limited to 500 copies only.
Although they existed for only a year, the Highspeed V made enough of a mark on Stockholm’s pioneering neo-garage scene for their name and music to live on several decades later. Along with the Livingstones and the Wylde Mammoths the Highspeed V were a local ‘second wave’ outfit, forming in the Spring 1986 as a combination of experienced players and newcomers to the garage punk circuit. This LP brings all the HIGHSPEED V recordings along with some unreleased demos. Includes an insert with rare photos, full story of Stockolm neo-garage scene and family tree by Patrick Lundborg, author of The Acid Archives and Psychedelia books.

HONEYBLOOD – Babes Never Die (FatCat)
Babes Never Die is a dynamic album – guitars come in salvos and the almost angry female vocals sound pretty punkish in style. “Sipping tequila after dark, wasn't that, gave us the head start. The world is our playing park and I'm crossed arms with my lucky charm. Wild child and cherry bizarre running down the aisles, life sparkle bizarre, not a care for a while, no one knows who we are. You know I'd chase you oceans far.” The songs are emotional and expressive. The female vocals are on point, at once ferocious and feminine and when the melodies are as catchy and memorable, it's just perfect. The guitars roar and the drums pummel as if the nineties have come back and solidified their hold on the instruments.

HYPNOTIC SLEEP – s/t (Static Age)
Highly recommended.
Distorted, isolated melodies out of a dusty bedroom. Hopeful and disturbing, but always hunting and in the red. I imagine a guy sitting in between a big mess of worn out folk and post-punk records, creating a soundtrack for his imaginary movie about the rise and fall of mankind. Minimal, deranged anthems like warm slices of ginger pie served in a cold winter night.

INSECT ARK – Portal / Well (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia)
Screen printed cover. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.
Beginning in New York City in late 2011 as the one-woman solo project of bassist / multi-instrumentalist DANA SCHECHTER (ANGELS OF LIGHT, BEE AND FLOWER), the band became a duo in 2015 with the addition of Portland-based drummer ASHLEY SPUNGIN (TAURUS). Largely instrumental, the band are equally inspired by experimental doom/drone, '60s horror film soundtracks, psych, and traditional classical composers. Creating a personal soundtrack to the human psyche’s underbelly, Insect Ark weaves a brooding, textural landscape, a starless night spiked with light and flash. The music braids together delay-drenched lap steel guitar, acoustic and electronic drums, distorted bass & synths to create a sonic mural both uncomfortably intimate and icy cold. Portal / Well delivers on what Pitchfork called Insect Ark's sense of "metamorphosis, loss, and menacing dream logic" while The Wire has stated that Insect Ark "stand in the lineage of other crypto-metal solo projects—Earth circa Phase 3: Thrones And Dominions, or ex-Earth associate Joe Preston’s project Thrones and that "a spacious, noir-ish jazz elegance permeates, approaching the atmosphere of Germany’s Bohren and Der Club Of Gore."

JENCIK, MATT – Weird Times (Hands In The Dark)
Highly recommended.
Limited to 300 copies only.
MATT JENCIK is a musician based in Chicago. His most recent band, IMPLODES, released two albums with the label Kranky earlier on this decade and Jencik has been performing and recording since the early nineties in bands such as HURL, DON CABALLERO, and more recently SLINT, PAPA M and CIRCUIT DES YEUX. Weird Times is Matt Jencik’s debut solo album, in which he presents ten pure ambient, abstract drone tracks. Each song has been written using samples of his old, unused guitar riffs as their source. In composing them, he took that era of his songwriting through a process of ‘burial’ by deconstructing the rock guitar riffs and arranging them into very usable ambient sounds, and thereby developing a new way of composing freely. It is an immense pleasure to be able to showcase such a great modern album, which is both dark and dreamy, showing an impressive maturity and formidable talent.

JODI – Pops De Vanguardia (Out-Sider)
Highly recommended.
Includes download code.
The best lo-fi garage album from South America?
"Echoes can be distinguished from The Monks, the Velvet Undergound of the first two records, The Kinks, T-Rex, the mid-60s American garage and some psychedelic and Kraut rock that might have influenced the Wenger brothers in their land." - Juan Esteban Jorge

KAROVAS MILKSHAKES – In The Shade Of The Purple Sun (Groovie)

In their home city of Yekaterinburg, east of the Ural Mountains, The Karovas Milkshake have concocted an aural love letter to '60s UK psychedelia that should appeal to fans of the original genre as well as those of its recent torchbearers. Standout track 'Purple Sun Of Glastonbury' is a seven and a half minute sitar-driven freakout which conjures images of rituals, standing stones and the dark spirit of Brian Jones, complete with a searing backwards guitar section.

[sold] KING DUDE – Sex (Not Just Religious Music)
KING DUDE returns with his latest meditation in 11 parts, Sex. Following his tradition of songwriting by divination from his good Lord Lucifer, he challenges the listener to explore the theme of sexuality through nothing other than spiritual rock & roll. From the opening track you can tell that King Dude is out for blood & sweat, and that he wants to drag you down with an amphetamine & whiskey soaked joyride in a dune buggy through the darkest depths of his bizarre mind. Packaged in gatefold jackets with 24"x36" poster.

LIFE STINKS – Hanging From The Ceiling 7” (Total Punk)
San Francisco's LIFE STINKS are back with their third single on Total Punk, and as the title implies their sunny disposition is still in tact. Life Stinks delivers two more tracks of their lurching misanthropic punk with CHUD channeling his inner Dez on the B side. Recorded in New Orleans, just a few days after playing the final Total Punk Total Fuck Off, with Total Punk alumni GARY WRONG at the helm, turning knobs and lending guitar on the A side, this one is truly 100% TOTAL PUNK!

[AUST / NZ]  MEAT CAKE – Let Them… LP / CD (Conquest of Noise)
Limited edition splatter vinyl.
Sydney noise merchants MEAT CAKE release their bottom heavy ass dragging debut on Conquest of Noise Records. MEAT CAKE consists of Keith Hamlyn from 90’s noise legends MIDGET, the machine that is Pete Kostic (Front End Loader, Regurgitator, Hard-Ons) & Graeme Charles Kent (Seconds Away, Grand Fatal).

MILLER, SIDNEY – Linguas De Fogo (Sol Re Sol)
Sidney Miller’s Linguas De Fogo is an odd yet remarkable gem. Known more for his bossanova songs, on Linguas… Miller gets a bit psychedelic, tipping toward Tropicalia. FACTmag slotted this #3 in their Must Hear Reissues and wrote "Línguas de Fogo stands not only as a gorgeous final artistic document, but as a lost classic that holds its own amongst heavyweights of the period like Lô Borges’s eponymous debut, Milton Nascimento’s Milagre Dos Peixes, Caetano Veloso’s Transa, and Chico Buarque’s masterpiece Construção. Considering that original Som Livre copies of Línguas de Fogo fetch three-figure sums on the collector market, this reissue by the Sol Re Sol label is a godsend."

MINIMAL MAN – The Shroud Of (B.F.E.)
Highest possible recommendation!
Limited to 300 copies only - from the label who brought us Brainbombs, Vietnam, Instant Automatons and Tools You Can Trust (who you should also check out...)
“Minimal Man was founded in 1979, in San Francisco by avant-garde painter and filmmaker
Patrick Miller, and the band included a revolving cast of musicians from fellow SF art punks Tuxedomoon and future members of Factrix. Minimal Man have been historically marginalized in a fertile underground music scene that included many other influential artists (including Z’ev, Flipper and Nervous Gender), and they are no doubt unfavorably compared to stylistically similar artists such as Suicide, Chrome or even NON.   

