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Highly recommended. 

"They work a welcoming, jangly path between the old-time notions of “college rock” (R.E.M., the Feelies, later Minutemen, Let’s Active, ‘80s Kiwi sounds like The Clean), and manage to squeeze everything they do down to that level of friendly, tuneful, communal bliss. There’s a Neo Boys cover for regional boosterism (and that they ruled, always helps), a cover of The Fall’s “Psycho Mafia” stripped of tension and filled with an all-seeing ebullience instead, and a pile of originals that touch on all points listed and then some (“Behind Orion” sounds like one minute spent in the “write a GBV song” correspondence school). It’s really goddamn sad to admit that these guys are part of a dying breed of musicians committed to doing it on their own terms, and it’s up to their fans to help them grow the audience that keys into their brilliant guitar pop. I feel like if they were from Australia, people would be falling all over them, but that’s a rose-colored lens to look through another time. Please support good bands, good people, and scrape off as much shit as you can in the years to come. Something tells me these artifacts will be needed to carry forward." - Doug Mosurock (Still Single) 

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