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NOBUNNY - Secret Songs: Recflections From the Ear Mirror LP

Goner Records

NOBUNNY - Secret Songs: Recflections From the Ear Mirror LP

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Secret Songs: Reflections from the Ear Mirror, Nobunny’s new LP on Goner Records, proves the Bay Area garage rocker’s absurd appropriation of rock ’n’ roll knows no bounds. In true Nobunny style, the album is a mixture of styles and fidelities, like having a garbage bin of awesomeness dumped on your head, the slime at the bottom rushing into your earholes and staining your brain.  “Lurid and anarchic, Nobunny’s sound is a primitive animal thump informed by the conventions of early rock, classic ’70s punk and New Wave. It’s Chuck Berry with a devilock, Hasil Adkins crammed into Lux Interior’s PVC pants…. A punk rock Elvis impersonator doesn’t invite easy comparisons, but Nobunny’s chaotic live show evokes the costumed mania of Seattle’s the Spits, Black Lips, and the King Khan and BBQ Show… a catalyst for wild pandemonium, awash in sweat, musk, spit, and beer.” —Noisey

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