In truth, the Minimal Man sound was somewhat derivative, but Patrick Miller’s intensity and willfully anti-musical aesthetic provide a fascinating footnote to the history of post-punk and industrial music. The debut album, The Shroud Of was released on Subterranean Records in 1981… The Minimal Man sound is relentlessly dark and aggressive, with cheap synthesizers and drum machines, jagged guitar and occasional shrieks of saxophone all purposely pushed into the red, creating a dissonant blanket of treble-heavy distortion. Patrick Miller’s vocals are unmodulated and flat, his lyrics nihilistic, each line echoplexed, doubled or otherwise mutated into a synthetic oblivion. Chugging sequencers spit out fuzzy non-melodies as Miller cultivates his Kafkaesque persona, full of anxiety, angst and existential dread. With lyrics that indicate an adolescent fascination with Philip K. Dick, William S. Burroughs and J.G. Ballard, Miller creates a cinematic ambience of high-contrast black and white, like a German expressionist filmmaker let loose in a recording studio. Just listen to the hypnotic, swirling maelstrom of noise and dark, grainy atmospherics on “Blue Step.” Perhaps because of its relative obscurity, Minimal Man’s debut album has weathered the sands of time gracefully, and with legendary acts Suicide and Tuxedomoon currently attempting to destroy their legacies with mediocre reunion albums, The Shroud Of sounds positively refreshing in comparison…” - Brainwashed

MORAL PANIC – s/t (Slovenly)
From the still smoldering cinders of NYC gunk-punk fuck-ups Livids, MORAL PANIC stomps brazenly on the scene and bears the torch on their debut self-titled LP. Ex-Livids geetard mangler Daniel Kelley and drumkit crusher Gregory Collins’ latest gang is in annihilating New Bomb Turks / Teengenerate attack mode, with a heady nod to Canadian power-pop obscuros The Nils on their most blistering cover of “Fountains.” Middle fingers are planted fast and firmly in the faces of back stabbers on “Harbor Fitness,” while paeans to tripodial felines bring a welcome smirk on “Ghost Leg.” Twenty minutes of breakneck punk fracas that you’ll be flipping over before you have a chance to load a bowl... Slovenly style!

MRS MAGICIAN – You’ll Fall In Love 7” (Thrill Me)
"It's been a pretty good year for Mrs. Magician. Back in May, the San Diego indie band put out Bermuda, a record full of trippy and spacey rock music, exploring both psychedelia and the great history of surf rock. Today, they're premiering new single 'You'll Fall in Love.' It's a compact track, packing together a lot of atmosphere, hopefulness and happiness into rapid-fire riffs. Optimistic sentiments ('Someday I'll fall in love') quickly sour ('Turn on the television so I can numb my skull') while the guitars kick into overdrive. The band's pop sensibilities are undeniable, imbuing insanely catchy riffs with subtler elements and instrumentation. Exactly what a single should do."—Clrvynt

NAG – False Anxiety 7” (Total Punk)
Atlanta is quickly becoming the southern capital of punk and one of it's busiest ambassadors would be BRANNON GREENE (PREDATOR, GHB, ACID FREAKS, FRANTIC, BEAT BEAT BEAT... the list goes on). NAG (pronounced Nog) is his newest project and expounds even further on the anxious energy of his previous outlet Predator. Choppy, angular guitars complemented by a truly killer rhythm section. Dark punk at it's finest. "False Anxiety" is the follow up to their killer 7 song demo from last year and is one of the most interesting original punk singles I've heard in some time. A band not to be missed live and look out for a full length on Total Punk later this year. 100% TOTAL PUNK!

O BANGO – s/t (Groovie)
When Brazilian band Os Canibais went into the studio to record its second album, they left Jovem Guarda (the country’s answer to Beatlemania) days behind and came out with a new name, Bango, and a new sound – that comprised psychedelia, hard rock, pop, soul and even Brazilian country music. Bango’s only LP was released in 1970 but besides being well recorded and having an inspired repertoire, had little success. After a few concerts, the group broke up and the record faded into obscurity. Over the years, Bango self-titled album (the band’s name is an old slang for money but also a plant used to make hashish) became a legend in its own right and started to gather attention. Songs like “Inferno no Mundo” and “Motor Maravilha” are killer tracks with amazing use of fuzz and wah-wah, gritty Hammond organ sounds, loud drums, catchy chorus and crazy moods that listeners will dive in even if they don’t understand the (Brazilian Portuguese) lyrics. On the other eight songs, the band goes from hard psych to soft ballads, from irreverent to phantasmagoric. If you like bands like Os Mutantes and the lost Brazilian bands from the late 60s /early 1970s like Spectrum, Liverpool and A Bolha, you will definitely dig Bango.

OMINOUS CIRCLE – Appalling Ascension (20 Buck Spin)
With membership from the blinding light regions of Portugal, The Ominous Circle is a burning black sphere of sinuous torment taking shape over their native land. Appalling Ascension is their initiation into this upper physical world, undulating like a prophesied curse into the increasing chaos of modern “life.” While the reverent tropes of contemporary Death Metal will be recognizable to Circle adherents, the cauldron is mixed in myriad conjurations that stray from the safety where inferior forces are prone to linger. Moments of oppressive Death Doom, grinding blasts of mania, rancid melodies and mid-tempo dynamic necromancy on tracks like “From Endless Chasms” and “As The Worm Descends” canonize these odious psalms into timeless lore.
For fans of Dead Congregation, Teitanblood, Triumvir Foul, Immolation, Irkallian Oracle, Aevangelist

[sold]  OMNI – Fever Bass 7” (Chunklet)
Limited to 200 copies only.
New single from Atlanta trio featuring Frankie Broyles (ex-Deerhunter) follows up last year’s debut Horizon on Trouble In Mind. For fans of lo-fi pop that channels Television, Devo, and Pylon.

OS HAXIXINS – Under The Stones (Groovie)
Perhaps the best advertisement for a non-English speaking garage psych band living in the very here and now. 12 tracks driven by the schizophrenic Diatron organ of Alex Romera and powerfull fuzz chords trough the fingers of Mr Fiuza. Ten original songs and two covers, inspired by the most obscure music made in the ‘60s.

OS PONTAS – Fuzz Jungle (Groovie)
OS PONTAS hash out SOUL and FUZZ influenced anthems, instrumentalizing soundtracks for a pompadour-shaking-freak-dancing good time. This is the second album, entitled, “Selva de Fuzz” FUZZ JUNGLE), 12 tracks capable of tweaking mustaches and wasting shoe soles down to their cores. The Tupi Spirit orders that the party starts now with OS PONTAS, since after all, they are the soundtrack to the jungle.

PALBERTA – Bye Bye Berta (Wharf Cat)
Highly recommended.
"Their sound is largely in line with the post-punk era’s great experimentalists - This Heat’s rattlesnake coils of toxic rhythmic interplay, Sun City Girls’ prankish melodies—but they approach these sounds with a sort of overloaded glee, crashing and careening through styles and sounds for little more than a couple minutes at a time. Then, they’ll awkwardly trade instruments before barreling through another sub-two-minute track." - Pitchfork (7.7)

PHANTOM SURFERS & DICK DALE – Conquer Your World (Groovie)
Limited to 500 copies only.
The Phantom Surfers have been consistently paying tribute to Los Angeles’ surf music and to the North West's garage-rock for decades. Reissue of their 1996 album, with none other than the surf guitar king, Dick Dale. With 3 unreleased tracks and new artwork.

PINHAS, RICHARD – Reverse LP+CD (Bureau B)
"This is music that demands and deserves our attention." (The Quietus)
Richard Pinhas recorded seven influential albums as the leader of French space-rock pioneers Heldon in the 70s, with a further five solo records before his six-year break from music in 1982. Since returning to the form in the 90s he has been prolific, collaborating with such luminaries as Merzbow, Yoshida Tatsuya, Oren Ambarchi, Barry Cleveland, and Wolf Eyes.

PLANNING FOR BURIAL – Below The House (Flenser)
Planning For Burial is often simply characterized as “gloom,” which can be seen as a blend of slowcore, shoegaze, doom, 90s alt rock and drone, and this album offers nine sullen and frequently heavy songs that brim with nostalgia and suburban ennui.

[AUST / NZ]  POWER – Electric Glitter Boogie LP / CD (In The Red)
Includes download code.
Limited copies on red vinyl.
The appeal of Power is the spontaneous brilliance of live Australian hard rock music. The heat from relentless live performance in the greasy confines of the inner city pub was strong in the 70’s circuit, and the debut LPs of many of Australia’s greatest bands are the testimony of many late nights twitching and sweating it out.

REAL ESTATE – In Mind (Domino)
Includes download code.
Limited indies only heavyweight coloured vinyl with gold foil imprint artwork.

REQUIEM – For A World After (Mental Experience)
Highly recommended.
Includes download code.
First ever reissue of this obscure electronic Kraut album.
Dark progressive synth ambient meet Berlin–School sounds on this privately pressed, conceptual album which "tells the story of a world annihilation through nuclear war".
Requiem” is full of delayed psychedelic electric guitar, effects, cold drum machines, waves of analog keyboards (Korg MS20, Casioton ct201, Crumar DS-2, Jupiter-4…) and cosmic atmosphere.

RHYTHM CHECKERS, The – 1966/67 Wild Raw Eurobeat (Groovie)
Limited to 500 copies only.
Includes insert with complete history and previously unseen photographs.
The Rhythm Checkers were an exceptional beat group playing a raw mixture of rhythm and blues and rock and roll with a wild garage attitude. You could consider them the European Sonics. Formed by musicians native to France, Germany and Holland, they set the stage on fire during their shows in France between the years 1966 and 1967. In Strasbourg, the Rhythm Checkers released their first EP with their powerful composition “Cause I Need You” which is a real classic of European garage- rock. Their second EP is a unique document of their stage savageness thanks to the recordings captured live when they opened for Chuck Berry in Paris on February 1967.
[AUST / NZ]  ROGERNOMIX / BONECRUNCHER – split LP (Always Never Fun)
NZ hardcore split featuring Rogernomix and their explosive D-Beat and Bonecruncher bringing their brand of stadium crunch punk.

