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STICK MEN WITH RAY GUNS - Property Of Jesus Christ LP


STICK MEN WITH RAY GUNS - Property Of Jesus Christ LP

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"Great, horrible, dangerous, perfect." - David Yow

"a singularly inspired mixture of misanthropy, psychosis and an audience-baiting live show." - Mojo

"Stick Men with Ray Guns formed in 1981 in Dallas, a product of the same 275-mile long cultural petri dish that bred Big Boys, Butthole Surfers, The Dicks, and Scratch Acid. It's a testament to the influence and depravity of the first wave Texas hardcore scene that SMWRG's antagonistic antics have been largely lost to the ages. Their shows, according to local lore, verged on performance art. But scores of bands have since stolen their shtick - fighting audience members, using the mic as a public colonoscopy probe, etc.

The mythology of the Wild Frontman has masked early punk's capacity to attract people with mental illness. To be a wacko underground vocalist in the early 1980s, especially in places like Texas, meant being someone with an above-average capacity to inflict and receive punishment. Stick Men frontman Bobby Sox excelled at both." - Sam McPheeters, Vice

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