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RADIOHEAD - Amnesiac 10"


RADIOHEAD - Amnesiac 10"

Gatefold double 10".

Amnesiac is an album cobbled together album from the remnants of the sessions to Radiohead's masterpiece Kid A. It lacks the cohesion as well as the compositional power of Kid A. Nevertheless, Radiohead was on a roll and it does manage to feature some compelling moments. The off-kilter "Pyramid Song," the highlight of the album, is more conventionally beautiful than anything on Kid A, while "Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors" is as unconventional as anything on it. The Amnesiac version of "Morning Bell" is less significant but more lovely. And the closer, "Life in a Glasshouse," can lay claim to being the only Radiohead track to feature a Dixieland jazz horn section. The rest of the album consists of the glitchy rock music they would perfect over the next decade. While its status is overly inflated because it is a Radiohead album, it still works well enough for what is.

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