ROUTES, The – Skeletons (Groovie)
'60s-influenced, cool-sounding garage slop with heaps of fuzz!

[sold]  SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE  - Burning The Threshold (Drag City)
In preparing for the first album of non-Hexadic SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE music since 2012’s Ascent, BEN CHASNY had a think about what he’d be saying in his own tongue for the first time in a half-decade. As ever, a head-full of ideas were driving him to think and speak music as a spirituality superimposed onto a reality, with the ghosts of both whispering at each other. In the end, what sits in our listening ears is the sound of communion. Burning the Threshold brings a wealth of Six Organs-styled lightness into one of his sweetest musical meditations yet. With a spacious acoustic soundstage, Burning the Threshold may actually more resemble 2011’s Asleep on the Floodplain. Or it may more resemble Compathia, or School of the Flower.

SLEAFORD MODS – English Tapas (Rough Trade)
Highly recommended.
Limited red vinyl.
New fourth full-length release for the minimal working class British post-punk duo. Jason Williamson's stream-of-consciousness ranting & austere reportage has helped Sleaford Mods develop their songwriting while retaining its intensity. English Tapas, as with most of the Mods material can't help but represent a telling state-of-the-nation address.

SWAMPS, The – Rockin’ Mess (Groovie)
Highly recommended.
Limited edition green vinyl.
Great Japanese take on the Gories. Swamps were formed by Kim and Miss Koko in 2011 and since then they’ve been refining their swampy sound filled with dirty guitars, primitive drums and howlin vocals. They don’t care about bass. A wall of guitars is way better. If you can picture a combination of The Cramps, The Oblivians or Jack’O Fire, born in the far away island of Hokkaido, Japan, you’ll get the picture.
“Remember The Gories with their fucked up solos, off tempo and beat, sounding as wasted as they can be? This is the Japanese translation. Infused with fury of the blood orange sun, it’s a collection of rollicking tunes for the rollers, rockin’raucousness for the rockers, and carnal drumming for the carnivores that will send your ass dancing to Nippon.” Daria - BANANAS MAGAZINE

TEMPLES – Volcano (Heavenly)
New second full-length release for the British psychedelic pop band. On 'Volcano', Temples trade in time travel for space travel, as the guitar riffs and grooves are replaced with pulsating synth and drum beats. Fans of the first record might miss that '60s tone at first, but repeat listens reveal the Temples we know and love. Available on colored vinyl while it lasts.

TOOLS YOU CAN TRUST – Working And Shopping (B.F.E.)
Highly recommended.
Limited to 300 copies only. Last copies from the fantastic label who brought us Instant Automatons, Minimal Man, Brainbombs, Vietnam, Bronze and more...
Excellent post punk / industrial / no wave from this underrated and overlooked band from Manchester (1982-86). Creating music from a mixture of drums and metal percussion, with only minimal use of guitars, and strongly politicised lyrics. They came from the Hulme district of Manchester and the group essentially comprised the duo of Stedman and Ward with other members coming and going throughout their career, which also included three sessions for John Peel’s Radio 1 show.
“The hillbilly howling of Alan Vega turned into a tight, monochrome cockney mantra giving an answer to the New York no wave.”

[AUST / NZ]  UNSANITARY NAPKIN – Patriotic Grooves (Always Never Fun)
Highly recommended.
New Zealand anarcho feminist hardcore, solid tongue in cheek thrashers with an 'orgasmic sing-a-long songbooklet' included.

UV-TV – Glass (Deranged)
New album from Gainesville, Florida punk band UV-TV. The band plays a sort of sweet, melodic, ultra-hooky form of pop-punk, one that recalls the best tracks to emerge from the ’90s twee underground of the UK. But they supercharge those songs, playing them with the feverish ferocity of some of the best DIY hardcore of right now.

v/a – GHOST WOMAN BLUES (Mississippi)
Compilation of absolutely must have country blues. A mix of well known artists playing their signature songs and more obscure musicians.

Turkey has an extremely colourful musical background that is influenced by many different cultures. Below its dull surface covered with commercial productions, the freer depths of Turkey’s musical ocean is still vibrant and exuberant with countless young groups pushing the limits of sound and rhythm.
Anatolian Rock was one of the most authentic and distinctive contributors of the first global psychedelic upheaval in late 60s and early 70s – and it still echoes in the works of Turkish modern rock bands. Indeed, modern Turkish psychedelia is something that is fully connected to the roots of a natively global sense of expression, which can be easily discriminated from other national products such as American Garage Bands, German Krautrock and British Psychedelia. The uniqueness of Turkish psychedelia is hidden in the historical and geographical exposure of its musical psyche.

VASTUM – Carnal Law (20 Buck Spin)
Vastum’s 2015 album, Hole Below, set a horrifying new precedent for punishing but cerebral US death metal that echoed throughout the underground. Carnal Law, the band’s formidable debut from 2011, is a testament to their mental and physical prowess, starting from the very beginning.  Issued on vinyl by Deific Mourning / Contagion Releasing (CD on 20 Buck Spin) in a one-time limited version of 500 copies, this album disappeared and has since been unavailable on vinyl for five years, until now, with a fresh punishing re-master courtesy of Brad Boatwright at Audiosiege. Both the progressive and regressive elements that made Hole Below such a heralded monument of death metal were evident already here: tasteful, recognizable leads — not unlike the virtuosity one notes in mid-period Death or Carcass — appear throughout but never overwhelm the fetid odor of vice at the album’s core.

[AUST / NZ] VIETNAM – s/t (B.F.E.)
Highly recommended.
Limited to 280 copies only.
"There’s little to be found about Vietnam, yet another extremely difficult band name to Google, but I do know that they existed for a short period of time as part of New Zealand’s post-punk movement and released this record in 1985 on Jayrem Records, a catch-all label for local artists.
There’s the pre-requisite Joy Division influence present in the vocals (fans of De Press, The Opposition, Stranger to Stranger, and Dropopop should enjoy this one especially) but the music jumps from moody post-punk and flirts occasionally with jangle-pop progressions and dreamy, Cure-esque melodies."

Drug-drenched, exotica-tinged, psych records that are held in high esteem amongst collectors.
Sourced from the master tapes. Original mono mixes.

Atlanta Georgia’s Whores have made their reputation on the backs of two excellent EPs, Ruiner (2011) and Clean (2013), and a riotous live show that has garnered them fans all over the United States. Gold is their first full length album and also their first album for their newer, bigger label. With all this pressure, you would wonder if the band would take a major misstep. Well, you would be wrong, because they have stepped up and delivered, with not only one of the finest noise rock albums of the year, but also one of the best loud rock albums, too.

WICKED LADY – Complete Recordings BOX (Guerssen)
If you are looking for raw, psychedelic hard–rock, look no further! Presented here are the complete recordings (1968–1972) from Wicked Lady, the legendary UK underground power trio leaded by ace guitarist Martin Weaver, later a member of Dark on their "Round the edges" album.

WOLFGANG – Eliminate Hate (Out-Sider)
Highly recommended.
Includes download code.
An unusual blend of 60s garage-punk, Texas psychedelia (think 13th Floor Elevators or Golden Dawn), The Seeds, The Misunderstood, late era Velvet Underground, ‘70s era Stones and ‘70s pre-punk swagger. Awesome distorted steel guitar, super snotty vocals and the killer “Wolf” Mike Long (Stone Axe, Josefus) on electric guitar.

WORM OUROBOROS – What Graceless Dawn 2LP (Profound Lore)
Amalgam of morose 4AD-esque doom, introspective death rock, dark ambient, and enchanting chamber goth. Replete with obsessive bass lines, ambient guitar layers and overtones, the alluring vocal inter-twinings between Rath and Way, and Dekker’s subtle yet procession-like percussion, this sonic vision of tragedy and despair brings the curtain down on the year with one of the most crippling and gut-wrenching releases in the realm.

WORSE – Rubber Burner (Deranged)
Highly recommended.
New York City’s Worse have made an album of noisy rock’n’ roll songs that don’t shy away from being punk. Rubber Burner is heavy on pop sensibilities with guitars that blare through, sounding like classic ’90s bands Harvey Milk and Hammerhead. The slugging drawl of the instruments bleed into the two-singer vocals and what you’re left with is a puddle of punk rock goodness. Rubber Burner can sound like Flipper and “Floyd the Barber”-era Nirvana at times, but also draws from The Cows or even The Butthole Surfers - all nine songs stand alone independent of each other.


