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Includes download code. Debut self-titled album pressed on chunky 180 gram vinyl.

Four people crammed into a tiny makeshift studio above a bar on a boiling hot day doesn’t sound like the ideal way to make a great record. But when you’ve got members from The Peep Tempel, Graveyard Train, a bunch of beer and tonnes of throwaway energy to play some new songs, it’s more than enough.
Contrary to what the name suggests, they’re no San Fran-via-suburban Melbourne psych tribute band either. They’re a post-punk band full of spiteful boredom, loose nonchalance and a knack for a tasty chorus that smacks you in the jaw.

With all four members sharing vocal duties (themes ranging from the everyday to the absurd), each song has its own sound - underpinned by Steve's driving beats, Stew's melodic bass lines and Ezra and Matt’s fuzzed guitars.

There’s no time to look back within these songs. Each one takes a straight course with a direct message, barely veering off the path before ramming it back home again. It’s basic meat and potatoes, but doused in sriracha sauce. It’s like if The Ramones had laid off the glue, or if Wire had sat at the bottom of the pink flagpole drinking cans. It’s immediate and catchy, but it leaves you wanting to go back and explore exactly what the hell just happened.

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