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WEEN - White Pepper LP

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WEEN - White Pepper LP

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This album shows that D & G are truly more than just a novelty act and they can actually write an entire album of perfect (still slightly off-beat) pop and rock songs. The genre hoping is still present but toned down compared to past (and future) albums. Highlights include some Jimmy Buffett style calypso - compleat w/steel drums on "Bananas and Blow" and the spot-on Steely Dan of "Pandy Fackler."
Those who feel that Ween are nothing but some insincere "Weird Al" act, are simply wrong. The talent possessed in Ween is unlike most any other band around. They can write any kind of song you can think of. This album is there most cohesive and it still has ballads, Caribbean, heavy metal, pop and a whole lot of songs that are simply hard to define.
White Pepper is also one of the rarest kinds of albums to me, I never tire of it, I have the attention span of a bored house fly and yet I can put this album on a continuous tape-loop and be entertained for hours.
I'm really surprised that a type of music geek calling that is RYM, that this group aren't the official band of this web-site we all frequent so often. There's something for everybody when it comes to Ween, and this album; if you like your music unique and eclectic, this is your new favorite band.

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