ANTISEEN – Southern Hostility (TKO)
ANTISEEN – We’re Number One (TKO)
BASS DRUM OF DEATH – GB City (Fat Possum)
BJORK, BRANT – Tao of the Devil (Universal)
BLACK MECHA – I.M Mentalizing (Profound Lore)
BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE – Sunset Mission 2LP (Groove Attack)

BOLDER DAMN – Mourning (Guerssen)
Ultra heavy, fantastic and fuzzed out proto-doom hard rock monster from Florida, 1971.  For fans of Sabbath, Pentagram, Blue Cheer, MC5 etc.

BYRNE, JULIE – Not Even Happiness (Ba Da Bing)
CHEATER SLICKS – On Your Knees (Almost Ready)

CHRISMA – Chinese Restaurant (Spittle)
CHRISMA – Hibernation (Spittle)
Highly recommended.
It's 1977. The New Wave movement was in full swing and bands from all around the world were releasing albums...and that included Italy! The songs on these album have a minimalist vibe ala, Suicide, Neu!, The Normal & The Flying Lizards.

COACHWHIPS – Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine (Castle Face)

COAGUL - La Forja Centrípeta (B.F.E.)
Limited to 250 copies only. From the same label who brought you Brainbombs, Multiple Man and Minimal Man. Spanish industrial-synth madness performed solo by one Marc O’Callaghan, go figure.

COHEN, LEONARD – Recent Songs (Music On Vinyl)
COHEN, LEONARD – You Want It Darker (Sony)
CONSUMERS – All My Friends Are Dead (In The Red)

DE LA ROSA, SAM – Chameloen (B.F.E.)
Sam De la Rosa, known for being Led Er Est´s lead singer, features a sound that resonates with sci-fi soundtracks and, by means of structure, depicts an aural yet lethargic ascension to outer space. His obscure and rusty pop songs, incorporating sounds coming into contact with oxygen tempered by folk forms, develop like roots that break up solitary urban concrete that looks back at abandoned geodesic domes.” Elvis Von Doom

DEAD MOON – Strange Pray Tell (Mississippi)
DEAD MOON – Trash And Burn (Mississippi)

DIAT – Positive Energy (Adagio 830)
One of the finest albums of 2015, back in stock and highly recommended for fans of Total Control.

DINOSAUR JR. – Beyond (Play It Again Sam)
DINOSAUR JR. – Hand It Over (Vinyl 180)
DINOSAUR JR. – Where You Been (Vinyl 180)
DINOSAUR JR. – Without A Sound (Vinyl 180)
DOORS – s/t (Warner)
DR. BOOGIE – Gotta Get Back To New York City (Dead Beat)
DYING SHAMES, The – s/t (Dead Beat)
[sold]  EBBOT & THE INDIGO CHILDREN – For The Ages To Come (Groove Attack)
EX CULT – Cigarette Machine (Castle Face)
EX CULT – Negative Growth (In The Red)
[sold]  FEEHAN, MARK – MF (Siltbreeze)
FEELIES – Crazy Rhythms (V2)

[AUST / NZ]  FRANCIS WOLVES – s/t (Valley Heat)
Brisbane instrumental heavyweights The Francis Wolves debut album. From the dark undertones and fuzzed-out horns of Gothic Surf Club to the ‘funky as shit’ drum beat and Californian highway vibe of Oh So L.A., The Francis Wolves take you on a journey, not through time and space, but across oceans into foreign lands where the echoes of Fela Kuti, Cairo Jazz Band and Mulatu Astatke are still heard. While The Francis Wolves might ha a soft spot for West African dancefloor music, this is no ordinary afrobeat record. Chief songwriter and “Dean of Setlists” Brian L’Huillier spent most of his time during the writing phase watching Clint Eastwood westerns and listening to the original Nuggets compilation. The result is a gritty and tough record with just the right amount of soul. It takes no breath, no prisoners and wastes no time in dishing out 8 garage-soul belters drenched in cool reverb and hot fuzz.

FRANK, JACKSON C. – The Complete Recordings (Ba Da Bing)
Plagued by tragedy with the most haunting music to show for it, Frank’s life can be heard through his music, which has been covered by the likes of Nick Drake, Simon & Garfunkel, Fairport Convention, Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes, Colin Meloy of The Decemberists, John Mayer, South Korean jazz singer Nah Youn Sun, French singer Graeme Allwright, and sampled by Nas for “Undying Love.” While never fully recognized as one of the great musicians of the ’60s, Frank clearly had his fans.

If Mission of Burma were from Sao Paulo, they might sound like Gattopardo.

GERMAN ARMY – Jivaro Witnesses (B.F.E.)
German Army incorporates the memories of the vintage recordings of Cabaret Voltaire, Dark Day, Hafler Trio, and Kaa Antílope.

GOGGS – s/t (In The Red)

HIGH SPEED & AFFLICTED MAN – Get Stoned Ezy (Guerssen)
Highly recommended.
"High energy post- Stooges, wah- guitar brain- melt of the highest/lowest order. One of the great lost albums of the 80's. Fucking essential." Ripley Johnson (Moon Duo / Wooden Shjips)
"Too freaked out for punks, too punked out for freaks, 'Get Stoned Ezy' is a bloodbath of pedal stomping carnage"” Tom Lax (Siltblog)

[AUST / NZ]  HOWARD, ROWLAND S. – Pop Crimes (Fat Possum)

INUTILI – Elves, Red Sprites (Aagoo)
Highly recommended.
Includes download code. Clear blue vinyl.
These whacked out Italians start the album off with a noisey, fucked up jam / skronk of "Red Spider Fever" which bleeds into an amazing psychedelic headtrip for the rest of the album. One of 2016's finest releases for sure!

JANSCH, BERT – It Don’t Bother Me (Superior Viaduct)
JUNGLE NAUSEA – s/t (Water Wing)
[AUST / NZ]  KING GIZZARD – Quarters (Castle Face)
KYUSS – And The Circus Leaves Town (Elektra)
LE BON, CATE – Rock Pool 12” (Drag City)
LIFE FUCKER – 7” (Static Age)
MANTS, The – Do The Dummy (Dead Beat)
MODERN LOVERS – s/t (Music On Vinyl)
NEU! – s/t (V2)
NEU! – Neu 2 (V2)
NEUROSIS – Fires Within Fires (Neurot)
NOBUNNY – Secret Songs (Goner)
NOTS – Cosmetic (Goner)
OH SEES, THEE – Castlemania 2LP (In The Red)
PALLBEARER – Foundations of Burden 2LP (Profound Lore)

PC WORSHIP – Social Rust (Dull Tools)
“…throughout its running time touches on dark post-punk, psychedelic rock, and outsider folk, while still finding some time to keep their noisier roots intact.” – Andrew Sacher, Brooklyn Vegan

PIG RIDER – The Robinson Scratch Theory 2LP (Guerssen)
Highly recommended.
Bedroom / lo–fi psychedelia by these unsung heroes from the 80s DIY cassette culture scene.
From outsider synth–pop to Barrett–esque lysergic folk, from lo–fi garage–punk to basement prog: acid–fuzz guitars, cheap keyboards, primitive electronics, homemade vibe and bizarre, funny lyrics.
"...How can it be possible that a band like this, with such a huge and fantastic catalog stayed in the shadow all these years? There is no other example like this in the music history, as far as I can think of, making it one of the more interesting band ever. Pig Rider could be the first truly DIY band predating The Desperate Bicycles by a few years..." – Alexandre Mansuy (Somewhere There Is Music)

PINK FAIRIES – Kings of Oblivion (Polydor)

PINK SECTION – s/t (Superior Viaduct)
Highly recommended.
An unusual brand of off-kilter post-punk against a backdrop of Dadaist aesthetics. While the hallucinatory layers of male / female vocals on “Shopping” conjure images of deranged domesticity and ’50s Americana gone haywire, the fractured riffs of “Midsummer New York” deconstruct Yoko Ono’s original even further, stripping bare Pink Section’s fondness for angular rhythms and out-of-control oscillations This first-time retrospective LP collects the band’s rare 1979 single, the self-titled EP, unreleased demos and live material. Recommended for fans of Suburban Lawns, Units, and DEVO.

POISON IDEA – War All The Time (TKO)

PROMISE – s/t (Got Kinda Lost)
Highly recommended.
If you’re continuously searching the margins for lost artifacts of the pop pantheon, you can find your daily dose in late period exponents of pure, lean, Beatlesque early ’70s power pop, Promise. Originally issued...

