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EX-CULT - Cigarette Machine LP

Castle Face

EX-CULT - Cigarette Machine LP

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Memphis-based punk band, Ex-Cult. Cigarette Machine is a lean and mean EP filled with punk rock rage reminiscent of 80’s hardcore. They have a solid and robust sound rounded out with intense vocals that fit perfectly within their blend of Cro-Mags meets Black Flag meets The Exploited era hardcore punk.

“Clinical Study” kicks the EP off with a furious bang. It is a briskly paced track with a nasty guitar riff and pounding drums. Track two, “Cigarette Machine” is more of the same.

“Rats in The Gas Tank” spends half the track wallowing in noise and reverb before it slaps you with savage light-speed punk mayhem finale and carries you right into “Meda House Company” for a solid punk rock track.

The final two tracks are as equally strong as the opening assault. “Dripping Mouth” has a post punk aura, boasting a sound that would be more affiliated with Joy Division than the 80’s hardcore staples. “Your Mask” is an excellent closer. Swirling and dizzying guitars layered against each other with a driving rhythm and percussion. Sounds like the boys from Memphis may have heard “Half a Canyon” off Pavement’s Wowee Zowee a few times. It gives the EP diversity.

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