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9 POUND HAMMER - Smokin' Taters! LP


9 POUND HAMMER - Smokin' Taters! LP

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Yet another chance to bitch about the musical wasteland that was the early nineties. With the majority of punk having become a bad joke, it was almost inevitable that ya’d hafta turn to bizarre hybrids that breathed some new life into its rapidly decomposing corpse. So… how about some Southern Hostility straight outta Lexington, Kentucky??! I’ve oft-heard this here hooch referred to as “cowpunk”– whatta load of shit! I don’t hear a trace of Rank & File or Blood On the Saddle or any o’ their collegiate kin in Nine Lb. Hammer’s reverently redneck rantin’ & ravin’. These boys were the real thing, wavin’ the confederate flag in yer face one minute and doing their damnedest to dispel gun-totin’, bible-thumpin’ clichés the next. Whatcha really got here is a band firmly entrenched in the giants of C&W like Hank & Johnny, the bombast of Southern Rock and the fury of hardcore. The lyrics are brilliant – filled with tales of incest, racism, fist fights, booze and sex. They also contain many pearls of wisdom (listen to “Turned Traitor for a Piece of Tail” if’n ya don’t believe me) and an obsession with unabashed, familial loyalty. Political correctness was not high on their list of priorities, thank dawg.

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