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KIKAGAKU MOYO - Mammatus Clouds LP

GuruGuru Brain

KIKAGAKU MOYO - Mammatus Clouds LP

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Black vinyl only
Highly recommended. 

Originally released in a limited run of 100 cassettes (early 2014) and on vinyl on Captcha and Cardinal Fuzz. Each song builds on a direct, yet otherworldly folk/psych vibe, evolving into a joyous, haunting, far-out and totally colorful tribal sound. "KIKAGAKU MOYO state that with improvisation they can freely explore beyond consciousness as they make ‘free music’ and you can well imagine this as they take you on a journey through inner space with Mammatus Clouds. Here we are treated to meditative waves of ritualistic music as sitar player Ryu is to the fore on these recordings as the band stretch out to infinity, falling somewhere between the collected works of Bo Anders Perrson, George Harrison’s sitar exploits and The Taj Mahal Travellers" -

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