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LED ER EST - May 12"

Captured Tracks

LED ER EST - May 12"

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Limited colour vinyl.
Highly recommended by Strangeworld. 
(also check out Sam De La Rosa's 'Chameleon' LP - superb!)

Following up their excellent Wierd Records debut LP Dust on Common, Led Er Est return with a new 12" EP, the aptly named May, their second release on Captured Tracks. The trio describe the record as a ".. collection of theme-based songs, almost like a dark sci-fi film soundtrack...." The songs were written at various points on the long drives over the band's last European tour.

Side A opens with the dancefloor friendly "Lonesome XOXO", which, according to the band, is "a song about a girl obsessed with death." However, "Plants" contains a cosmic disco bassline and use of 12-string guitar, showing their influences fall outside the narrow margins of electronic music. This is further evidenced by "Madi la Lune" a nod to British underground songwriter Bill Fay. Side B gets darker and heavier with the apocalyptic sci-fi synth punk opener, "Opto 5." This mood continues into May and ends with the instrumental brain melter "Drosophilia Melanogaster."

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