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New arrivals to Friday 3rd March, 2017

New arrivals to Friday 3rd March, 2017

(all LP unless noted otherwise)

BLANCK MASS – World Eater (Sacred Bones)
New album by Benjamin John Power (Fuck Buttons) Blanck Mass project, is a reaction to the human race consuming itself. There is an underlying violence and anger throughout the record, even though some of these tracks are the closest Power has ever come to writing, in his words, “actual love songs.”

CAUSTIC RESIN – The Medicine Is All Gone 2LP (Scavenger Cult)
Highly recommended.
First time on vinyl. Gatefold double LP with insert. Remastered from original tapes.
Caustic Resin vocalist/guitarist Brett Netson is also a longtime member of indie rock heroes Built To Spill and currently plays in drone legends Earth as well as fronting his own Brett Netson and Snakes.
Bridging the gap between the late 80's SST/Sub Pop guitar scorchers and modern noisy blues rockers such as The Drones, Caustic Resin had their heyday of sorts with this album. The combination of psych jams and grunge aesthetics isn't the most unique concept in 90's alt-rock but here the execution is about as good as it ever got. Despite generally good dramatic arcs within the songs, there are no pop hooks to speak of. The appeal of the album is in its avalanche of relentless riffs that occasionally give way to some breathing room, creating an organic ebb and flow throughout it all. You can really hear where the main influence for Built to Spill's change of style during the late 90's came from.
“I was obsessed with this record when it was first released and it still blows my mind — a forgotten classic of American underground rock” — Mark Lanegan

COMET GAIN – Realistes (M’Ladys)
Highly recommended.
Lo-fi indie darlings' 2002 full-length back in print on vinyl, one time limited pressing, mastered loud and with new liner notes.
The pretty songs are real swooners and the rock songs actually rock on this great indie pop LP. Sensitive, shambling, mildly noisy British pop from a band who sound like they have a Sarah Records 7" collection and posters for Truffaut and Godard films hanging up in their practice space. These songs are too good. And the album is well-sequenced, with lots of diverse moods, tempos, and arrangements rubbing up against each other, like most great pop LPs. Let's also mention the perfect hazy production that never sounds too "hi-fi".

COMET GAIN – City Fallen Leaves 2LP (M’Ladys)
Released in 2005 on CD only, now available on vinyl.
This is quality brit pop/punk from some long running scenesters who are still trying to romance and romanticize but are almost getting too old for it. Some of it is hard, some of it is pretty, a lot of it is catchy. Plenty of spit, spunk, and jangle to go around.

DEEP, The – Psychedelic Moods of the Deep 3LP (Lion Productions)
Expanded deluxe edition of The Deep’s one and only album, originally released in 1966 and now well-established as a psychedelic classic. One night in a darkened Philadelphia studio, the Deep (Rusty Evans, songwriting partner and producer Mark Barkan, the legendary David Bromberg, whose credits include playing with Bob Dylan and many others, plus a bevy of talented musicians) laid down tempestuous garage punkers, sweetly-twisted ballads and ambiguous weirdness, all rife with hyper-psychedelic lyrical flashes of a rolling midnight expressway through the subconscious mind. A perfect representation of the psychedelic sound: free-form poetry, infectious drum beats, fuzzed out guitar, and playfully plucked bass (and vibes and tympani and so on), swirl together, coalescing into some of the most impressive psychedelic rock you’ll hear. Cuts like ‘Your Choice To Choose,’ sound very Seeds-like or proto-Velvet Underground, Lou Reed snarl and all; others like ‘Shadows On The Wall’ and ‘Wake Up and Find Me’ are haunting acid ballads: the whole point of the album was to thoroughly explore the hallucinatory agony and ecstasy of a 12-hour Technicolor dream… although the end result is more amphetamine edgy than acid-soaked trippy. The Deep “Psychedelic Moods” pre-dates its closest kindred spirit in sound and energy (albeit not subject matter): “The Velvet Underground and Nico" came along five months later, and the world of music shifted on its axis—but too late for the Deep.
This 3xLP release of “Psychedelic Moods” is taken from the original four-track master tapes. In addition to the superlative master takes, there are three sides of out-takes and alternates from the Deep original four-track session tapes. This set also marks the vinyl debut of all known recordings by Inner Sanctum (aka Hydro Pyro), another LSD trip project produced by Mark Barkan in 1966. Tip-on gatefold art has liner notes detailing the mysterious rise and fall of this New York City band. Made with full co-operation of original Deep producers, Mark Barkan and Rusty Evans. A definitive example of the psychedelic sound.

[AUST / NZ]  FLYING CALVITTOS – Goodbye You Spaghetti Punks 7”EP (Insolito)
Highly recommended.
Reissue in a limited edition of 300 copies of mega-rare and super-obscure true classic from the Australian underground, originally released in 1980. The 5 songs on this EP are ranging from sick and noisy Weirdo-Punk à la ELECTRIC EELS to RESIDENTS-like oddities. Super-chic packaging as well, in a fold-out cardboard-sleeve and with two fullcolor-print postcard inserts.
"Facts are a little thin on the ground for this one. It's two brothers of Italian extraction, called Calvitto. Production is by later producer to the indie stars of Sydney - Phil Punch. The studio was called Groove, we think on the North shore somewhere, and Groove, owner of the eponymous studio and label, plays drums on here. We hear he was also the lender of the punk influence on this track. The rest of the EP is DIY in nature; we hear the influence of the Residents. Not to say the rest isn't worthy - it's some of the finest DIY from Australia." - Wallaby Beat

FOXYGEN – Hang (Jagjaguwar)
Includes download code.
Limited edition colour vinyl.
New fifth full-length release for the California indie rock duo of Sam France and Jonathan Rado. Hang is decadent & dramatic eight-song concoction, a joyful, lush and fittingly grandiose suite featuring a full symphony orchestra. Much like Scott Walker doing Jacques Brel.

HAZLEWOOD, LEE – 13 (Light In The Attic)
13 was never supposed to be a Lee Hazlewood album. It is perhaps the strangest record in one of the most varied discographies in music. The bombastic brass-heavy funk, deep blues and soul paired with Hazlewood's subterranean baritone would be best enjoyed with a tall Chivas in an off-strip seedy Vegas lounge.

HOLY MACKEREL – s/t (Ship To Shore)
The Holy Mackerel is one of the most underrated albums of the Sixties. Fronted by then-up-and-coming Paul Williams and produced by Richard Perry (two personalities who would soon define the musical tones of the Seventies), Perry tapped Williams to record his own album after featuring Williams’ “Fill Your Heart” on the flip-side of Tiny Tim’s hit “Tip-Toe Thru’ The Tulips With Me.” Part music album and part like the soundtrack to a lost sub-culture movie, The Holy Mackerel traverses the spectrum of Sixties-synonymous musical sounds; psych-rock to sunshine pop to folk rock to country rock to AM pop – it’s all here.

[AUST / NZ]  KILL DEVIL HILLS – In Or Near Under Water (Bang!)
Limited to 500 copies only.
Fourth album from The Kill Devil Hills, one of Australia's best kept secrets. Coming from the isolated city of Perth, these musicians continue their growth and evolution, delivering the very finest and most intense music which takes the listener, with their unique stamp and signature, to the world of The Drones, The Beasts of Bourbon, Kim Salmon, The Gun Club, and Johnny Cash.

LEKMAN, JENS – Life Will See You (Secretly Canadian)
Includes download code.
Limited colour vinyl edition.
At long last, the twee prince of Gothenburg returns with ten tasty feel-good jams about hustling on the streets with Mormons, self-reflections at a wedding and 3D-printing tumors. You know, real street shit.

[AUST / NZ]  MANIKINS – From Broadway To Blazes 2LP (Manufactured Recordings)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended.
From the same scene that begat the Scientists and the Victims came Perth, Australia’s The Manikins. Founded by Neil Fernandes — a former member of the legendary Cheap Nasties with future Scientists member Kim Salmon — the Manikins bridged the rawness of their Aussie punk contemporaries with melodic Power Pop. From Broadway to Blazes features all the bands’ essential recordings from 1971 to 1981, including the three criminally rare and outrageously expensive self-released 7" singles (Models for Mankind, Premonition and Love at Second Sight), their DiY cassette and more unreleased studio recordings as well as detailed liner notes by Fernandes. Manufactured Recordings presents one of the final, untold stories of the original Australian Punk and New Wave scene.

