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SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES - Welcome To The Infant Freebase 2LP (colour vinyl)

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SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES - Welcome To The Infant Freebase 2LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited edition 1500 Gold colour vinyl copies.
Double 180 gram vinyl.
Highly recommended.

While much of The Soundtrack of Our Lives’ music does recall old masters such as The Who, The Doors and The Stooges, it’s not derivative. It updates it, it puts a fresh spin on it and it has unique qualities of its own. While their chunky riffs, swirling psychedelia and rocking tunes certainly recall the music of the early 70s, it still managed to keep one foot very much in the present. It’s the best of both worlds, which is no easy task to pull off, yet TSOOL could write big proper rock songs, with big proper riffs, boast a frontman that can actually sing, and musicians that can really play. 

If you are a fan of late-60s / early-70s rock, you owe it to yourself to give Welcome to the Infant Freebase a chance, if only to prove to yourself that even in the mid 90s they could still make them like they used to, instead of being over-awed by the giants of the past. Those that are fond of more modern sounds should also pay attention, as TSOOL show how this retro rock malarkey could be done without sacrificing your own identity.

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