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OH SEES - Sucks Blood LP (colour vinyl)

Castle Face

OH SEES - Sucks Blood LP (colour vinyl)

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Never played. 
Limited edition "Half Water Half Mercury" colour vinyl. Black wax also available. 
Highly recommended. 

Punkapunkapunka. The second track is especially of note because after a couple mins of hazy shimmering & wasted vocals, the thing explodes in a load of weird sheet metal screeing which wouldn't be out of place on a musique concrete disquette. The tunes seem less in your face & damaged than recent endeavours and call to mind the skewed 60s pop stylings of the Elephant 6 folk or some of Woods' strange druggy shambling.

This "raspberry ripple effect" vinyl "plate" features some really weird atmospherics & eerie noise beneath the gorgeously fuzzy off-kilter psych-pop & queer out-folk. It's a gentler listen all in all but should appeal massively to any genuine connoisseur of cosmic Americana. Side one opens with a trashy sounding mid pacer but soon develops into more cerebral, evocative pixie rock. It's like they started listening early on to embryonic Bolan & Donovan and stuff. Really nice, quietly out there and the crinkly recording provides the template for their more recent amped-up efforts. True talents abound on Sucks Blood

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