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Haldern Pop


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"In the late 80s and early 90s, U.C.P. were Sweden's majestic combined answer to The Stooges, Black Flag and the early freaked-out Pink Floyd." - David Fricke (Rolling Stone)

This 4th LP complete the cycle of Union Carbide morphing into what would become The Soundtrack of Our Lives, as three U.C.P members went on to form the original TSOOL incarnation.

Just read what a bloke from Melbourne had to say about THE GREATEST BAND EVER debut LP 'In The Air Tonight'. because well, he nails it.

"From Sweden hailed Union Carbide Productions and it's obvious to anyone with half a brain that these guys loved the Stooges.  They had the sound and they more than had the attitude to boot.  In some ways their sound, especially on the earlier songs on this album, sound too good to be true.  They certainly did their homework in 'imitating' that festering squall that made the Stooges such an awesome and ugly band.  The attitude here is one of absolute excess, fueled by whatever substance is going at the time.  I can very well understand the boredom that helps fuel the emotion that's on hand when you hear this great record." - James Jones

4th album, originally released in 1992. "Imagine getting Steve Albini involved as producer of your next album to make it more tuneful? Normally you'd think a guy with Albini's track record as a maverick producer and musician (his years as a member of Big Black), and his fondness for huge-sounding, distorted, potentially offensive records would create a wad of aural damage not too dissimilar to their debut. Wrong." --All Music Guide

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