MCMULLAN, HAYES – Everyday Seem Like Murder Here 2LP
Gold vinyl edition, limited to 200 copies only.
Double LP housed in deluxe gatefold sleeve. Remastered from original tapes.
Bluesman. Sharecropper. Church deacon. Civil Rights activist. Hayes McMullan should be a name on every Blues aficionados’ short-list and thanks to the preservation fieldwork carried out by one of the genre’s greatest researchers some 50 years ago – it might soon be.
Born in 1902, Hayes McMullan was discovered by the renowned American roots scholar, collector and documentarian Gayle Dean Wardlow. Wardlow, author of the seminal blues anthology Chasin’ That Devil Music – Searching for the Blues, may be most famous for uncovering Robert Johnson’s death certificate in 1968, finally revealing clues to the bluesman’s mysterious and much disputed demise. Moreover, in his tireless and committed mission to preserve the Blues for future generations, he captured McMullan’s raw talent on tape and on paper. Wardlow recorded these sessions, transcribed the songs and now, writes the sleeve-notes for this landmark release.

[AUST / NZ]  METHYL ETHEL – Everything Is Forgotten (Dot Dash)
Limited edition Neon Pink vinyl. Gatefold sleeve.
“Jake Webb must be drinking from the same enigmatic elixir that runs in Perth's tap water and out of Kevin Parker and Luke Steele's kitchen taps. On second album, Everything Is Forgotten, art-pop and psychedelic eccentricities weave with Webb's androgynous, disarming vocals to create the familiar reverbed dreamscapes from 2015's Oh Inhuman Spectacle, this time with tighter stitching.” – The Music

MINUS THE BEAR – Voids (Suicide Squeeze)
Includes download code.
Limited edition colour vinyl.
There are many slower moments, but there's a glimmer of early Minus the Bear hiding in these tracks. It’s missing some of the mathy guitar-work heard on earlier releases, but sections throughout bring it back. If you prefer a calmer version of the group, you will enjoy this.

MODERN ART – Underwater Kites (Color Tapes)
Modern Arts' Gary Ramon released this previously obscure minimalist synth pop album on cassette only on his early 1980's label Color Tapes. Newly remastered reissue, on vinyl for the first time, includes 3 previously unreleased tracks from the same session. Solid Space and Lives of Angels fans take note.

MODULATORS, The – Tomorrow’s Coming (Manufactured Recordings)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended.
Formed in 1980, New Jersey’s The Modulators are one of the unsung greats of the American power pop scene. Initially the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Joe Riccardello with help from producer/ lyricist (and Vintage Vinyl Records owner) Rob Roth, Ricardello released his first single Girl Trouble in 1980 just before bringing on friends Mark Higgins (guitar) and Mark “Cakes” Westlake (drums) to join the band. As a fully-formed trio, the Modulators began playing out across New Jersey in the early 80’s and recorded tracks for two local compilations and the band’s second, enduring single She’s So Cynical in 1982. Live gigs and songwriting continued, with the band often writing and recording more material than their release schedule could keep up with. Finally in 1984, the band released their first and only LP, Tomorrow’s Coming on Roth’s Vintage Vinyl Records. Full of timeless gems and quintessential 80’s power pop anthems, the record is now regarded as a genre classic by power pop collectors. Tracks like “Spin Me Around,” “If You Let Her Go,” and “Lost Without a Sound” display the Modulators’ smart songwriting, catchy hooks, and effortless pop sensibility. Bringing together the band’s entire discography with an additional 14 unreleased songs and demo tracks and liner notes from power pop collector Steve Borchardt.

MORRICONE YOUTH – Mad Max (Country Club)
Limited to 500 copies only. Includes download code.
Original live re-score composed and performed by MORRICONE YOUTH, inspired by George Miller’s Classic 1979 Australian Dystopian Action Film.
Devon E. Levins – Guitars, Keyboards
John Castro – Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
Dan Kessler – Analog Synths and Keyboards
Brian Kantor- Drums
Fraser Campbell – Saxophone, Flute, Keyboards
Aaron Bahr – Trumpet
Karla Rose Moheno – Vocals
Scott Hollingsworth – Keyboards, Percussion
Notes: Brian Kantor also drums with Nina Persson (The Cardigans), Nathan Larson (Shudder to Think) and Fruit Bats. Only analog synths, keyboards and drum machines were used on this recording, mostly those owned by Joe McGinty (Psychedelic Furs/Loser’s Lounge) at Carousel Vintage Recording Studio.

MORRICONE YOUTH – Night of the Living Dead (Country Club)
Limited to 500 copies only. Includes download code.
Original live score composed and performed by MORRICONE YOUTH to George A. Romero’s 1968 Zombie Classic.

MURO, DON – Synthesizer Pop for a New Age 1974-1978 (Flannelgraph)
Limited to 250 copies only on hazy multi-colour vinyl.
Previously unreleased for 40 years.
A music educator, composer and more, Don Muro takes us on a delightful journey through danceable jammers that would not be out of place on a Goodson-Todman production, sparse, contemplative prog and beautiful soothing space music and synthesizer instrumentals. Imagine your favorite local television station ID bumper from 1976 extrapolated into a full album of sonic bliss.

MUSHROOM – Psychedelic Soul On Wax (Little Mafia)
For nearly 20 years, Mushroom (from the San Francisco Bay Area) has produced their own brand of mostly instrumental 1970’s inspired psychedelic grooves – as well as collaborated (on stage and/or in the studio) with the likes of Krautrock legends Faust, Soft Machine’s Kevin Ayers, Daevid Allen of Gong, and Bundy K. Brown of Tortoise.
Psychedelic Soul On Wax (Eldridge Cleaver vs. Timothy Leary) is eighteen minutes and fifty-four seconds on Side A that blends a non-stop Krautrock groove with a 1971 speech by Eldridge Cleaver announcing his ‘house arrest’ of Tim Leary in Africa!
Side B are 3 somewhat shorter pieces, including a deranged take on the HAIR rock-opera classic “Let The Sun Shine In” featuring Ralph Carney of Tin Huey & the Tom Waits Band on horns plus two more lengthy workouts featuring the mellotron sounds of Matt Cunitz from Brightblack Morning Light & His Golden Messenger – weird, wicked, psychedelic instrumental music.

[AUST / NZ]  NECKS – Unfold 2LP (Editions Mego)
Behind the sumptuous blue cover showing blurry mountain reliefs in shape of electrocardiograms is 4 tracks, stretching from 15 to 22 minutes. Unfold is well-named; if the Necks' music has always been like an origami you'll never finish unfolding, then this new project increases the possible combinations and grants the curious enthusiast the opportunity to tell their own story. Unfold celebrates a 30 year career, each of the tracks presents a powerfully evocative vision of a different face of the Necks' style. Each piece is radically different from the three others, where we could've expected a microcosm summing up their studio career, we have something... different. Yet again.

OST – BASKET CASE by Gus Russo (Terror Vision)
First time ever released on any format. Soundtrack to the grimey 1982 cult classic.

OST – DON’T BREATHE by Roque Banos (Invada)
Includes download code.
Orange vinyl. Gatefold sleeve.
Roque Baños chilling score to the US smash hit Don’t Breathe. Baños, who has previously worked with the film’s director Fede Alvarez on the remake of Evil Dead, has crafted a truly unforgettable score combining harrowing atmospheric textures with sudden plunges into faster paced, pounding passages: a contrast executed with a unique and modern perspective. Baños’ score is reminiscent of works by composers such as Brian Reitzell (Hannibal, 30 Days Of Night) & Gustavo Santaolalla (The Last Of Us), whilst still maintaining his own unique style heard in previous works such as in The Machinist and Evil Dead.

OST – KILLING SPREE by Perry Monroe (Terror Vision)
First time the 1987 score has been released on any format.

OST – NIGHT EVELYN CAME OUT OF THE GRAVE by Bruno Nicolai (Death Waltz)
Soundtrack to the 1971 giallo brought back to life by Death Waltz Recordings.

OST – THE THING by Ennio Morricone (Waxwork)
180 gram “snow” white vinyl.
Includes 11” x 22” poster. Satin-coated gatefold sleeve with “UV Spot-Gloss”.
Waxwork Records presents the deluxe soundtrack re-issue to 1982’s sci-fi horror classic, JOHN CARPENTER’S THE THING. Composed by the legendary Ennio Morricone, the soundtrack to THE THING is a landmark musical composition that is cold, dark, minimal, and effective.
Features include the complete Ennio Morricone soundtrack re-mastered from the original master tapes, 180 Gram White-Snow colored vinyl, all new artwork by Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative, deluxe heavyweight packaging including satin coated old-style gatefold jackets with UV spot-gloss, and an an 11” x 22” poster.

