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SIMON JOYNER - Lost With The Lights On LP


SIMON JOYNER - Lost With The Lights On LP

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Highly recommended. 

In over a decade of artistic exploration, Simon Joyner has never been content to make the same record twice. Lost With The Lights On is Simon Joyner's ninth full-length album, and it is a sprawling document in the grand tradition of the post-Dylan singer-songwriter epic. It begins with the narrator declaring "I got sick in the rain on some holy day, dreaming of St. Teresa and I lost all your pills after they spilled out of the bottle into my possible futures" and what follows are the promised vignette raptures, the possible futures from a creviced palm, where time and despair are corrosive but hope is never completely beaten, where dream and reality collide, standing in for each other on either side of a viscous world neither can complete alone.

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