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PAT TODD AND THE RANKOUTSIDERS - Sons of The City Ditch LP (colour vinyl)

Dog Meat

PAT TODD AND THE RANKOUTSIDERS - Sons of The City Ditch LP (colour vinyl)

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Limited edition red colour vinyl. Black wax and CD available.

Highly recommended.

“Pat Todd is a true American Original. Raw, real and passionate – that’s what I think of when I hear the name, Pat Todd.” - Eddie Spaghetti

Dog Meat Records releases the new album by resurgent rock'n'roller and old friend PAT TODD and his band THE RANKOUTSIDERS. The 7th LP by LA's finest combo comes some 36 years after the label first worked with Pat, back when he fronted the legendary LAZY COWGIRLS. The new album shows that Pat’s voice and songwriting have only gotten stronger, and that he's got another killer band behind him, one that mixes classic '70s punk rock roots with country, blues and rock'n'roll in a manner that sits somewhere between EXILE ON MAIN STREET and L.A.M.F.

Pat Todd knows that rock’n’roll is not necessarily a young person's game, and nor is it a glamorous one; the name he gave this band points to where he and they are coming from. New originals like 'All We Have To Show', the horn-riffing rocker 'Living In A World of Hurt' and the raucous country-folker 'Goodbye to the World' are up there with anything he has ever written. And the band powers – their strengths are evident in the way they handle choice covers of JEFF BECK’s 1967 hit 'HI HO SILVER LINING' and DAVID JOHANSEN’s 1978 heartbreaker 'DONNA'.

For over 20 years, Pat Todd fronted the undisputed roots-punk kings of LA: THE LAZY COWGIRLS. Having landed in LA from Midwest outpost Vincennes, Indiana in the mid '80s, their live album Radio Cowgirl was the first release on scene prime-mover SFTRI and ultimately inspired a resurgence of classic 1976 RAMONES/SAINTS-style punk that stretched across the US into Europe, Japan and beyond, inspiring bands like THE MUFFS, NEW BOMB TURKS, OBLIVIONS, TEENGENERATE, ONYAS and others.

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