OST – TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME by Angelo Badalamenti 2LP (Death Waltz)
Double LP, pressed on 180 gram 'Cherry Pie' coloured vinyl.
Limited stock available!
From the brooding opening bars of the main Fire Walk With Me Theme, Angelo Badalamenti’s gorgeous, eerie score introduces us to a cinematic experience which significantly begins with the smashing of a television screen. Just as the Main Title from Blue Velvet echoed the Hitchcockian hues of Bernard Herrmann, so here we have just the slightest touch of Taxi Driver, as Jim Hynes’ plaintive, keening trumpet soars above a landscape of melancholy keyboards, drawing us into a world which is at once alien and familiar.
The record comes housed inside a 425gsm gatefold sleeve featuring lyrics and liner notes by film critic Mark Kermode; the cover image by Sam Smith comes approved by David Lynch himself! The gatefold sleeve is then housed within a bespoke die cut outer jacket designed by Jay Shaw featuring super subtle white spot varnish text. The whole affair is finished with a top loading obi strip & pressed on ‘Cherry Pie' coloured vinyl.

PAPERHEAD – Chew (Trouble In Mind)
New record from the Nashville psych-pop trio. On coloured vinyl while it lasts.

PISSED JEANS – Why Love Now (Sub Pop)
Includes download code.
“On a less loaded song cycle, Why Love Now’s relative tunefulness would be the narrative. No wave pioneer Lydia Lunch produced the album along with black metal practitioner Arthur Rizk, and while that seems like it should be a recipe for discord, the pairing somehow resulted in the cleanest, most high-fidelity Pissed Jeans record yet. None of the bands’ primary influences ever made an album this approachable—not Melvins, not the Jesus Lizard, certainly not Pigfuck. The glistening post-punk riff on “Love Without Emotion” could have come from any number of friendly, telegenic British buzz bands; it’d be virtually unidentifiable as a Pissed Jeans track if not for Korvette’s phlegmy ogre routine. The band was wise to offer more carrot than stick for this one, though. Their music has never gone down easier, but their commentary has never hit so uncomfortably hard.” - Pitchfork

[AUST / NZ]  POWERLINE SNEAKERS – Disasterpiece CD (Kasumuen)
CD only.
Something of a supergroup of seminal Aussie 90s underground talent: - Sly Faulkner (Splatterheads) - John Nolan (Powder Monkeys) - Katie Dixon (Ripe) - Mark Hurst (Guttersnipes). They deliver a debut album filled with a firebrand rock’n’roll that has its roots firmly planted in Aussie punk.
“Faulkner’s brilliantly ragged and seasoned pipes have stood the test of time and again he stands and delivers” Martin Boulton, The Age/SMH
“I hope to hear a better rock and roll album this year but I probably won’t. I’ll be fine with that.” The Barman, i-94 Bar 5-star review

[AUST / NZ]  RED RED KROVVY – s/t (Helta Skelta)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended.
Perth punks, sounding like the Murder Punk comps run through a sieve and distilled into some sort of pure Australian Seventies punk-thud, like the second coming of Suicide Squad.

[AUST / NZ]  RINEHEARTS – Try Your Luck 7”EP (No Front Teeth)
Includes download code.
Rinehearts hail from Perth, this is their six-song debut EP. Something a little different for No Front Teeth: late '70s style power pop that worships at the altar of guitar jangle and ringing melodies. Like some forgotten A-side from the heyday of The Records and Incredible Kidda Band! There's quite a rich history of Aussie power pop, and Rinehearts seem poised to become part of it.

SCARLET RASCAL – s/t (Invada)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended.
Preceded by lead single “Venus”, Scarlet Rascal release their debut LP; an ambitious, rough and ready achievement which marries driving guitars with dark, hazy sonic textures and a strikingly deep vocal sound. Scarlet Rascal unite a distinct concoction of alternative ideas that tap into Joy Division, The Birthday Party and ‘Love’–era The Cult whilst also neatly neighbouring the likes of The Velvet Underground and Jesus and Mary Chain.

SLEATER-KINNEY – Live In Paris (Sub Pop)
First ever live album from the trio, recorded 3/20/15 during a sold out show on their international tour in support of their eighth album 'No Cities To Love'.

SMART REMARKS – Foreign Fields: 1982-1984 (Manufactured Recordings)
Smart Remarks began in 1980 with Todd Ellis (guitar, vocals), Chris Gordon (bass), and Ant Barbalace (drums) as an original punk/power pop trio out of Bordentown, NJ. School friends and co-workers at the local Ocean Spray Cranberry factory, the band was influenced by early power pop bands like Paul Collins’ Beat, The Records, The Knack, and especially the Staten Island, NY three-piece Dirty Looks. Smart Remarks recorded their first single Was It Something We Said… in 1982, which spawned the power pop classic “Mary’s Got Her Eye On Me.” Often the opening act for larger bands that came through town (The Replacements, The Ramones, Joan Jett, Haircut 100), the band became the favourite house band at Trenton, NJ’s famous City Gardens Night Club. Smart Remarks re-entered the studio in 1984 to record the five track EP Seriously Speaking with new bassist Steve DeStefano, which would become their final recording together. Collecting Smart Remarks’ entire discography and including liner notes from Randy “Now” Ellis, the famed owner of City Gardens, Foreign Fields: 1982- 1984 is a must for fans of classic, catchy US power pop.

v/a – COLD WAVES OF COLOR Vol.4 (A Color Tapes Product)
Fourth volume of the completely sold out electronic compilation series from the 1980’s Color Tapes label. As with the other volumes you can find great examples of cold wave, minimal wave and synth electronics made by obscure British bands such as Disintegrators, Mystery Plane, Berserk In A Hayfield and Lives of Angels—all recorded between 1980-1985, vestiges of the 1980’s UK cassette underground scene. Comes with poster insert and reproduction of issue 3 of Color Tapes’ own in house “Purple Twilight” fanzine from 1985 that features articles on Insane Music, Space Brothers and Lives Of Angels.
“This retrospective is well overdue. As you might expect, much of the material sounds like a cross between early Depeche Mode, curious Italian coldwave and proto-EBM. Pleasingly all the material has been remastered by legendary engineer Denis Blackham, giving the original analogue sounds a whole new lease of life. Essential stuff” -Juno review
“A must have collection of English post-punk rarities sourced from the legendary Color Tapes label” – Boomkat Review

By 1970, the folk revival had all but ended. Gone were the heady days of "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" and "If I Had A Hammer." Hootenanny had been cancelled. Broadside was out, Rolling Stone in. Richard Farina was dead; Bob Dylan had plugged in. Paths paved by Joan Baez and Judy Collins had led a younger, more introspective generation of songwriters into the woods, while the ethos forged in weather-beaten hills and tempered on the lower east side of Manhattan was being reborn in the canyons of California, as songs for seagulls crafted in Joni Mitchell's visage. Culled from beyond the crop of crit-revisionist darlings Linda Perhacs, Judee Sill, or Vashti Bunyan, Ladies From The Canyon examines the world of private folk via the works of 14 unlikely heroines who sang beneath the infrastructure of the music business, playing to coffeehouse chatter and church picnic silence. Each of these Wayfaring Strangers walk in the handmade aesthetic of lyrics scribbled into faded denim, of delicate movements captured and released.

VEXX – Wild Hunt 12” (Upset The Rhythm)
Highly recommended.
VEXX hit the ground running like punk hasn't happened yet, with a fury rarely seen in the modern underground. Maryjane's lyrics and vocals are a clarion call of intent; on fire with possibility, whilst wrestling with the power of everything. She's such a force of nature as a frontwoman that you're left stunned as much as amazed. Meanwhile, Mike and Corey's guitar and drum fireworks have left almost all spectators breathless. Each song is a maelstrom, whipping band and audience alike into a whirlwind. Pushing forward, thinking harder, striking home.

[AUST / NZ]  ZERODENT – s/t (Alien Snatch)
Includes download code.
Thuggish no-bullshit punk rock with some power pop tunefulness. You get a certain cold mid-80s feel sometimes, giant-blanks of industry ruins and wastelands, but do things ever really change? Bordering on no-wave and late 70´s UK blue collar punk churlishness, they don't get too angular and keep the melodies flowing in an early WIRE-like scrappy lo-fi punk style.


