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BLACK LIPS - Good Bad Not Evil LP

In The Red

BLACK LIPS - Good Bad Not Evil LP

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Gatefold sleeve.

Wicked self-described "flower-punk" rocknroll with dollops of Byrds-style psyched-out Americana, 60s blues rock, 50s doo-wop and pop, 80s punk and 90s garage, all rolled up into a shaggy, catchy, poppy, perfectly produced little package. Where they once seemed like they were going to be relegated to the musical margins for being a bunch of noisy, pissy, filthy, trash-punks - complete with GG Allen-worthy stage antics - with this record they've triumphantly sanded down some (but by no means all) of the rough edges, turned the distortion down just enough to show off their impeccable pop songwriting and generally turned in a bone-fide garage rock masterpiece.

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