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Ever Never


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Screen-printed sleeve.
Highly recommended. 

Most songs on here are content to float along, bumping into shivering guitar squeals and viscous burbles of electronics, held in place by treading bass lines and drum machines running on empty (”Känner Iger Mig Själv”) or shocked into overdrive (”Ledsen På Dig”). There’s a heavy fog over the album’s 30 minutes, the vocals of each member sleepy and narcotized, the negative space emphasized by the isolated reverberation of each emitted noise.

The group shares some similarities with fellow Swedes Neutral, if you could occasionally find a groove with Neutral, and there are flashes of John Bender and Ilitch hidden throughout. Mostly the record reminds me of Theoreme’s L'Appel Du Midi A Midi Pile, especially when Monokultur pushes past the fog with strobing lights or a swaggering bass line (”Dåliga Nyheter,” “Som En Hud”).

Monokultur appears to pick up steam from the barely-there “Får Jag Va Me I Ditt Gäng” up to ”Ledsen På Dig,” but then the band throws in the gorgeous instrumental “Elin’s Instrumentala Låt,” a deep breath of cold air with no one in sight. This almost overwhelming subtlety on the record, combined with the tendency toward tinny sounds and what appears to be a lifted piece of Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” on the opening track, made this LP a tough sell at first. But the long nights deserve something this richly detailed, a set of songs that slowly intoxicate the room.

Pretty essential grip for anyone who stays up ‘til the dead hours - here’s why, and here’s company, including two songs cos' you need a couple to fully understand this album...

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