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KING KHAN AND BBQ SHOW - What's For Dinner? LP

In The Red

KING KHAN AND BBQ SHOW - What's For Dinner? LP

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Two guys. One smashing a snare, bass drum and tambourine with his bare feet, molesting his guitar and singing like a possessed angel. The other spinning and howling like a freak and belting it out on his guitar like a savage. What does it all sound like? It sounds like five men. People name typical suspects when trying to describe them: The Velvet Underground, 13th Floor Elevators, Black Flag, The Falcons, Sam Cooke, The Sonics.... It's all true, and more. The show? A mess. Love songs, punkers, improvised riot-starters, dance-floor shakers, sing-along stompers, wild rockers, you name it. They always drench the crowd in raw energy, and they're always the last ones dancing.

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