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ANGEL - 2017 LP


ANGEL - 2017 LP

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Limited to 300 numbered copies only.

With highly addictive loops and possible Sparks influences in an '80s underground art-pop style. Highly recommended by Strangeworld!

"I've played this more than anything else this year, totally great and unique record." - Mitch Cardwell (MRR)

ADAM STONEHOUSE (ex-HOSPITALS) has finally released his follow up to Hospitals' Hairdryer Peace. His new band is called ANGEL. The album is called 2017. "...Like 300 years later Stonehouse has come out of nowhere again with another insane record. Sounding like field recordings of good hard rock when that still existed but without any 80's nostalgia. Not hiding behind any lo-fi production or hazy vocals. Don't worry, dude is still weird as fuck and has done a record that nobody else could do. Probably my favorite fucking rock record since the last one this guy did. Recorded with a full band (RACHEL BLOTZER) on drums and VINCENT ROSS on guitar) now and joined by SKATERS alum SPENCER CLARK and LAVENDER FLU guitarist CHRIS GUNN, this thing shreds. Fans of Hairdryer Peace will dig this but it's in a completely different direction... A fucked up party record for 2017." - Hicham Chadly (Cairo)

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