CIRCLE X – s/t 12” (Insolito)
Limited to 500 copies. 180 gram vinyl with original artwork plus liner notes.
Formed 1978 in New York, Circle X was born out of the ashes of No Fun and the I-Holes as Louisville’s first punk rock band. Once the lineup of Circle X solidified, the formerly-punk band lunged headfirst into weirder, artier territory. Whether the big city’s burgeoning No Wave scene influenced Circle X or they influenced the scene is unclear; what is clear, though, is that Circle X was the most unique, most mysterious, and most un-heralded band hailing from that place and time.
This untitled 12-inch debut was practically without antecedent. It’s a lurching, squalling monster. Identified only by a symbol on the cover (a spray-painted circle with an "X" through it; the spelled-out name first appeared in '83), it pits Pinotti's screeched vocals against Witsiepe and the Letendres' bass-less, barely contained distorto-blare. The hatred and rage on this thing is palpable and when it coalesces perfectly with the music, as it does on the lead track, Tender, it’s pretty damn effective. Nothing sounded like this in 1979.
They arrived in New York at the tail end of No Wave, at the same time that equally ornery bands like Swans and Sonic Youth were getting revved up. Circle X are every bit as distinctive and attitudinal as Throbbing Gristle, PiL, Theoretical Girls, DNA, or Mars, yet they don't much sound like any of them. It has lost none of its intensity and rage.

DAMAGED BUG – Cold Hot Plumbs (Castle Face)
DICKINSON, JAMES LUTHER – Dixie Fried 2LP (Future Days Recordings)

[AUST / NZ]  FEATURES – X-Features (Flying Nun / Captured Tracks)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended.
The Features, perhaps more than anybody, were the band that provided the stylistic delineation between punk and post-punk in the Auckland, New Zealand scene.
The band formed in late 1979, drawing from the likes of Public Image Ltd, Wire, the emerging New York no-wave movement and Town’s passion for late period Beatles, the Features offered a far more experimental and jagged sound than most of their peers

GAINSBOURG, SERGE / BIRKIN, JANE – J’Taime (Light In The Attic)
GUN CLUB – Mother Juno (Bang!)
HAZLEWOOD, LEE – Cowboy In Sweden (Light In The Attic)
HERON OBLIVION – s/t (Sub Pop)

HORFORSTAELSE – Listening Comprehension (Manufactured Recordings)
Highly recommended.
Born out of the instant high of first hearing the Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop” and the Sex Pistols, Dan Personne and Klas Björkman threw out their hard rock records and formed a band together with creative/doer Anders Sjölander in suburban Stockholm. Taking advantage of Sweden’s close proximity to London, they shuttled back and forth to explore punk and new wave and scoured Rough Trade for the latest sounds. This eventually gave birth to Hörförståelse including new members Mats Wigerdal (formerly of minimal synth legends Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons), Örjan Magnusson and Olle Öfverberg in 1980.
“Förläst Jävel” (which roughly translates as “overeducated bastard”) is one of the keystone DIY punk 45s of the era. Casual ranting over a dizzying bassline and a scrappy keyboard which sounds like it was recorded in the apartment next door, Hörförståelse channels bands like The Fall or The Desperate Bicycles but through an intangible yet somehow distinctly Swedish filter. The band moved a bunch of copies of the record through its own distribution network, which included donating 50 copies to the aforementioned Rough Trade shop in London, but as the story usually goes, the record garnered little attention even domestically. With the punk era starting to wane and Swedish labels increasingly prioritizing English-language bands, there was no one willing to take a chance on Hörförståelse. Thankfully for us, the band went into the studio again in 1982 to record 8 hitherto unreleased songs, making up the backbone of this collection.

KITCHEN CINQ, The – When The Rainbow Disappears: An Anthology 1965-68 2LP (LITA)
[AUST / NZ]  KNOX, CHRIS – Seizure (Flying Nun / Captured Tracks)
[AUST / NZ]  LEECHES! – Lords of Dullsville (Bridge Sounds)
[bargain price]  MERCIER DESCLOUX, LIZZY – Mambo Nassau (LITA)
[bargain price]  MERCIER DESCLOUX, LIZZY – Zulu Rock (LITA)
[bargain price]  MERCIER DESCLOUX, LIZZY – One For The Soul (LITA)
[bargain price]  MERCIER DESCLOUX, LIZZY – Suspense (LITA)
MOON DUO – Occult Architecture (Sacred Bones)
MOSES, LEE – Time And Place (Future Days Recordings)
OMNI – Deluxe (Trouble In Mind)
PARQUET COURTS – Human Performance (Rough Trade)
POST INDUSTRIAL NOISE – Official Anthology (Medical)
[AUST / NZ]  POWDER MONKEYS – Time Wounds All Heals (Desperate)
[AUST / NZ]  RADIO BIRDMAN – Radios Appear (Australian Trafalgar)
[bargain price]  REATARD, JAY – Blood Visions RSD with bonus 7” (Fat Possum)
SHAGGS, The – Philosophy of the World (Light In The Attic)

[AUST / NZ]  SLUGFUCKERS – Three Feet Behind Glass / Instant Classic (Insolito)
The Slugfuckers were started in the late 1970s by Terry Blake (vocals), John Laidler (guitar) and Graham Forsyth (bass) who were all at the time students or recent graduates of the Department of General Philosophy at Sydney University. Craig Wilcox (keyboard), Gordon Renouf (guitar, sax), Austin Laverty (drumkit) joined soon after. They released two extremely rare singles in 1979 which are combined on this 12” and an album in 1981. Bridging the nascence of punk, DIY, and industrial, The Slugfuckers took the true intent of punk and carried it to a logical extreme. With shouted vocals, almost rudimentary playing, volume on ten and many obligatory messy interludes they enthralled, engaged and repelled in equal parts….
“A raw, underproduced angry attack that bores right into your brain.
It will catch the ears of those who can embrace abstract punk sounds or industrial harshness. To be filed alongside The Homosexuals, The Desperate Bicycles, The Instant Automatons, The Prats, Door and the Window, The Versatile Newts, etc etc. Avant / Post -punk madness that leaves you scratching your skull . Noise historians will wonder over the use of Manson references, Burroughs samples and Anti-art manifestos way before the Industrial boys tried to claim them as their own.” - Harbingersound. "
“...noisier and more abrasive than most first generation industrial stuff, a hell of a lot more punk than, say, The Lewd and intelligent in a scary, vicious bullying kind of way” - Johan Kugelberg, Ugly Things Magazine.

SONIC YOUTH – Bad Moon Rising (Goofin)
STOOGES – s/t (Elektra)
[bargain price]  THIN LIZZY – Shades of a Blue Orphanage (Future Days Recordings)
[bargain price]  THIN LIZZY – Vagabonds of the Western World (Future Days Recordings)
v/a – LISTEN WHITEY! 2LP (Light In The Attic)
[bargain price]  VEGA, ALAN / CHILTON, ALEX / VAUGHN, BEN – Live At Trans Musicales, Rennes, France December 1996 2LP (Light In The Attic)

WELCOME – Sirs (Luxury Products)
Includes download code.
Highly recommended.
Limited to 200 copies only.
Welcome was one of those enigmatic bands whose sound is hard to put your finger on ­ they were fiercely original which makes it hard to come up with easy comparisons. Originally released on CD by Fat Cat in 2006, they said: “Dynamic, stunningly arranged, and prone to fly off at unpredictable angles, ‘Sirs’ possesses a gnarled beauty very much Welcome’s own. Melodic, rhythmic and sonically ambitious, the record sits somewhere between the fractured, exploratory idealism of 60’s psych pop (The Creation, Revolver­era Beatles, Syd Barrett), and such non­conformist US alt/rock luminaries as Unwound, The Breeders and Deerhoof.”

WOODEN SHJIPS – West (Thrill Jockey)

EXEK – Biased Advice (Another Dark Age)
FEATURES – X-Features (Flying Nun / Captured Tracks)

FLYING CALVITTOS – Goodbye You Spaghetti Punks 7”EP (Insolito)
Reissue in a limited edition of 300 copies of mega-rare and super-obscure true classic from the Australian underground, originally released in 1980. The 5 songs on this EP are ranging from sick and noisy Weirdo-Punk à la ELECTRIC EELS to RESIDENTS-like oddities. Super-chic packaging as well, in a fold-out cardboard-sleeve and with two fullcolor-print postcard inserts.

KILL DEVIL HILLS – In Or Near Under Water (Bang!)
KNOX, CHRIS – Seizure (Flying Nun / Captured Tracks)
LEECHES! – Lords of Dullsville (Bridge Sounds)
MANIKINS – From Broadway To Blazes 2LP (Manufactured Recordings)
METHYL ETHEL – Everything Is Forgotten (Dot Dash)
NECKS – Unfold 2LP (Editions Mego)
POWDER MONKEYS – Time Wounds All Heals (Desperate)
POWERLINE SNEAKERS – Disasterpiece CD (Kasumuen)
RADIO BIRDMAN – Radios Appear (Australian Trafalgar)
RED RED KROVVY – s/t (Helta Skelta)
RINEHEARTS – Try Your Luck 7”EP (No Front Teeth)
SLUGFUCKERS – Three Feet Behind Glass / Instant Classic (Insolito)
ZERODENT – s/t (Alien Snatch)

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