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GUN CLUB - Mother Juno LP

Cooking Vinyl

GUN CLUB - Mother Juno LP

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Includes d/l code.
Colour vinyl.
Highly recommended.

A terribly underrated effort by a brilliant man whose legacy is largely ignored, even by underground rock enthusiasts. While it's difficult to pick a quintessential Gun Club album, due to the dramatic shifts in sound throughout JLP's songwriting career, this probably most qualifies for the title - it's got a taste of everything the band was about; spooky, swampy, bluesy, energetic, wild, unpredictable, unfiltered rock and roll, all wrapped up in genius production that lives up to its mission statement (to evoke an image of the sea). A single snare hit, that shimmery guitar explodes down upon the listener like a crashing ocean wave, and there's no going back - a heavenly experience. Not a PERFECT album start to finish, but even the slightly detrimental material can't quash the vibe of the whole affair.

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