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Toxic State


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Highly recommended.

Old hands of the New York punk scene tell new tales.

"There are eight tracks, most of them quite short, and they all rely on unfamiliar structures and arrangements. The vocals are also very distinctive, a Kate Bush-type maze of unintuitive rhythms and melodies. The music is somehow both minimalist and maximalist, big and loud but with rhythms that come across as sharp and lean. In that way, and many others, this EP reminds me of one of my favorite records (perhaps my favorite record), Wire’s Pink Flag. Brilliant and unique ideas fly past too quickly for the listener to process, all but forcing you into repeated, attentive listens. And just as Pink Flag is anchored by the pop bliss of “Mannequin,” so is “Behind You” the song you can’t wait to get to every time you drop the needle." - Sorry State

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