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NO TREND - Too Many Humans LP / Teen Love 12" BOX

Drag City

NO TREND - Too Many Humans LP / Teen Love 12" BOX

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Includes exact reproductions of the Too Many Humans LP, "Teen Love" 12" & 7", plus two CDs containing those plus the first No Trend demo session, and two amazing live recordings from 1983.
Repro of No Trend fanzine #1, flyers, business card, and deluxe 40-page booklet with epic band history and interview, including many unseen photos and vintage show flyers, all housed in a deluxe box. 
Our highest recommendation, No Trend have been a favourite for a LOOONG time and Too Many Humans has been on the Wantlist for an equally long time. 

This box set is also rather difficult to get ahold of and we don't have many. 

No Trend’s negging anti-hardcore exploded out of Washington DC in 1983, harshly contrasting that city's straight-edge punk scene. Confrontational, sarcastic and righteously set against the faddish ways of youth subculture, No Trend’s nihilistic rejection of punk was itself a vital punk-rock expression. The band continued to writhe in iconoclastic glee for a few more years, but these remasters of their earliest recordings, plus demos and a live set, showcase the stark industrial rage that had few rivals for unsettling sounds in a VERY unsettling era. 

So. GOOD. 

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